Out of the Shadows: Piss Play Safety Question

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Piss Play Safety Question

Sir Black
Email Address: blkwolf01@aol.com.

Q: I have given My sub directions to research information on the safety, joys, and dangers of Water Sports regarding f/f sex.

Anything would be appreciated, as I know not enough about the sport, and how will I grade her w/o information?

Does anyone know of a good web page for such information?

Thank you.

Email Address: nflauren@submission.net.

A: There are a few places on the web I do know of with water sports/piss play safety articles. One is Cuir Underground, and in particular: http://www.black-rose.com/cuiru/columns/drbeth.html.

Other places to look are the Society for Human Sexuality, the SSBB (ASB) FAQ, and the Deviant's Dictionary.

I hope if there are more someone will offer up the URLs.

I don't know if there are any safety issues specific to female/female piss play, and I'd be curious to know if there are any. One possibility might be different likelihoods of yeast infections.

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