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February 22nd, 1996

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Dedicated to the late Thorkild Borup of Avantgarde (She-An-Me), Copenhagen, who made me aware of the fetish fashion world.


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I don't mind accepting favours without strings attached... ;-)

Table of Contents:

  1. General Information
    1. Changes - FAQ Revision History.
    2. Legend.
    3. What is this newsgroup all about?
    4. Netiquette on (incl. The Picture Policy!).
    5. Credits.
    6. Other related newsgroups.
    7. About the FAQ maintainer.

  2. Questions & Answers
    1. Questions and answers.
    2. Corsets 101.
    3. Corsets - Embracing a labour of love.
    4. Jessica - Wearing high heels for an extended period of time.

  3. Vocabulary
    1. UseNet jargon.
    2. High heels
    3. Outfits
    4. Bondage fashions.
    5. Materials.

  4. Behind the fashions
    1. The designers.
    2. The models.
    3. The photographers.
    4. Advocacy groups.
    5. Fetish Ball organizers.

  5. Fetish fashion in books, movies, tv etc.
    1. About fetish fashion
    2. Containing or using fetish fashion elements
    3. Fetish videos or films

  6. The Guides
    1. Product Guide
    2. Magazine Guide
    3. Shop guide - Reviews
    4. Catalog reviews

  7. The big supplier list
    1. Alphabetical index
    2. National index


  1. Changes - FAQ Revision History.
  2. Legend.
  3. This newsgroup was created by me on October 27, 1993, following my proposal early in September of a fetish newsgroup, originally named, and later discussion in
    alt.config where I got nothing but support for the idea (and lots of it).

    Following a stray suggestion, I first created the group with the name (dressing for pleasure), but then I got a dozen messages telling me that acronym group names was a Really Bad Idea. I then issued a rmgroup message for and a new newgroup message for, realizing the idea for real.

    Due to propagation difficulties of the initial newgroup message, a second newgroup message was issued two days later from a kind soul ( in UK which finally set this newsgroup in motion. Subsequent newgroup messages has been issued both from me and other kind people to combat persistent propagation difficulties, and there's still new sites picking up the group to this day!

    This document was written and is maintained in HTML-format at my private PC using the text editor QEdit 3.00C, my own database program called LstMaint for the big supplier list, my own HTML->Text conversion utility called HTML2TXT and a couple of my own batch-scripts to automate the end preparation of both the HTML-versions for WWW access and the 9 parts of plain text that is posted to the newsgroup itself using yet another of my own programs named YPost, which is a part of the YES package for the Yarn offline newsreader.

  4. What is this newsgroup all about?
  5. First of all: To spread the knowledge about fetish fashion and dressing for pleasure; what it is, why we wear it, where to get it and so on. To show that we're not perverts, weirdos, psychopaths or worse, but only regular people with a special taste in clothing and/or footwear - people, that are dressing for pleasure. And finally: To create a forum where we can meet and talk about our common interest more or less in private.

    As the UseNet fetish hierarchy developed, I observed something I found pretty peculiar: There was no newsgroup for perhaps the biggest fetish of them all: Fetish clothing and dressing for pleasure. The newsgroup did partially cover the topic of high heels but most people there was more into bare feet and painted toenails than anything you might put on a foot; some even expressed a dislike of high heels due to the possible 'damage' they could cause on a foot.

    But there was no newsgroup for the connoisseurs of sexy, skintight clothing in leather, PVC, latex-rubber and Spandex, and the art of enhancing the posture and sexiness of a womans legs and body by her wearing high heels, or ditto for men.

    This all made me propose and subsequently create this group, which has the following major topics:

    Please refer discussions about tatoos and piercing to the rec.arts.bodyart newsgroup, and pure B&D and S/M stuff to the newsgroup where it belongs.

    Some B&D and S/M are welcome here (in particular stuff like bondage clothing, straightjackets and so on), but as a general rule it must relate to the main topic as well, i.e. it must have fetish clothing or designs in some form as a central issue.

    About bodypainting: Discussions are welcome here until they get their own forum, but alas, this document has already grown to monstrous proportions and I've decided not to include anything relating to bodypainting in this FAQ, other than these words.

    Bodypainting isn't really considered to fall into the category of bodyart for the purposes of rec.arts.bodyart, unless you're talking about something like henna that will last for a long time (weeks?). Part of the enjoyment of bodyart is the permanency, and involvement of either the pain or ritual of getting a permanent piece done on your body.

    From: Lani Teshima-Miller <teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
    (Maintainer of the FAQ for rec.arts.bodyart)

  6. Netiquette on
  7. Here's a few words on how to behave on Please pay attention and heed these instructions!

    This is a sexually oriented newsgroup about an area sometimes considered a taboo or deviant behavior. Sexually explicit language will occur now and then so please do not be offended. If you dislike this, please unsubscribe now for your own good, and stop reading this document - and do it now!

    When writing (posting) to the newsgroup, please respect other peoples feelings and desires, and do not try to harass anyone by persistent questioning and obnoxious comments. Persistent harassment will be reported to the culprits system administrator and may result in the loss of access to UseNet or perhaps your account entirely. The behavioral keywords must be: Be towards others as you'd like them to be towards yourself. Don't be a jerk or try to be funny by making fun of any of us or our interest. Nobody finds it funny and you'll only hurt yourself in the process.

    NO personals please! - Use alt.personals.bondage or alt.personals.misc or best of all: alt.personals.fetish!

    No commercial advertisements! - Answers to direct questions are very welcome, but only the answer and not kilobytes of other 'useful information'. If you're new in the business or just new on the net, please send me all the information needed for a good entry in the supplier list. This is the only allowed way of 'advertising' ones presense on the net!

    Anonymous posting to this group is very welcome, but note that any abuse (for instance by harassing someone) will be reported to the system administrator for the anonymous reposting site immediately and this will most likely cause a ban for the abusers use of this particular server and perhaps even disclosure of culprits true name and address to the victims or the group as a whole. We've had two cases so far, and both lost their access to the anon-server as a result of the complaint filed. You have been warned.

    To find out how to post anonymously, you could check out the anonymous contact server at that does carry this newsgroup and allow posting to it. It is in Finland and thus far out of US juristriction. Send a message (subject and contents doesn't matter) to: - and you will receive adequate instructions.

    There are other anonymous servers around but I have no information about these. You might try contacting someone using a pseudonym from one of these to get more information.

    The Picture Policy

    Following a poll made in August/September 1994, posting of pictures (binaries) to is no longer allowed!

    Please use for this purpose.

  8. Credits.
  9. These are the net.people who have contributed in some way to this document or the creation of this fetish fashion group (listed in order of first contribution, but you were all equally important!), making sure it expands and lives. Thanks, all of you!

    I would also like to thank the people at DKnet for making it possible for me to maintain and post this document using their systems. And to Gitte, my very best and dear friend, for support in this and life in general. Also a few thoughts to: Henna (in Florida), Nina (and her delightful taste in fashions), Höhne, Oskar, Mia, Klaus and to all true MAGNAs!

  10. Other related newsgroups.
  11. These other newsgroups cater to subjects and areas related in some way to the world of fetish fashion:
    Erotic pictures.
    BDSM pictures
    Fetish pictures
    Fetish latex-oriented pictures
    Fetish leather-oriented pictures
    General fashion newsgroup?
    For those into the fabric lycra (spandex).
    For those into pantyhose.
    BDSM contact newsgroup.
    Fetish contact newsgroup
    Mixed area contact newsgroup.
    SM contact newsgroup (discontinued?).
    General BDSM group.
    For those into baby wear and infantilism.
    Foot lovers, tickling etc.
    General underwear discussions?
    Lingerie connoisseurs...
    For transvestites and crossdressers.
    Piercing and tattoos.

    Please use the proper newsgroup for your posting! - This in particular applies to the bandwidth-consuming binaries! - Failure to follow this will undoubtedly result in lots of complaints to both yourself and your sysadm!

  12. About the FAQ maintainer.
  13. Besides being the original author and maintainer of this FAQ, I was also the proposer (and defender) of the idea of a fetish UseNet newsgroup - and subsequently the creator.

    I spend most of my daytime as a student at the University of Copenhagen with a major in computer science. In the sparetime I'm working as a free-lance programmer, author, photographer, graphic designer and musician (keyboards).

    I've been into fetish fashion for most of my life, but left the 'closet' about 7-8 years ago and began to attend fetish and BDSM oriented gatherings.

    I'm male, 29 years of age, living in Ballerup which is about 10 miles west of Copenhagen in Denmark (Northern Europe).

    English is not my primary language but I understand, speak, read and write it fairly fluently. You are welcome to write to me in either: Danish, swedish, norwegian, german, french or english/american. Expect a reply in danish (for the scandinavian langauges) or english otherwise. Please keep submissions for the FAQ in english, please!

    How to reach me:

    You are always welcome to contact me for whatever reason related to this newsgroup. There are lots of ways to reach me - Feel free to use one of them!:

    Sorry, usually too busy.

    Absolutely preferred. Send mail to or just reply to this article (the FAQ) and I'll get your letter.

    You might look out for me on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) where I usually use the nickname 'Xenobyte'. I'm not there every day but arrangements can be made...

    Per Gøtterup
    Kornvænget 22,
    DK-2750 Ballerup

    (+45) 4497 1144
    (+45) 4059 2969 (GSM, 24h)

    Internet BBS'es:
    Xenobyte @ Shadow BBS (
    Xenobyte @ Auggie BBS (
    Xenobyte @ ISCA BBS (


    If you call me on the phone, please do not forget that Denmark is in timezone GMT+1 (or UTC+1). Calls to the GSM number will be routed to an answering service if I'm not reachable at the moment or has the phone turned off. The outgoing message is in danish but all it really says is: Leave a message after the beep. Please do!

    Warning: Anything sent by snailmail to me unsolicited or without proper return postage should not be expected returned!


These are the questions I've seen asked often on both this and other newsgroups, or those I've asked myself when I first got into this wonderful world. I've compiled the answers from all over, and put it all together - this is the result.

  1. Questions and answers
  2. What is a fetish and what is fetishism?

    Well, according to Websters Unabridged Encyclopedic Dictionary, (1989 edition) the definitions are as follows:

    1. An object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or ashaving magical potency.
    2. Any object, idea etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion.
    3. (Psychology). Any object, part of the body etc., that, although not of a sexual nature, causes an erotic response or fixation.

