Out of the Shadows: Piercings and Floggings

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Piercings and Floggings

Email Address: argo85@pacbell.net.

Hello Lauren,

I'm a MaleDom about to play with a femsub who has many many piercings on all her tenderest parts. I'm worried that while flogging any of those areas a strand of the flogger might catch on one of her rings and tear the tissues. Any advice?

Email Address: nflauren@submission.net.

Hi, Jason.

Sometimes it's easiest to just take the jewelry out, if it is well-healed and won't close up while you are playing. Alternatively, you could put some tape or a bandaid over each item before playing---duct tape for pain on removal, see-through bandaids for aesthetics. This works particularly well for nipple rings, but for genital piercings you might have to experiment to find something that continues to hold when the membranes get moist. :)

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