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Web Resources and Links

This page contains links to web sites that emphasize information about BDSM beyond that contained in the About BDSM pages at this site.

Activities: Top Five BDSM Safety and Technique Picks:


Johnson Grey's renowned summaries of answers to Frequently Asked Questions from the newsgroups soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm and alt.sex.bondage. Topics include: bondage, whipping, piercing, CBT, blood sports, breath control, golden showers, anal sex, fisting, clothing fetishes, shaving, cross-dressing, emotional safety, and lots more. Also see the associated SSBB Resource List for more web sites, books, and magazines about BDSM.

Society for Human Sexuality

In particular, the Online BDSM Library has reprints of safety and how-to articles on BDSM activities from a variety of sources. Topics include: flogging, caning, piercing, clothespins, electricity, violet wands, mummification, food play, spanking, stinging plants, watersports, enemas, age play, etc. Well-researched report on Safer Sex. Pansexuality and many other resources.

Alt.torture FAQ

Summaries and reprints of answers to Frequently Asked Questions from the newsgroups alt.torture and alt.sex.bondage. Topics include: breath control/asphyxiation, bastinado, catheterization, electricity, enemas, fireplay, flogging, hot wax, injection, playpiercing, stinging plants, suspension, and more. Also includes sections on how to clean your toys and safe sex.

Thorough Teacher

Collected techniques and safety links, including bondage, gags, orifice plugs, handcuffs, knots, mummification, suspension, abrasion play, caning, clothespins, spanking, whips, body modifications, branding, cutting, electricity, piercing, tattooing, chastity belts, fetish clothing, corsets, foot/shoes/boots, medical play, pony and pet play, shaving, tickling, watersports, anal play, fisting, massage, masturbation, age play, food play, gender play and a uniquely useful section on state-specific laws related to BDSM.

Tools, Toys, and Techniques

For completeness, here are a few topics covered on my site: signal whips, nipple clamps, knife play and cuttings (including disinfecting toys and cleaning wounds).

Activities: More recommended sites with superb specialty Safety and Technique sections:

BDSM at About.com

Follow the links for Living/BDSM for excellent collected safety links for electricity, flogging/whipping, and breath control safety.

Leather Online

On-line magazine updated periodically, with how-to/safety sections on knot-tying, Daddy/boy, breath control, etc.

Deviant's Dictionary

Dictionary format with how-to and safety info: Check out subjects like breath control, fainting, etc.

Cuir Underground

On line and in print magazine, with safety and how-to articles like ass play and piss play safety.

Australian BDSM Information

Interesting safety and safe sex articles and links. Drugs and BDSM.


Although this is mainly a paid site, there are several good free articles, including some basic safety/how-to material on Japanese rope bondage, spanking, fisting, words in scene, emotional aspects of relationships, etc.


Thoughtful introduction to a traditional form of DS and full-time relationships with useful practical ideas.


Japanese Rope Bondage FAQ and other interesting topics.

Bullwhip FAQ

Bullwhipping as an art and in BDSM.

Other fine sites:

Kink-Aware Professionals (KAP)

Race Bannon's list of kink-aware doctors, lawyers, and therapists by region.

Alt Sex

Alternative Sexuality, covering overviews and in-depth analyses of kinky sex, BDSM (e.g., breath control), polyamory, pansexuality (heterosexuality, gay/lesbian/bisexuality, transvestite/transsexual/transgender information).


(Kinky Women Expanding Boundaries). Extremely thoughtful articles about emotional issues in BDSM play and relationships.


Excellent links, including many to informative users' web sites. For example, check out Steve Davis's fiction and resource lists; the Laylah Martelli Archive for her evocative scene descriptions from ASB; and the Nurse Jones Archive for some more intriguing scene descriptions and fiction from ASB.

Mistress Cindy

Collected information on safety and technique for many subjects, from flogging to contracts.

Radical Sex

Charles Haynes' collection of interesting links and more. This site also has the web page for the IRC channel #bdsm, the oldest active BDSM discussion channel on IRC (efnet).

Caryl's BDSM Page

Great collection of articles on d/s and the net; list of a few of the many d/s-oriented IRC channels and ICQ numbers; California and general West Coast resources; more. Also see Mirror.

MJ Productions' Leather Net

Nicely organized, open-minded, safety-conscious material and links. Excellent links and listings for quality BDSM magazines, on and off line. Transgender, lesbian, and pro dom info.

Jane's Reviewed Adult Links

Organized reviews of many adult sites, and more. If you want to weed through the zillions of web porn-pic sites looking for just the ones that suit you, I recommend starting here.

Stephen's Page

Houston info and more. Includes RealAudio archives of radio interviews with renowned BDSM folks from the local radio show "After Hours: Queer Radio With Attitude" (KPFT FM 90.1 in Houston, TX: midnight to 3 a.m. Sundays. BDSM segment 4th Sunday of each month. Simulcast: KEOS, College Station). For more radio interviews, see also Race Bannon's http://www.GayBC.com/

sub Nation

Very nice collection of safety and how-to reprints, fiction, and essays with a d/s flair. Practical advice on moving from net relationships to real-life.

Whipping Post

Links, fiction, and essays.

Castle Library

Links, fiction, and essays.

Ds Kiosk

Organized listing of several thousand BDSM-related web sites.

Boudoir Noire

Magazine with BDSM news; safety and how-to articles on safe sex in BDSM.

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