    Also spelled 'fetich'.

    1. Belief in, or use of fetiches.
    2. (Psychiatry). The compulsive use of some object or part of the body as a stimulus in the course of attaining sexual gratification.
    3. Blind devotion.

    Also spelled 'fetichism'.

    For our use it is clearly the definitions 2 and 3 (for 'fetish') and 2 plus perhaps 3 (for 'fetishism') that is relevant, the object being some form of clothing, outfit or footwear.

    Who are wearing fetish fashion?

    All kinds of people! - There's secretaries, editors, presidents, housewives, students, workmen, politicians, models and even unemployed among those known to enjoy the fashions. Perhaps you're next?

    When do people wear their fetish fashions?

    Often to fetish parties or while engaging in a scene at home. Some wears something along with regular clothing on a daily basis, just to 'stay in touch' with their fetish.

    My site doesn't carry - How can I participate in the discussions?

    Check out the "How to Receive Banned Newsgroups" FAQ, avaliable in alt.censorship,,, news.misc, alt.answers, and news.answers. It gives all sorts of ways you can access newsgroups not otherwise avaliable at your site.

    Is this document available on WWW as a true html-document?

    YES! - If you're reading this via WWW, you're reading it! - If you're reading this via Usenet, it's available as this URL:

    What is the WWW?

    The World-Wide Web, a hypertext-based multimedia information system. Please consult the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www or the FAQ for this newsgroup for any other or additional information.

    Are there any sites on the WWW that carry fetish fashion oriented pictures?

    Check out my fetish fashion page at URL:!

    Is it true that high heels damage the foot?

    No, not when we're talking quality footwear and healthy feet. All footwear may cause damage to the feet if too small or too badly designed. High heels are no exception, but studies even show that it actually may be healthy (better) to wear heels in the range 2"-3" than to wear flats!

    Lani Teshima-Miller <teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> writes:

    The problem is not with feet--it's with your back and your posture. High heels throw your whole spine out of whack because of the way it makes you stand--makes it curve differently. I think it used to lead to sore backs for me.

    Why do some women (and men) enjoy (or even prefer) to wear high heels?

    Ask them! - No, seriously, it may be that they both find them comfortable and enjoy what they're doing to the posture. There can be no doubt that high heels enhance both the legs and the overall posture and this makes the appearance much more sexy. And sex is power...

    Do some women really find high heels to be comfortable?

    Yes! - Most prefer more ordinary heel heights like 3", but some find higher heels even more preferable, and some even find 5" heels to be comfortable! Some even wear 6" heels on a regular basis, although those are more often to be found in connection with a scene - worn in the bedroom.

    Even 7" heels exist, but these are rarely seen.

    Can excessive wearing of high heels in any way be damaging?

    Yes, but in no way permanent. Non-stop wear can cause a shortening of the tendons in the back of the legs, causing pain when wearing heels lower than usual. Ignoring this pain can damage the tendon permanently, but the condition can be cured by wearing slightly lower and lower heels for an extended period. Some of the people suffering from this problem chose to handle it by wearing high heels all the time, and the story of one of these, Jessica, a 24 year old woman, can be found at the end of this section of the FAQ.

    It is a die-hard myth that all high heels damage the foot. This is not true! - Badly designed (cheap) heels might cause corns or worse, but well-designed, well-fitting high heels DOES NOT damage anything when worn even on a daily basis, as long as the feet gets to rest at least during the sleep period or similar (the feet needs shoeless rest). Fanatic 24h wear is another story...

    Is there anything important to know when starting to wear high heels?

    Lani Teshima-Miller <teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> writes:

    There is one very important thing to remember about high heels and starting to wear them, is that many people don't have trained ankles. You have to first learn how to walk in them, learn how not to wobble (by training your balance and ankles), and learn how to react when you happen to bend your ankle. I used to do this A LOT but never sprained it because I'd worn high heels all the time. But if your ankle's not used to it, watch out!

    How do I get my girlfriend to wear high heels (or boots or clogs) more often, particularly in the bedroom?

    Ms. Margo writes:

    First good thing to try is to ask her, but not when you're already in bed. Try some evening after dinner, "I really think you have beautiful legs and feet. I would love it if you would wear heels to bed some time." It's always easier if the other person feels that they are giving you a gift rather than being pressured into doing something that might make them uncomfortable. Buy her a really nice pair of heels. Well made, and unfortunately expensive, shoes will fit better and be much more comfortable than the $20 "all man made materials" throwaways that most shoe stores carry. I have a pair of extremely expensive thigh-high leather boots that fit perfectly. I can be on my feet all night, either at home or out at an event like ManRay, and my feet don't hurt. Shoe pads are good. The little Dr. Scholls (sp?) pads for the balls of the feet will make any high heels more comfortable. More comfortable = worn more often!

    Other good tricks are to rub the feet with hand lotion and go to bed with cotton socks on. Three nights in a row of this will make even my 6" heels comfortable for a full evening. Exercise will help to stretch the tendons in the ankles and calves. A good one is just to walk on your toes for a bit each day. Another good one is one skiers do - put your toes on the edge of a phonebook with your heels hanging off, raise and lower your heels stretching gently. If she is walking in high heels on a pile rug, offer your arm for support. Many women feel "unstable" in high heels and the extra support is comforting.

    To get her into bed with the shoes on, you might just try carrying her to the bed while she is dressed, and removing everything but the shoes. If all else fails, you could always go for the bondage shoe straps which lock the heels on, but I suspect this would freak her out worse than the shoes.

    Talk to her if she seems uncomfortable about your requests. Find out exactly what makes her feel uncomfortable and help her with those issues. Many women have been raised to see this kind of behavior as "kinky", "sick", or "slutty". Assure her that whatever makes two people happy is just fine. Assure her that you hold her in the highest respect and don't question her virtue. Assure her that you want to be perfectly honest with her, rather than hiding your desires from her.

    And last, but not least, compliment her if she does wear heels for you. Best of luck in your quest. A love for high heels is a wonderful, abet expensive, joy.

    My brand new patent leather high heels seem too tight in the toes and too wide in the heel - What do I do?

    Jeffrey Hurwit writes:

    Patent leather stretches a little eventually, as does any shoe material. Also, the material is of course new, so consequently a bit stiff. Once you put a few "miles" on them, they should soften up and have more give. If these were plain leather (not patent), I'd recommend neetsfoot oil to accelerate the softening process. But the patent finish would be impervious to it, and the oil (if applied from inside the vamp) could damage the finish. I would suggest (unless it's too late) that you spend several hours with them on carpeted floors to make sure that they'll work out, so that you can return them if they don't.

    Noire writes:

    I put double half-sole cushions in the bottom, right under the ball of the foot where the most pressure (and pain) builds. The pads take up enough space that the shoes fit fairly comfortably and they also keep my feet from sliding forward. I'd recommend using them for any heels.

    I've comfortably worn shoes that were this tight in the toes, but never such high heels. Does that make a difference?

    Jeffrey Hurwit writes:

    In my experience it does-- the higher heels tend to shift your weight more to the balls of your feet. Your feet will also tend to slide forward, putting more pressure on your toes.

    Ms. Margo writes:

    Yes it does, since most of your weight will be on the balls of your feet and that's a lot of pressure on your toes. If all else fails, go to a dance shop and buy some lambswool (which they sell for toe shoes) to wrap around your toes to prevent blisters.

    Do you have any tips on learning how to walk in high heels?

    Jeffrey Hurwit writes:

    Ankle training and ankle strength are very important, or you could twist an ankle and seriously hurt yourself. I found that walking (and hiking), bicycle riding, and ice skating all helped. Balance is of course important. Think of a line, like the blade of an ice skate, under the mid- dle of your foot from heel to toe, and try to center your weight over it for each foot as you walk. Experiment with your posture to balance your weight between your heels and the balls of your feet, first while standing still, then while walking. You'll probably want something or someone handy to help steady yourself while you're getting the knack. When you do go out, always be conscious of where you walk. Finally, restrictive clothing probably isn't a good idea while you're trying to learn...

    Ms. Margo writes:

    Well, take an emory board or a small bit of sandpaper and rough up the bottoms so they're not so slick. That will help to keep the shoe from sliding out from under you if you get your balance wrong.

    Try not to do your first practice on shag carpet - the heels will catch.

    Try not to use your arms to balance you. Practice walking with your hands held in the small of your back. This will keep you from looking like a T-Rex in stilletos.

    Take much smaller steps than you normally would. This will also help to keep your shoes underneath your center of gravity.

    Keep your ankles stong and firm by lifting up until you're standing on your tiptoes several times a day (best done without shoes). Or hang your heels off the edge of a phonebook and lower your heels as far as you can and then raise up on tiptoe. Don't pull the muscles, just gently strech.

    Take every opportunity to sit down and rest your feet. Take your escort's arm (even if they don't offer it) and use them to help balance when going down sidewlks, over uneven surfaces, or going down stairs.

    For three night's before the big occasion, go to bed with your feet slathered in hand cream and wearing cotton socks. This will soften up your feet and help prevent blisters. (Keep a band-aid or two in your bag just in case. They also come in handy for protecting against rough seams inside the shoes.)

    Throw a pair of flats or sneakers in your car, just so that if your feet are killing you by the end of the night, you don't have to climb three flights of stairs to your apartment in 5" spikes.

    How can a person stand in high heels and walk a long time? When I hear stories about people dancing all night in 6 inches heels I'm always skeptic. (Rikki) writes:

    I have found that some people can wear heels "much" easier than others. I have been wearing heels since the second grade and never had a problem with heels and now wear exclusivly 5" or higher. If you are one of those who are "stilletolly chanllenged" then I suggest exercise the calf muscles, walk on the balls of your feet even when barefoot, and try a clunky heel to get used to the heigth of the heel.

    PS: boots might support your ankle a bit!

    Karen ( writes:

    The key here is that you have to work at it. It takes balance, and strength to wear heels consistently. I have worked myself up to a minimum height of 3.5 inch heels for everyday wear (boots for winter and shoes for the office).

