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In March 1995, Society for Human Sexuality (SHS) was founded as a registered student organization at the University of Washington. From that time until its key organizers graduated in Fall 1998, as a student organization SHS hosted a wide variety of events both on and off campus. Amongst all other similar student organizations which had existed up to that point, SHS was apparently the first to cover such a wide range of topics.

Although SHS ceased to exist as a student organization after the students who founded it graduated, there was nevertheless a strong sentiment that this kind of work should somehow continue. So, Society for Human Sexuality was re-created in late 1998 as an off-campus entity completely separate from the University of Washington, and this new off-campus entity took on the responsibility of hosting this web site.

Today this web site is no longer actively maintained, and it's left up mainly as an example of what the earliest era of sex education and debate on the World Wide Web was like. The last time a new document of any kind was added was 2007, the last time significant numbers of new documents were added was many years before that, and its appearance is roughly the same as it was in 1998. Since 2007 the only changes have been a small number of minor updates to existing documents, generally at the request of their authors.


If you find a document on this web site which you believe should be updated or removed, e-mail requests (at) sexuality (dot) org

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