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Anyone Know of Any BDSM Groups in Germany?

Email Address: sub_jective@hotmail.com.

Q: I am a 25 year old naturally dominant woman who has had some experience with D/s in past relationships. I feel that dominance is truly a healing art and feel called to become a professional dominant. I am currently living in Germany (American by birth) and have tried in vain for the past few months to find English speaking groups such as Black Rose. Perhaps you might tell me where or how I could find information about a career in professional dominance? Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you for your time.


N.B. Thanks to an anonymous source, I now have a very fine link to a list of BDSM groups by location in Germany and Austria: http://www.schlagzeilen.com/gruppen/gruppen.htm. I also have links for various other countries on the International Groups page. Thanks to all who contribute information for this page! -- Lauren

Email Address: am014ns@munich.netsurf.de.

Dear Carey,

Hi, my name is Aysha and I live in Munich. Please let me know where you live so I can send you some contacts for your area.

till then,


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