    Exercise is a good idea to build up the calf muscles. My personal suggestion to ensure a pleasuable experience is correct sizing of the shoes. Do not be convinced that you can't find the write size...women's shoes can be found in many sizes and widths (which is usually the hard part). If you are a wide width, do not be satisfied with B width shoes...go for the D's, Es or whatever it takes. It will make your goal more obtainable.

    Ankle support at first will help. It may be wise to gradually move from boots to shoes. Pumps provide more stability than slings or sandals, so work towards pumps first.

    What is PVC?

    PVC is an acronym for PolyVinylChloride, a form of plastic. It is in many ways similar to rubber (latex) but is less stretchy and is usually sown together instead of being glued or molded. It comes in many colors, including transparant, but red and black are the most common.

    Isn't tight clothing uncomfortable?

    Nope. Correctly designed it's both supportive and shapeenhancing and doesn't need to be any more restrictive or uncomfortable than whatever you'd consider 'normal' clothing. Naturally it can be uncomfortable but then it's worn particularly for the uncomfortability or to achieve some special effects like a small waist or to show off the legs or the butt particularly well.

    Is it true that wearing rubber can cause the skin to rot?

    Yes and no. If you let the skin breathe now and then, and keep a good hygiene, there should be no problems whatsoever.

    Is corsets dangerous to wear?

    No more than a scarf or a tie - if it's too tight it may cause serious damage, but when worn correctly, it's just like any other garment.

    One thing that is very important to remember is, that only very few people can wear off-the-rack corsets. Just about everyone else is much better off getting a custom made (and fitted) corset. If the corset doesn't fit perfectly it will cause problems and perhaps more or less serious damage.

    Do people still wear corsets today?

    Sure! - A lot fewer than in the Victorian Age, but there's still thousands all over the world that wouldn't be caught dead without the corset laced on, and I'm not talking about fat, old ladies that needs to keep the fat under control!

    How and with what do I polish leather? (Ms. Margo) writes:

    Get an old pair of your jeans. Put them on. Sit down on the floor. Polish the leather on your thigh until it feels like the jeans are going to catch on fire. Different types of leather polish differently. Some types of leather will polish minimally, others will take a good gloss.

    How do I treat black leather so it becomes soft, supple and maintains its fabulous gleam. (Ms. Margo) writes:

    Lexol is the stuff you want. Be careful using it on thin or garment leathers because while the item is still damp with Lexol it can be stretched very easily. I ruined a nice pair of gloves once by putting them on when they were still damp after being Lexoled. Allow them to dry well before use.

    If you have an item that's very dirty use saddle soap to clean it before you use the Lexol conditioner. To make things shine you really have to buff them. Old jeans or old socks and lots of elbow grease works well.

    What material was CatWomans outfit in the Batman II movie made of, who designed it and can I get one too?

    It was designed by Paul Barrett-Brown of The Rubber Mask and Costume Company... although Andy Wilkes of Syren manufactured all the suits used for filming. You can contact Syren (address in supplier list) for details on how to get your own CatWomans outfit. The material used was latex rubber, polished to a shine.

    Did Michelle Pfeiffer really wear high heeled boots in the Batman II movie, or was it a trick?

    No, it wasn't a trick. She did wear boots with no less than 5" stiletto heels for all her shots, but the stuntwoman doing the stunts for her wore considerably lower heels. Michelle handled herself very well indeed on those high heels, running, spinning and performing martial arts movements flawlessly - to the amazement of most of the crew. Way to go, Michelle!

    Source: Michael Singer "Batman Returns: The Official Movie Book", page 28.
    ISBN 0-553-37030-8

    How do I get my latex or PVC garment on?

    Rich Greenberg <> writes:

    Baby powder helps here, or if you look at SCUBA diving wet suit material, one version has smooth nylon on the inside and latex on the outside.

    How do I make my latex or PVC garment shiny? (Ms. Margo) writes:

    I firmly believe that one should use pure talc for latex rather than baby powder, which contains oils. However, I know that there are plenty of laissez-faire folks out there who use baby powder and have never had a problem. For the record, I use only pure talc on my latex. I'm a bit paranoid since I had a lovely hood that disolved a hole from being put away without being washed. I have learned my lesson; you can't cheat when it comes to caring for latex. I use Black Beauty polish when I want a serious shine. (Tip: Apply it with one of those large flat foam brushes that hardware stores sell for painting moldings.)

    I do find that just plain water will remove excess powder and leave a nice shine. It's cheaper and has no chemical smell.

    What is the best care for latex garments?

    Kris Davidson writes:

    The following is from a piece of paper the guy at Body Worship gave me when I made my pur- chase. It is entirely a direct quote.


    Before wearing, remove all jewelry as it may catch and tear your rubber. Ensure that your body is completely dry. Smooth a small amount of powder onto your skin and lightly dust the inside of the garment. Take your time getting into your garment. You will quickly learn the best and easiest technique for dressing. On sleeved garments that must be pulled on over the head, we advise that you put one arm in first then the head and lastly the remaining arm. Ease the rubber onto your body, being careful not to grab with fingernails.

    Follow these simple steps and your latex will look flawless every time you wear it. Wash in hand warm water with a drop of liquid hand soap. Clean inside and out and rinse well in clean water. Hang up to dry away from direct sunlight and when complataly dry, dust with a little powder and store in a cool, dry place.

    To bring out the deep glossy shine of the latex. First wipe off any powder from the outside with a soft lint free cloth. Using either "Black Beauty" or "Armorall", spray a light film onto the surface and buff to an even shine.

    DO'S & DONT'S


    What is the difference between 'gluing' and 'cementing'? (Jeffrey Hurwit) writes:

    Glue sticks things together by adhesion. It more or less flows into the "rough" surface (of even something smooth, like glass) of whatever it is you want to join, creating a bond. Examples are using rubber contact cement to glue wood, paper, etc. (but not rubber), white glue on anything, superglue (believe it or not), and most adhesive tapes. The main point about glues is that the bond is only physical, based on its ability to grip the surface it's being used to join.

    Cement, however, bonds things together chemically. The simplest kind of cement consists of some material that is the same as what is to be joined, which has been dissolved in a solvent. When such a cement is applied to the surface that's to be joined, the solvent eats into the surface, dissolving or at least softening a small portion of it. (The action of the solvent is limited by the fact that it's already been saturated with the material dissolved in it.) When the surfaces to be joined are brought into contact, the softened or partially liquefied materials flow together, forming a chemical weld (when all the solvent has evaporated) that is indeed as strong or stronger than the material which is being joined. Examples are rubber contact cement when used on a rubber that has the same chemical base as the cement (so that the solvent will attack it), such as wetsuit cement (neoprene in a solvent), tire and innertube patch cement; also PVC pipe cement, airplane "glue" or model cement (effective on styrene plastics), and the specialized plastic cements (the correct one has to be used for the particular plastic involved) available at plastics supply houses.

    The main point about cements is that, if the right (chemically compatible) cement is not being used, you will have only a glue at best, and the bond probably won't be very strong at all. In order to find the right cement, the material to be joined must first be positively identified. Like someone already mentioned, you have to know if your rubber is in fact natural rubber (and what kind of rubber it is), or if it's a plastic synthetic. Whenever I need to cement something (frequently some plastic thingy that I need to repair), I usually just take it to a (plastics) shop, and let the experts tell me what kind of cement I need for it.

    Which glue is used to repair rubber?

    Jeffrey Hurwit <> writes:

    If you don't mind doing a little more research, and your own simple chemistry, you could possibly make your own (glue). Many rubber and plastic cements (eg. such as the neoprene cement surfers and divers use to patch wetsuits) are nothing more than some of the rubber or plastic dissolved in an appropriate solvent. When applied to the material to be bonded, the solvent eats into and softens the surface, allowing it to integrate with what's dissolved in the solvent. As the solvent evaporates, the whole thing becomes bonded together.

    So all you need to do is find out what is the solvent for latex. If a shop that sells plastics and/or rubber can't tell you, a chemistry prof at your local university possibly could. A science librarian at a college library could also possibly help you find out. (Tony Kidson) writes:

    As an ex-chemist, I believe that Xylene is a good solvent for this application.

    Bill Lemieux <> writes:

    Best-Test paper cement is a _latex_ based cement available at art stores. Any other cement you can find that contains latex as a binder, and heptane as the solvent, will also work. You will also need to buy some Bestine cement thinner. Thin the cement about 1:1- it contains too little solvent as it comes in the can.

    The basic operation is to clean both surfaces of your seam (allow about 1/2" overlap for seams in most material, perhaps 1/4" in only the thinnest latex), then apply cement to both surfaces, and allow it to dry for several minutes. Allow to dry in free air, without a fan. Seam is ready to join when cement no longer appears glossy, typically at_least five minutes. Do not attempt to join immediately.

    After joining the seam, use a narrow roller, such as a nylon or wooden ink brayer, also available at art stores, to roll the seam under high pressure. This is necessary for a good strong joint.

    Now the problems:

    1. As soon as you put cement on the latex, the solvent will swell the surface, causing a lot of curling. This is impossible to prevent with any glue that will make a decent joint. To make the latex manageable, especially on curved seams, make a clamping jig that is considerably longer than the seams you'll want to glue. It can be made of wood, or angle iron, so long as it will provide even and complete compression, the length of the seam. Now, clamp one end of the seam at one end, and stretch the seam until it is straight, then close the jig on it, holding it flat and stretched out. Too much stretch will make the seam curl over. Now do the same to the mating edge, and glue as above. I never said it would be easy.

    2. Heptane is incredibly bad for you, despite the fact that it smell very nice, as solvents go. Use only in a well ventilated area, and keep a fan (on slow) at your back, to carry the fumes away from you. Failing that, get and use a respirator mask that will remove organic solvent vapors.

    How to actually perform the act of repairing rubber/latex? (Rubber Lover) writes:

    The real trick invovles holding the seam together while you glue the patch in and also in keeping the patch from curling after you apply the cement. Here's how I've done it repairs for over 25 years now...

    You'll need to get rubber cement (Elmer's, etc.), rubber cement thinner, acetone, drafting tape and pure talc. Place the torn spot face up on a flat surface and work the split area closed along its original lines. When the tear is aligned place a strip of drafting tape over the tear area to hold it togther.

    *** NOTE ***

    Use drafing tape instead of masking tape!!! Drafting tape looks just like masking tape but has a greatly reduced tack to it (it ain't as sticky!).

    Now place a strip of tape over your patch material (on the shiny side) and you may now cut (with scissors) a patch that will exactly cover the area to be repaired (I always give about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch of coverage on either side of the tear).

    Next, lay the patch over the area to be glued and apply a very small piece of tape to keep it aligned (Like a hinge). Now lay the patch over to expose the gluing surface. It helps to put some waxed paper under the patch so that you don't slop glue onto areas not to be patched. Pour some of the acetone onto a cloth and clean the areas to be cemented. This includes the patch as well. Do this in a ventilated area.

    Thin a small quantity of the rubber cement by about half with the cement thinner and apply it to both surfaces (patch and patch area). Wait about two minutes or so until the glue has dried (maybe longer) and then gently roll the patch over the tear area.

    Wait a few minutes before removing the tape but DO remove the tape!

    Sprinkle the patched area with talcum powder to kill the tack of the remaining cement and voila'. Away you go.

    Does sweat damage latex?

    Yes and no. Sweat in itself contains body oil that like other oils slowly disintegrates the material. But it needs time to perform its corrosive deed and thus a simple rinsing with a mild dishwash soap will clean it enough. Left to itself, the oil with either eat through the material or cause it to harden and become fragile. But the sweat from a days wear will not even begin to do any damage before you remove the garment and rinse it, and thus may be considered 'harmless'.

    How do I measure the length of my feet to find the correct shoe size?

    Tina H. <> writes:

    Sitting on a chair, wearing your usual hosiery or socks, place your foot on a plain piece of cardboard. Have someone hold a different piece of cardboard vertically at the heel, then draw a line where the two cardboard pieces meet. Then hold the cardboard at the end of the longest toe. Draw a line here as well. Now remove your foot and measure the distance in centimeters or millimeters between the two lines. Now consult the shoe size conversion table in the next part of the FAQ.

    How do you measure the height of a heel? (JoAnn Roberts) writes:

    There are at least two different ways that manufacturers measure the height of a heel.

    The most common method is to measure from the base of the heel to the point where the heel first meets the sole, i.e. the inside edge of the heel. The height is measured in eighths of an inch.

    The other method used is to measure from the base straight up the centerline of the heel until it intersects the sole. This gives a slightly higher measurement than the first method.

    In either case, the actual increase in your height is greater because you get elevated by the amount at the back of the heel.

    Also, the larger the shoe size the easier it is to wear a higher heel. It's got to do with the triangle formed by the heel height and length of the shoe. A smaller size has a much steeper angle for the same heel height.

    These answers are not definite nor complete. If you've got a better answer (in your opinion), do send it to me along with your reason for it. This is a section where your input is needed, so if you feel you've got the answer or corrections/expansions to the answers to any of these questions - send them to me!

  3. Corsets 101.
  4. The following was written by Ms. Margo <> in response to a letter from dq861@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (R. Thomas Haden), both of whom has very kindly given me permission to publicise it. If you find any errors or omissions in this segment, please do post a follow-up. It will be appreciated.

    The corset is a very old garment. If we use the term to loosely describe a garment meant to constrict the waist of the wearer, then there are examples of corsets depicted on statuettes from Minoan Crete dating to approximately 1600 B.C. The corset as we know it today, with its stays, busk, and laces, came into general vogue in the mid 1700's and reached it's height of popularity at the turn of the century and began to decline in the 1920's with the invention of camiknickers, the forerunner of the modern teddy, and brassieres.

    At the height of its popularity the corset was available in many specialized forms. There were tennis corsets, swimming corsets, hip corsets, electrical corsets, abdominal strengthening corsets, men's corsets, training corsets (complete with crossing shoulder straps and attachable thigh-high boots, to prevent the young trainee from removing her corset), and amazingly, maternity corsets. There were several magazines exclusively devoted to corset culture. Most notably among them was "The Wasp", published in London. It was felt that corsets not only molded a Lady's body, but also her character. It compressed her waist, raised her bosom, flattened her stomach, rounded her hips, straightened her back, lifted her head, shortened her steps to an appropriate 12" gait, kept her from being wild and tomboyish in her behavior, and "instilled a properly submissive attitude."

    Where or whom would you recommend for custom work?

    B.R. Creations
    Post Office Box 4201
    Mountain View, California 94040

    B.R. Creations is run by Ruth Johnson. She is very dedicated to corsetry and makes the best corsets on American soil. (Actually, she produces some of the only ones, but who's quibbling.) Her corsets are meant for daily wear are very durable. She also produces a corsetry newsletter that comes out four times yearly. Her color catalog is $7.00 for the U.S. and Canada, $10 for overseas. The Corset Newsletter (6 issues/year) is $18.00 for the U.S. and Canada, $24.00 for overseas.

    Several months ago, my fiance' and I purchased a Vollers corset (Deep Waist Nipper). At the time, it was 4 inches smaller than her waist. She has, however, recently lost weight to the extent that when fully laced, the corset fits her normally. Rather, there is no body modification at all.

    You are correct about the 4" of reduction from the normal waist measurement for a first corset. But given that she has now lost enough weight that the corset no longer causes any body modification, I would recommend a new corset with a 2" decrease from her current laced waist.

    Where would I go for a custom-job, and would we have to appear in person, etc?

    While it's wonderful to be able to be hand fitted for a corset, a perfectly fitting corset can be made from measurements. B.R. supplies an order form that specifies the measurements necessary for the properly fitting corset. If you have a tape measure, you can get a well fitting corset.

    What are the customs for having a made-to-measure corset done?

    Choose the style that you like from the several that they offer in the catalog. Choose a fabric that suits your tastes and projected uses for the corset. On request B.R. will supply samples of the satins, brocades, cottons, leathers, and metallic leathers that they use for their corsets. Choose any trim options that you wish, such as satin or velvet edging, lace or ribbon overlay, rhinestone trim, satin lining, or extra garters. Depending on the style and fabrics you select, a custom made corset costs $150.00-$350.00 U.S. Measure carefully, and order your corset. It will take about 6-8 weeks to be made by hand and will be sent to you by post. If you have any questions, contact them by mail or phone. They are very knowledgeable and willing to help you.

    What should the reduction measurements on the corsets be? I know that 4" for a first try is pretty standard from talking to makers, but how does one get into advanced work and how far can one go?

    Yes, a 4" reduction from the natural waist is recommended for your first corset. (Before you start serious corsetry training, it is recommended to lose excess weight.) When one trains down to the point that the corset no longer fits snugly, a new corset should be ordered with a reduction of 2" from the current laced waist. The first 6" will go fairly quickly, but as a rule, further reductions go much more slowly.

    As you go further into waist training, you find that adjustments have to be made in the lifestyle, especially in eating habits. Meals will have to be much smaller and more frequent. Since the corset compresses the intestines rather severely, a large heavy meal will cause discomfort at best and serious pain at worst. It is recommended to have 5-6 light meals, rather that the 3 large meals most people eat, and to let out the laces a few inches before eating - retightening an hour or so later. Since the success of the training depends on the amount of time that a corset is worn, rather than how tightly it is laced, sleeping will be altered to include sleeping in the corset. Eventually only a few hours a day for washing will be spent without the corset. Rapidly lacing to a very small waist will appear to have the quickest results, but it is the easiest way to actually harm your body. It is much better to lace the corset snugly, but not uncomfortably so, and wear it for a longer period of time.

    How far can you trim a waist over time?

    There are three schools of thought on how small a waist can be achieved with tightlacing. One school says to target a waist that is 10" smaller than the starting waist. So a woman with a 28" waist could aim for an ultimate goal of 18". The other school says that the waist should a fraction of the bust. The starting reduction should be 3/4 of the bust measurement, a moderate reduction should be 5/8 of the bust measurement, and the minimum reduction for a decent Lady should be no less than 1/2 of the bust measurement. So our woman with the 28" starting waist who has a 36" bust (approximately a 34B bra size) would start by aiming for a waist of 27", train down to a waist of 22 1/2", and go no smaller than a waist of 18". This method has the advantage of working for a visually balanced figure. The final school says to target a waist that is at the same size, or slightly smaller than the measurement of the upper thigh. This method has the advantage of being sensitive to the person's body 0weight and percentage of body fat. If weight is gained or lost then the waist can be targeted relative to the thigh measure.

    The world's smallest waist belonged to Mrs. Ethel Granger (deceased). At her ultimate her waist measured just 13". This took a lifetime of work to achieve and she lived to the ripe old age of 77. However, her figure was so modified, with her lower ribs collapsed, that few would find it attractive.

    I've heard about serious back problems that are associated with corsets, are there ways that these can be prevented that allow the fun of corsets to be enjoyed?

    If you have a properly fitting hourglass corset, then the amount of pressure that is put on the lower back is reduced. A wasp-waist or S- Curve corset will put more pressure on the spine and bend it at severe angles. An hourglass or pipe-stem corset is designed as a small hemisphere above a larger hemisphere, connected by a short stem. A wasp-waist corset is designed as a small cone over a large cone. An S-Curve, Gibson Girl, straightfront, or "ice cream cone" corset is designed like an ice cream cone with the ice cream stuck on the wrong end, with a small cone over a larger hemisphere. These types of corsets have had various periods of popularity. To properly wear a wasp-waist corset one must begin training in adolescence, to prevent the rib cage from growing normally. However, some tightlacers do wear them. But a properly fitting corset should not be painful to wear.

    My ASCII art skills are minimal, but I will attempt the drawings:


      (             )
      (             )
       (           )
        (         )
           (   )
           (   ) <-----Normal Waistline
        (         )
      (             )
     (               )
    (                 ) <-----Normal Hipline
    (                 )
    (                 )


        \           /
         \         /
          \       /
           \     / <-----Elevated Waistline
           /     \
          /       \<-----Normal Waistline
         /         \
        /           \
       /             \
      /               \ <-----Normal Hipline
     /                 \
    /                   \


     \               /
      \             /
       \           /
        \         /
         \       /
          \     / <-----Normal Waistline
        (         )
      (             )
     (               )
    (                 ) <-----Normal Hipline
    (                 )
    (                 )

    To keep the pressure on the lower back to a minimum have a well fitting corset; this will help to support the body rather than crimp it. Do not overlace it; pull the laces snug and tight, but not uncomfortably so. If the compression is painful, unlace the corset and start again. Do not lace it too rapidly; lace it snugly and if necessary tighten the laces after the corset has been worn for a few hours. Do not try to lace the corset tight in one pass; tighten the laces in stages to allow your internal organs time to adjust to the compression. Lace from both ends to the middle pullers rather than from top to bottom; this will help to keep the laces from sliding and also help to keep from overlacing the bottom of the corset relative to the top. Do not try to force positions that the corset will not allow. Especially harmful to the back is bending forward from the waist. Instead, bend the knees and reach down. Keeping your body in good shape will also help to strengthen your back. You might want to start a regime of "crunches" (not straight leg sit-ups) or other exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. Eventually, you'll feel more comfortable in your corset than out of it.

    I can't find very much information on corsets. All help and any knowledge you wish to give to me are appreciated!

    I would recommend "Body Play" magazine to you. It is put out by Fakir Musafar and almost every issue contains something about corsetry or body modification. There is a nice series on corsets that begins with issue #3. The Fakir is sometimes too much into the Shamanism of body modification for my taste, but he is very knowledgeable and writes well. There is also a nice article on corsets in an S&M context in "Sandmutopia Guardian", issue #11.

    Body Play
    c/o Insight Books
    Post Office Box 2575
    Menlo Park, California 94026

    Subscriptions (4 issues/year) are $45.00 U.S. and Canada, $55.00 overseas. Back issues are $12.00 U.S. and Canada, $14.00 overseas.

    Sandmutopia Guardian
    Desmodus, Inc.
    Post Office Box 410390
    San Francisco, California 94141

    Subscriptions (6 issues/year) are $24.00 U.S. and Canada, $35.00 overseas. Order back issues from:

    RoB, Inc.
    24 Shotwell Street
    San Francisco, California 94103

  5. Corsets - Embracing a labour of love.
  6. The following was written by:
    Copyright © 1992 by Tes Staylace

    Corset training is, by its nature and intended outcome, a "labour of love". Without commitment, all efforts will fail.

    One must remember the three components of successful figure training: Diet, exercise, and the proper selection and use of the garment. The diet component is interpretive: Other than the fact that special attention should be paid to the waist area muscles, any regimen which reduces body fat is satisfactory. It is important to remember that fat exists on the inside of your body, as well as the outside, and hinders the proper transit and relocation of internal organs during tightlacing (It also simply takes up space, and the goal of corset training is to reduce mass). Six meals, rather than the customary two per day, is suggested. Obviously, these meals should be small, and consistent with comtemporary healthy diet recommended.

    Your first corset should be purchased in a size that is four inches less than your measured girth; that is, CLOSED. The importance of having your corsets professionally fitted, especially for training purposes, cannot be overemphasized. Your comfort and health, to say nothing of proper visual impact, DEPEND upon an exact fitting. In addition, most chaffing can be avoided by wearing a properly sized garment.

    The key word in garment-size progression is "gradual". One wants to treat oneself with love, and it takes TIME for a body to acclimate itself to the strictures of tightlacing. These four inches should be taken in slowly, day by day, or week by week if necessary. Once this has happened, and one is comfortable, the next progression should be to a garment a further four inches smaller--This may take two months or six, depending on the trainee. The older corset should be used for night confinement: One should almost ALWAYS be corsetted, except for toilette ac- tivities. Never be without a corset for more than an hour. If this is impossible, a wide training belt should be purchased--organ and lower rib displacement is the goal and the body reacts well to consistency. However, one must NEVER be uncomfortable, especially when sitting (in a straight-backed chair, of course!).

    You must pay special attention to your skin: The wearing of a corset will of, course, deprive healthy skin of proper exposure to air (oxygen). This will tend to dry it or, at times (depending on the wearer) cause chaffing, especially if perspiration is present. Thus, it is important to apply moisturizing oils or lotions to the skin at every possible opportunity, followed by talc, especially if one has a tendency to perspire excessively.

    Care must also be paid in keeping the garment clean, as oil and chemicals will tend to shorten its life. One of the more popular devices used for such purpose is a sheath made of a material commonly referred to as "bathing suit" cloth; these spandex-like tubes can easily be fashioned and worn underneath the corset. Of course, you must have a clean one for every new corsetted day! While many like the idea of pretty lingerie underneath, be aware that corset pressure will tend to stretch and/or rip delicate fabrics (the spandex tube, however, will shrink to accommodate your ever-smaller stays!).

    Efficient ways for donning your stays include the lacing bar, and laying prone on the floor. Both these methods allow the waist to contract to its smallest circumference, permitting easier application of the garment. Also bear in mind that it is possible for you (with practice) to put on your own corset, without assistance, after you are down to your desired girth. However, it is recommended that you employ a SENSITIVE partner to help you during training, as the rigor can be demanding. Remember that only the person inside a corset truly knows, from moment-to-moment, the effects of the lacing.

    A well-made corset will be sold with an insert, generally made of the same material as the garment itself, which will fit under the lacing, to prevent binding of the skin as the laces are pulled closed.

    So far as choice of materials for a corset, one will find that various types fulfill various requirements. For instance, a leather corset will mold easily to the body and breathe, while a latex or hard rubber garment will induce perspiration, which, for some, provides an excellent way to spur on weight loss. However, the average person will find a cotton or coutil garment (perhaps with an overlay of brocade or silk to add spice and sexiness) to be quite satisfactory. One should just keep in mind that most garments, regardless of material, require a "breaking-in" period of several wearings.

    Most corsets come with cotton lacings. I recommend they be replaced with the stronger (and less bulky) nylon version.

    A well-constructed garment, especially one made for training, will have double-stays (the sprung-metal rods sewn into the corset vertically at regular intervals all round). In addition, a strong cloth "ribbon", usually sewn into the interior, should circle the corset horizontally from the lacingstay to the frontbusk (a busk being a much wider stay which anchors the front hook-and-eye clo- sure). This feature strengthens the corset and aids in the prevention of tearing.

    Those who value posture training while preparing for a small waist might also consider optional shoulder-straps. These will hold the shoulders back and, thus, the head erect. Of course, a matching laced "neck-corset" achieves the same end with more aesthetic quality.

    The effect of a tightly-laced corset is further enhanced by the wearing of high-heeled shoes, even while training. These tend to thrust the body forward, providing a visually pleasing balance to the your picture of loveliness.

    A tiny waist is a wonder to behold - exotic artistry of the female form; the end-result of such diligent training is highly satisfying. But the pride of knowing that one is capable of the self-discipline to accomplish such a feat is reward unto itself!

  7. Jessica - Wearing high heels for an extended period of time.
  8. Through a friend on the net I heard about this now 24 year old woman named Jessica who's been wearing 4"-5" heels for the past 10 years or so, more or less non-stop. I got in touch with her and she didn't mind sharing her footwear experiences with us. I've edited some of her replies to my queries into a whole which follows below - mostly in her own words:

    I started wearing them when I was about 15. I started and refused to wear anything else because I wanted to get used to them. After about a year it was difficult to flatten my foot so I just wore heels always instead. After about 3 years I couldn't wear anything lower than 4" or it would really really hurt. I've been in them since. I have tried to get help but nothing worked. Most doctors say to slowly wear lower heels. When I try anything lower than 4", my calves really hurt almost immediately and my calves will hurt for the next few days during which I have to wear 5" heels or so, or it will hurt.

    I guess I started wearing them when I was pretty young and still growing, and I grew into them, and can't change now.

    I used to really hate the heels because I was so limited, but I have accepted it ok. Yes, I have shoes, I think they're called mules, that I wear at night sometimes and in the shower. I can walk on my toes if I have to, but my calves get tired real fast.

    Mules are heels, like pumps, but with nothing covering the heel of my foot, so they sort of slip on like slippers.

    I don't sleep in them often but I have many times. Sometimes after I have been wearing them all day it hurts when I try to take them off. I guess my foot gets used to being in such a tight shoe all day that it can't handle being pulled out of the shoe too fast. So I just wear them to bed and usually the next day I can take them off, but sometimes it takes even longer. It usually just happens with my new shoes. I have a ton. I have about 50 pair of 4" and higher heels, and about 5 or 6 pair of boots with 4"-5" heels. Most of them are black, because black goes with everything. I have about every color though!

    In the winter I wear my boots mostly. The beach? Well, I don't do that too much but I would just wear an old pair of pumps, but it's hard for me to walk on sand or anything like that because my heels tend to sink into the sand and that causes my foot to try to go flat, and it hurts when I let that happen. I work in a professional setting, so heels are almost required, so I'm ok thank goodness.

    I started wearing them because I liked how they looked and I really wanted to get used to them so that they wouldn't bother me when I wore them. I thought that if I just wore them all the time that I would get used to them and they would feel normal to me, so I wore them and did everything in them all day long.

    I am 24, 5'7" in my heels (that was another reason I started wearing them and wanted to get used to them. I was only 5'2"). My problem doesn't seem to bother anyone really. I get foot massages all the time because I need them so much.

    I don't discourage women from wearing them. In fact, I think I almost encourage people since they see me wear them always and have no trouble with them.

    I have mixed responses from people. I usually don't really care what people think though. I just wear what I want to wear.

    Yes.. I drive a lot, but if it's only a few blocks I'll walk. I probably walk just as much as everyone else does. I can handle it. The only problem with walking too much in heels is that the heels wear out fast.

    I only have a few pairs higher than 5". I have 4 or 5 pair that are 5 1/4 I think. My foot is already somewhat hyperextended when I wear those though. I only wear a size 7, so 5" are quite high already. I find 4 1/2" to be the most comfortable.

    Used with full permission.


  1. UseNet jargon.
  2. Delurk, v.:

    The process of becoming an active participant on the newsgroup - to stop lurking. Some people add "(delurk)" to the subject when they post to the newsgroup for the first time. This simply indicates that they're posting on the subject for the first time, and that they've collected enough courage to go 'public'.

    Lurk, v.:

    To read the newsgroup without ever showing ones presence. In particular on the* newsgroups there are always a lot of lurkers, some simply because they're curious about the subject without having enough interest to participate, others because they're shy or want to be anonymous but doesn't know how.

    Lurker, n.:

    One that 'lurk's! ;-)


    Trademark for a spandex fiber or fabric used in underwear, swimwear, athletic apparel, etc.

    span-dex, n.:

    An elastic fiber, chiefly a synthetic polymer of polyurethane, used in girdles, swimsuits, etc.

    la-tex, n.:

    pl. lat-i-ces or la'texes
    1. a milky liquid containing resins, proteins, etc., present in certain plants and trees, as the rubber tree, milkweed, and poppy: used esp. as the basis of rubber
    2. a suspension in water of particles of natural or synthetic rubber or plastic: used in rubber goods, adhesives, paints, etc.

  3. High heels
  4. Baby dolls: (Ms. Margo) writes:
    Shoes with a type of toe box that is very rounded like a little girl's shoe.

    Ballet Shoes/boots:

    Shoes and boots in various designs with the common specialty that you stand on the tip of your toes instead of on the balls of your feet as with ordinary high heels. These are almost exclusively used in scenes and/or in the bedroom.

    Ballet heels: (Ms. Margo): writes

    They are heels which are so hign that the only part of the toe that touches the ground is the tip, much like a ballet dancer's toe shoes. The heels are usually 7" high, but with a tiny platform under the toe they can be as high as 17" (custom made). You can't really walk in these shoes, they're just for enjoyment.

    'Pamela' <> writes:

    A boot with a moderate height, usually reaching to somewhere between the ankle and the calf.


    'Pamela' <> writes:

    A form of sandels, where you have a strap between your big and your second toe.

    Heel heights:

    'Pamela' <> writes:

    Centimeter <=> Inch conversion: 1" = 2.54 cm.

    This gives:    2" =  5.08 cm
                   3" =  7.62 cm
                   4" = 10.16 cm
                   5" = 12.70 cm
                   6" = 15.24 cm
                   7" = 17.78 cm
                   8" = 20.32 cm
                   9" = 22.86 cm
                  10" = 25.40 cm
    Heel types:

    'Pamela' <> writes:

    Louis XV:

    The typical form of a 'high heel':

          \ /\
           V  \
           I   \____>

    Like the Louis XV but the tip of the heel is placed more to the toe:

              I \_____>

    Massive heel (opposite of stiletto), usually used for platform shoes:

           I  I\
           I  I  \
           I__I   \_____>
    Bell bottomed:

    Begins like a normal heel but ends wide:

           \ /\
            X  \
           /_\  \_____>
    Mules: (Ms. Margo) writes:
    They have no back at all. The upper ends at mid-arch, much like clogs do. Mules are usually high-heeled and often are open-toed. Maribu feathers are optional. :)

    Opera Pumps: (Ms. Margo) writes:
    Slender straight heel. Closed, slightly pointed toe. Without straps or decorations. Vamps that don't show much toe cleavage. Sides cut fairly high. Opera pumps are usually black patent or black kidskin. Just think of your typical representaion of a fetish shoe and you've got it. (Jeffrey Hurwit) writes:
    Also, no straps or adornment of any kind, self (ie. one) colored, frequently jet black or at least a dark color, and (strict interpretation) the sides are of one piece with no stitching half way between heel and vamp.

    Oxfords lace up (aka. 'Old Oxfords'):

    A classically designed shoe originating in Oxford, England. It's pretty much an ordinary, closed shoe, dark or plain black, with an ordinary 3 or 4 point lacing, but with the exception of the heel height, that can be anything up to 6". (Ms. Margo) writes:

    High heeled Oxfords will have a closed toe box and lace closed with a tongue that extends to the ankle.

    Platforms: (Ms. Margo) writes:

    Any shoe that has extra height added under the toes. It's a cheaters way to have very high heels. A 6" heel with a 3" platform feels the same (has the same rise) as wearing a 3" heel.


    An open shoe usually without any straps (except perhaps an simple ankle strap). Can sometime also be toeless. (Ms. Margo) writes:

    A pump is a high-heeled shoe with a full back and toe box. There are also open-toed pumps which have the end of the toe box cut out so the toes show.

    Pump D'Orsy:

    G. Spelvin <> writes:

    The toe box ends at instep. The heel is held in a heel cup. Along the sole from the toe box to the start of the heel cup is open space about 1 to 2 inches depends on size. Toe box and heel cup are seperate from each other. The most sexy of pumps. Usually patent leather.

    Saddle shoes: (Ms. Margo) writes:

    More or less the inverse of spectators, although one rarely finds high-heeled saddle shoes.

    Sandels: (Ms. Margo) writes:

    They have straps for the upper. They are usually flat heels, but can be high-heeled as well. Some people refer to any shoe with ankle straps as a sandel.

    Shoe locks:

    Usually a simple system of straps, one going under the foot (between the heel and the instep), the other around the ankle. These are locked together, preventing the wearer from removing the shoes without the key to the lock. Sometimes a shoe or boot is equipped with locking ankle straps per design, serving the same function.


    'Pamela' <> writes:

    Like mules but mostly made of wood, - a sort of high heeled clog.


    'Pamela' <> writes:

    A kind of mules, but with closed toe box.

    Shoe size conversion:

    Rachel Marriott <> writes:
    US shoe sizes are roughly two full sizes more than those in the UK (for example, I take a size 4 1/2 in the UK therefore making me a size 6 1/2 in the US). Oh..and incidentally....I've found that the Canadians follow the same sizing pattern as in the States.

    However, it should also be noted, that this "two sizes more" rule is general -- as we all know, sizes vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    Also note that high heeled shoes tend to feel smaller than flats. If you've never worn high heels before and know your size from flats, you should probably add a half (minimum) to your size in high heels. This is not always the case, but often. Just keep it in mind when mail ordering. Shopping in person the first time might be a pretty good idea.

    Shoe Size Table:

    Tina H. <> writes:
    mm.     Europe      USA       England    France
    ===     ======      ===       =======    ======
    117.0     20         -           -         -
    123.1     21         -           -         -
    130.0     22         -           -         -
    136.5     23         -           -         -
    143.1     24         -           -         -
    150.0     25         -           -         -
    156.9     26         -           -         -
    163.1     27         -           -         -
    170.0     28         -           -         -
    176.8     29         -           -         -
    183.0     30         1           -         -
    188.0     -          1.5         -         -
    190.5     31         -           -         -
    192.4     -          2           -         -
    196.8     -          2.5         -         -
    197.1     32         -           -         -
    201.2     -          3           -         -
    204.0     33         -           -         -
    205.6     -          3.5         -         -
    208.3     -          -           -         -
    210.0     -          4           -         -
    211.0     34         -           -         -
    214.4     -          4.5         -         -
    217.0     35         -           -         -
    218.8     -          5           -         -
    220.0     -          -           2         35
    221.5     -          -           -         -
    223.2     -          5.5         -         -
    224.0     36         -           -         -
    227.6     -          6           -         -
    228.1     -          -           -         -
    231.0     37         -           -         -
    232.0     -          6.5         2.5       35.5
    234.7     -          -           -         -
    236.0     -          7           3         36
    237.2     38         -           -         -
    238.0     -          -           -         -
    240.8     -          7.5         -         -
    241.0     -          -           3.5       36.5
    244.5     39         -           -         -
    245.0     -          8           4         37
    247.9     -          -           -         -
    248.0     -          -           4.5       37.5
    249.6     -          8.5         -         -
    251.0     40         -           -         -
    254.0     -          9           5         38
    257.2     41         -           -         -
    258.0     -          9.5         -         -
    259.0     -          -           5.5       38.5
    261.1     -          -           -         -
    262.7     -         10           -         -
    263.0     -          -           6         39
    264.0     42         -           -         -
    266.0     -         10.5         6.5       39.5
    267.7     -          -           -         -
    269.0     -          -           7         40
    271.1     43        11           -         -
    274.0     -          -           7.5       40.5
    275.8     -         11.5         -         -
    277.6     -          -           -         -
    278.0     44         -           -         -
    279.0     -          -           8         41
    280.2     -         12           -         -
    282.0     -          -           8.5       41.5
    284.0     45         -           -         -
    284.6     -         12.5         -         -
    287.5     -          -           -         -
    288.0     -          -           9         42
    289.0     -         13           -         -
    290.8     -          -           -         -
    291.0     46         -           -         -
    292.0     -          -           9.5       42.5
    293.4     -         13.5         -         -
    294.1     -          -           -         -
    295.0     -          -          10         43
    297.8     -         14           -         -
    298.0     47         -           -         -
    301.0     -          -          10.5       43.5
    306.0     -          -          11         44
    310.0     -          -          11.5       44.5
    314.0     -          -          12         45
    321.0     -          -          12.5       45.5
    Conversion from male --> female sizes...
    Male size   Female size
    =========   ===========
    Narrow      Medium
    Medium      Wide
    Your size + 1/2 --> + 1       Any feminine
                                  style shoe with
                                  an open toe.
    Your size + 1   --> + 1 1/2   Any feminine
                                  style shoe with a
                                  closed toe.
    Suit and shirt sizes:

    Ms. Lisbetta writes:
    Conversions... Women.

    US      4   6   8   10   12   14   16
    UK      6   8   10  12   14   16   18
    (Blouses and sweaters)
    US      30  32  34  36  38  40  42
    UK      32  34  36  38  40  42  44
    US      4   5   6   7   8   9   10
    UK      2   3   4   5   6   7    8
    This is from Fodor's so it should be pretty accurate.

    Sling-backs: (Ms. Margo) writes:

    They are exactly what they sound like. They have no back, and have a strap the runs from the sides of the shoe around the back of the foot. This "sling" holds the shoe on. They can be open-toed or close-toed.

    Spectators: (Ms. Margo) writes:

    Pumps which have a different colored toe box and (usually) heel. Popular spectator color combinations are white and blue and tan and cream.


    Often the same as 'spikes'. Stilettos are are type of heel that is extremely thin and pointed. Named after the very thin bladed knives.


    Very thin heels, often almost ending in a point at the tip (like a nail).

    Thigh Highs:

    Long boots reaching al the way up to the thighs, thus the name.

    T-strap Pumps: (Jeffrey Hurwit) writes:

    Usually, this is in the style of a D'Orsay, with a strap extending up from the vamp, along the middle of the instep, to join an ankle strap.

  5. Outfits
  6. Body:

    Garment that covers the body from the crotch to just below the neck, sometimes with the arms included. Can be made out of anything, usually something see-though or latex/PVC. Has sometimes a snaplock at the crotch for easy bathroom use.


    Like 'body' but also covers the legs and sometimes the feet (like 'stockings' added to the 'body').


    An all-over body suit. Usually without feet and hands, but these can be included, leaving only the head free. Most materials are used, in particular lycra, nylon, PVC and latex.


    Garment intended to create an ideal hourglass figure on a woman, either permanent through long training or by simply creating the illusion while wearing it. Usually it covers the body from the hips to the breasts, with a long lacing in the back. Some versions went all the way from the knees to the shoulders, often extra stiffly boned, intended to enforce a stiff posture if worn in the daytime (making the wearer unable to sit down), or as training corset worn during the night.

    See also Ms. Margo's "Corset 101" article.

    Garter belt:

    A belt (goes around the waist) with attached garters which hold up 'stockings' or similar.


    Almost the same as a 'body' but always without the snaplock at the crotch.


    Like a pair of stockings with a panty built in. Comes in many materials. See also the newsgroup alt.pantyhose.


    Covers the feet and legs up to the thighs. These can either be the stay-ups type or the kind that needs a 'garter belt' to stay up. See also the newsgroup alt.pantyhose.

  7. Bondage fashions.
  8. Hobble Skirt:

    A tight skirt usually made of leather, PVC or thick rubber, going from the waist to the ankles. Leaves only very little space to move the legs in, thus acting as a hobble.

    Single Glove:

    Much as the name implies, it is a single glove to put both arms into. Made of many materials (usually leather though), it laces the arms together on the back, with straps going over the shoulders to prevent it from slipping down and off. Some versions are intended to be slightly loose, only trapping the arms, others are literary skin-tight, making the elbows touch behind the back. Zippers and buckles (perhaps with locks) sometimes complement/replace the lacing.

    Discipline Hood:

    A hood usually made of leather, thick rubber or PVC with only a hole for the nose. Usually the subject is gagged with a ball-gag or similar under it. It is usually laced tightly in the back of the head.

  9. Materials.
  10. Cire:

    The term is french an means literaly "Waxed". It is made from lycra and is created by passing the fabric against a hot roller to melt the surface slightly, resulting in a 'wet-look' finish.


    An elastic fabric often used in numerous types of close-fitting sport outfits - and naturally as a less expensive fetish material.


    Trade name for lycra.


  1. The designers.
  2. Jean-Paul Gaultier

    Allison Thurman <> writes:

    French designer, considered to be the "bad boy" of Paris fashion. He's best known for designing Madonna's "bullet-cone" corsets for her videos and Blonde Ambition tour, and for designing similar clothes for the movie "The Cook, the Theif, his Wife, and her Lover".

    Vivienne Westwood

    Allison Thurman <> writes:

    English designer who created the PVC and rubber "punk" look at her shop, Sex, in the 1970's, and one of the first women to use lingerie as outerwear.

    Pam Hogg

    Allison Thurman <> writes:

    I dont know much about her work but ive read in some English magazines that some of her clothing is PVC.

    Lip Service, Inc.

    Allison Thurman <> writes:

    A Los Angeles label that (if its still in business) does lots of lycra-spandex wear, usually with lacing and/or little daggers on it. I've not seen much of the mens wear, but the womens is moslty leggings and minidresses.

  3. The models.
  4. Anette Kellendonk:

    Born 1965 in Wuppertal near Düsseldorf, Germany.
    She's 1.70 m (5'6") high (without heels!) and weighs around 50 kg (112 lbs).

    She used to work closely with Peter W. Czernich, publisher of "Skin Two, Deutsche Ausgabe" then <<O>>, as photographer but now works with several others. Her pictures has been in Playboy, Bild and in particular in early issues of <<O>>.

    She released a techno-dance maxi-single entitled "The Fetish" in 1991. The video for this song have been shown on MTV and in it she shows a wide selection of her PVC and latex wardrobe...

    About this maxi-single, Ido Amin writes:

    The label is BOO RECORDS. I have "The Fetish" on BOO 00512 (12") and on its cover it mentions it's also available on BOO 00507 (7"), BOO 00515 (12"PD), BOO 00505 (5"CD). On the cover it also says GEMA LC 6559. Distributor is Discovery, Pf 1255, 4044 Kaarst., Germany, which is also A.K.'s fanclub.

    Quality? Not stuff, being two years old, and not up to current MTV or dance standards. I kinda like it anyway.

    Has now begun a career as a fetish fashion designer with a shop appropriately named 'Anette K. Fashion' in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    Info on other models much appreciated!

  5. The photographers.
  6. Peter W. Czernich:

    Very active. Has worked primarily with Anette K. but now works mostly with varying models. He's the editor and publisher of "Maquis Magazine", the successor to <<O>> of which he also was the editor and publisher of for several years.

    Trevor Watson:

    British photographer who works primarily with black & white photography. Among his best works are the series he made for Ectomorph.

  7. Advocacy groups.
  8. These are organizations or groups of equal minded people who work actively to communicate our interest and way of living to the rest of the society, fighting for it in court or on the battlefield of the media if nessesary.

    National Leather Association. writes:

    They promote the "leather lifestyle", which includes DFP and some BDSM. It is the only sort of U.S. Nationwide advocacy group, so it is important for people in the US to know about it.

    Jeffrey Hurwit <> writes:


    • To establish and maintain a national/worldwide communication, information, education, and support network for sisters and brothers of the Leather/SM/Fetish community.

    • To promote with power and pride the right of all adults to engage in Safe, Sane, and Consensual sexual expression.

    • To increase communication and understanding among women and men in Leather/SM/Fetish.

    • To facilitate political activism, visibility, and education in order to destroy stereotypes, misconceptions, and media misrepresentation about the Leather/SM/Fetish family in the community at large.

    • To provide, through our publications, educational material, and "LIVING IN LEATHER" conferences, a forum for the sharing of knowledge, viewpoints, and practices of a diverse network of women and men.

    • To build, strengthen, and defend individuals, organizations, publications, and businesses within our community, especially against threats to their freedom of expression, freedom of the press, right to free association, and right to equal protection under the law.

    • To develop outreach to women, people of color, transgenderals, the deaf, the physically challenged, and other minorities who have traditionally been discriminated against or poorly represented in the Leather/SM/Fetish community.

    • To facilitate fund raising for deserving projects, clubs, organizations, defense funds, and/or charities which have given direct service to the Leather/SM/Fetish community. To fight for decriminalization of all sexual acts between consenting adults.

    • To preserve a record of our history, traditions, and culture.

    They publish a periodic newsletter (I don't know how frequently) called FIRST LINK. As of the date of this brochure, which is dated November 1990, their mailing address is:

    P.O. Box 17463
    Seattle, Washington, 98107
    Tel: (206) 789-8990.

    Annual membership dues are $25.00 US, or $30.00 US outside of North America.


    Sorgenfrigade 8b, 2.
    DK-2200 Copenhagen N.
    Phone: (+45) 3181 0550

    They are an organization for BDSM and fetish oriented people in Denmark. They provide counselling, club facilities in four major danish cities (Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense) which are open 1-3 days a week, parties (both theme-oriented and more regular social gatherings) and both an internal newspaper and an external magazine (called SMil-bladet).

    (myself, with additional information by Heikko Levanto)


    Monty <> writes:

    P.O. Box 27,
    Cheshire SK15 2ED

    AXIS provides a newsletter 10 times a year of around 30 - 40 pages which contains advice, reviews, stories and anonymous personals. Subscription is 45 pounds sterling for a year.

    The stated aims of the society are "To assist our members to fulfill their dreams and fantasies through contact with others or merey by reading about the subject dealt with by other enthusiastic members."

    Further information about AXIS can gained by sending a SAE to the above address.


    Mariano Baselga <> writes:

    This is a small spanish language magazine, made by interested contributors, which is sold and distributed only on an individual subscription basis and has no profit interests, its main aim being to serve as a discussion forum and information interchange between Spanish alternative sex amateurs. The magazine is:

    Ediciones PLG
    Apartado 7.053
    28080 Madrid (Spain)

  9. Fetish Ball organizers.
  10. These are the people or organizations setting up fetish theme balls/parties locally or in specific areas.


High heels are pretty common in many movies and TV-shows, and particular german, english and italian TV-shows often feature the female presenters wearing 3" or 4" heels.

Some TV-series and movies have characters wearing various fetish-related items as well, both in the regular cast and on the special guest stars. Music videos often have some form of fetish wear included in the visual attraction, in particular the bands from the techno scene use fetish fashion very often in their videos and stage shows.

  1. About fetish fashion
  2. Dianne Brill: "Boobs, Boys and High Heels"

    Cecilia M Tan <> writes:

    Published by the Penguin Group, Viking Penguin which is a division of Penguin Books USA Inc. New York: 375 Hudson Street, New York 10014, U.S.A. London: Penguin Books Ltd, 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5TZ, England. (Remco den Besten) writes:

    In Europe published by:

    Vermillion (imprint of Ebury Press)
    Random House UK Ltd.
    20 Vauxhall Bridge Road
    London SW1V2SA
    ISBN: 0-09-177387-3

    Susan J. Kaplan: "The sexual perversions of women" (title translated from german).

    Evelyne Pichler <> writes:

    The german publisher is HEINE Verlag.

  3. Containing or using fetish fashion elements
  4. A list of TV-show/series or movies or shows with particular memorable scenes featuring some form of fetish wear, or persons having used some form of fetish wear.

    Some of these entries were taken from the FAQ, written by Mark Amann.


    Band. In the video for "Success" there's leather/latex outfits.

    A Fish Called Wanda:

    Movie. Hayo Schreijer <> writes:

    During the whole movie Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing knee-high patent-leather boots with 4" heels. Contains one scene with her 'brother' breathing in and blowing up her boots before making love to her.

    Angel (I-II-III):

    Movies. Both the main character (in Angel III played by Mitzi Kapture, also starring in "Silk Stalkings") and several of the others wear 4" heels several times during the movie. PVC clothing is also seen in many street scenes.

    Babs, Lil:

    Swedish singer. Usually wear 4" or 5" heels when on stage.

    BatMan II:

    Movie. We see Michelle Pfeiffer playing CatWoman wearing a full latex catsuit (!) and boots with 4-5" heels throughout most of the movie.

    Capt. Hollywood Project:

    Band. In the video for "Flying High" there's Latex outfits and bondage impressions.


    TV-series. Both Pamela Ewing (Victoria Principal) and Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) often wore 3" or 4" heels. Kristin Shephard (Mary Crosby) almost always wore 5" stiletto heels, even when just out of the bath or out of the bed... ;-)


    VJ on MTV Europe. She often wears a rubber top or a very short rubber dress with black pantyhose and pumps.

    Demone, Gitane:

    Singer. (twist id) writes:

    On the dance cd-single, "Heavenly Melancholy" she's lying on what looks like a latex sheet, dressed in a full-length latex catsuit, with gloves and heels. "Lullabies for a Troubled World" she sports what looks like a PVC jacket and thigh-high boots.

    Dickinson, Angela:

    Actress. Often wear high heels in most movies and TV-series she's been in.

    Eleniak, Erika:

    Actress. She wore a black spandex body suit and 4" heels in the movie "Under Siege".

    En Vogue:

    Band. writes:

    "Free Your Mind". Music video where the four girls of En Vogue appear in nice black shiny high heeled boots. Two of them have thigh high boots, one has about knee high boots and one has ankle "high" shoes. They wear also spandex suspenders, miniskirts, and stretch pants.


    Band. In the video for "Missionary Man" Annie Lennox is in a leather outfit.

    Full House:

    In one rather early episode we see a backing singer in Jesse's band wearing 5" heels while rehearsing in the Tanner family living room.

    Fun Factory:

    Band. In the video for "Pain": Lots of latex fashion.

    Groove Kissing:

    Dance band. In the video to the song "Rhythm of Saliva" they use lots of fetish fashion - both PVC and latex outfits and other avantgarde fashions.

    Hatcher, Teri:

    Actress: In an episode of "Lois and Clark", she is all dolled up in a micro black PVC skirt and red PVC halter top. They even slowly pan up her body.

    Hagen, Nina:

    Singer. She almost always wear 5" or 6" heels in her videos, stage shows or appearances in talkshows. On the front cover of her latest album ("Revolution Ballroom") she's tied up in a chair wearing red pumps with 6" heels and a black PVC catsuit.


    Movie. One of the main characters is an artist, Arthur Blue, who does fetishistic paintings featuring 6" heels, nylon stockings with seams, PVC or rubber clothing etc.

    Henry, Pauline:

    Singer. On the cover of both her album "Pauline" and all the singles taken from it, she wears a black full-body suit in latex or leather with black 4" heeled boots to match. The booklet contains a bigger fold-out picture of her in the same outfit as on the cover. Has anyone seen any of the videos? - Does she wear this outfit in them as well?


    Band. In the video for "The Strangest Party", most (if not all) wear some form of rubber/PVC clothing, including catsuits, jackets, dresses and so on.

    Jesus Jones:

    Band. writes:

    In the music video "Devil You Know" there are quite many shots of various persons wearing some sort of leather/rubber clothes. And one girl for sure wears thigh high boots.

    La Bouche:

    Band. In the video for "Be my lover" the singer wears hot black outfit, bondage scenario.

    Last Action Hero:

    Movie. In the imaginary movie world, almost all women wear very sexy PVC or spandex outfits and high heels. [I want to live there! (Hi Gomez!)]

    Lords, Traci:

    Actress, singer. Wears PVC and latex outfits in the video for her debut single release "Control".

    Minogue, Kylie:

    Singer. In the "Confide in Me" video, she wears a PVC catsuit and other fetishistic outfits.

    Naughty Nympho Nina:

    Personality on MTV Europe. She wears a full, black PVC catsuit, high heeled shoes and a mask on the semi-daily show "MTV's Most Wanted" with Ray Cokes.

    O'Conner, Sinead:

    Singer. Wore shoes with 5" heels on the cover of one of her albums.

    Once Bitten:

    Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:

    With Lauren Hutton as a sexy vampire. A long shot of her high heels and black stockings at a school dance.

    Page, Betty:

    Hayo Schreijer <> writes:

    The queen of fetish-wear in my opinion. She's an hot item in Holland at this moment. Several of her 50'ties movies of Irving Klaw are sold here and lot's of girls having that particular hair-look. Not to forget the high-heeled patent-leather shoes with the 'baby-doll' noses that are sold here with somewhat lower heels unfortunatly.

    Parton, Dolly:

    Singer. Always wears 4"-5" heels and a tightlaced corset on stage, in her videos and her movie appearances.

    Pet Shop Boys:

    Band. The very pretty female lead character in the video for "Domino Dancing" wears pumps with 5" heels in some scenes and a lovely PVC dress in others.

    Pretty Woman:

    Movie. writes:

    Actress Julia Roberts wears knee/thigh high black shiny high heeled boots for 45 mins.

    Rally Round the Flag, Boys:

    Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:

    A very pre-Dynasty Joan Collins seduces a babyfaced Paul Newman with her feet in high-heel sandals.

    Right Said Fred:

    Band. Kris <> writes:

    In the video for "I'm Too Sexy", at the very end are a few shots of a lady dressed in a PVC cat suit (even had a tail).

    Robin S:

    Singer. In the video for "Give Me Love" numerous persons wear PVC and rubber outfits.

    Robo Jocks:

    Tina H. <> writes:

    Science Fiction movie from 1989 with Gary Graham and Anne-Marie Johnson (from the series "In the Heat of the Night". Some of the soldiers wear VERY tight suits that look like PVC in this movie, INCLUDING Anne-Marie...


    Singer. She wore red PVC pants and 3" heels in the video to her song "Are You Ready To Fly?"

    Scandal In a Small Town:

    Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:

    Raquel Welch plays a cocktail waitress. During the opening credits she is painting her nails, putting on stockings and slipping in and out of high heels. She wears tight clothes and heels throughout the movie.

    Silver Spoons

    Sitcom. Gabriel Field <> writes:

    I once accidentially taped the last segment of an episode of the sitcom "Silver Spoons". There were a lot of little girls, perhaps 12 or 13 years old, running around and climbing over furniture in the house while wearing 5 inch stiletto heels.

    Single White Female:

    Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:

    Very good shots of the high heels of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridgette Fonda.

    Sisters of Mercy:

    Band. In the video for "This corrosion" Patricia Morrision wears nice black outfit.


    Singer. Wore a tight laced corset, a name collar with a D-ring and high heeled boots in some scenes of the video to Felix' "It Will Make Me Crazy". In other scenes (the rest) she wore a full body catsuit of black PVC.

    Straight Talk:

    Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:

    Nice shots of Dolly Parton's feet in high heels.

    Tatooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills:

    USA cartoon series which appears daily at various times in US. This one is not a cartoon. The alien fighters (2 girls, 2 boys) have great bods and the latex costumes are beautiful - as are their movements in them.

    The Three-Inch Golden Lotus:

    Book by Teng Jicai. Lani Teshima-Miller <teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> writes:

    It is translated by David Wakefield, and is published by the University of Hawaii Press ($28 cloth, $12.95 paper). The book is a fictional novel, the first in a new series called Fiction From Modern China (published by the UH Press). The heroine, Fragrant Lotus, has her feet bound from when she is six, and rises in social stature because of the beautiful three-inch foot that she gets.

    Turner, Tina:

    Singer. She wore 5" heels in the video to the song "What's Love Got To Do With It?", and often wears similar on stage.


    German techno-band. In the videos for "Love is my Religion" and "Club Bizarre" the female singer and other females wear lots of fetish fashion (latex etc...) includes light bondage too.

    2 Unlimited:

    Dutch techno/dance band. Features fetish wear in latex, lycra or PVC in most of their many hit videos.

    Under Siege:

    Movie. Erika Eleniak wears a black spandex body suit and 4" high heels.

    Wilde, Kim:

    Singer. Wore a skintight outfit and 6" heels on the cover of her maxi-single "The Second Time".

  5. Fetish videos or films
  6. Hidden Obsessions:

    Andrew Blake



    Janine Lindemulder, P.J. Sparx, Deidre Holland and others.


    Latex/leather/PVC garments, thigh-high boots


    V. Nye



    Krista Lane, Erica Boyer, Patti Petite, Alex Greco, Nikki Knights

    Mike Horner, Jake Scott, Jason Riley, Billy Dee

    Thigh-high boots, few leather garments

    Freaks of Leather:




    Wendy Whoppers, Lisa Lipps


    Leather/PVC outfits, thigh-high boots

    Fresh Meat


    John Leslie w/ Evil Angel


    Eva Flowers, Annabelle Dayne, Kirsty Waay (they're the only ones who wear latex)


    Black Orchid:

    Michael Ninn


    USA 1993

    One Zee, Ariana, Alana, Lacy Rose, Kimberly Kupps, Sunset Thomas


    Leather/PVC outfits, thigh-high boots


  1. Product Guide.
  2. Not written yet. Your input would be most appreciated!

  3. Magazine Guide.
  4. Magazines about fetish fashion.

    <<O>> Fashion, Fetish & Fantasies (second generation)

    The new <<O>> has 156 pages, with 128 grm high glossy Japanese art paper, cover 260 grm c2/s artcard and the orderform 180 grm woodfree.

    The direction is going more to photostories and mainstream. It will be an art coffee table book with fetish themes.


    Ron Mayer


    Ernest Greene

    Published by:

    <<O>> Editorial Headquaters
    9903 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 243
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Phone: (310) 289-1412
    Fax: (310) 823-6366


    English Issue in Europe

    <<O>> Subscriptions
    63 Highbury New Park
    London N5 2ET
    Phone: (0171) 226 6632
    Fax: (0171) 354 0957

    For UK for four issues Pounds 28 including shipping and handling, European Community Pounds 32, rest Pound 36.


    <<O>> Subscriptions/Mailorder/Fashion, France
    10BIS rue Montgallet
    75012 Paris
    Phone (1) 40 19 94 95
    Fax (1) 40 19 93 33

    Subscriptions four issues <<O>> 25 in English, rest in French: FF 200 plus FF 75 for shipping and handling.


    <<O>> Subscriptions/Mailorder/Fashion, JAPAN
    21 Sakamachi, Shinjuku-Ku,
    Tokyo 160
    Phone: (03) 3356-9267
    Fax: (03) 3356-9810

    Subscriptions four issues: Yen 6.000 plus shipping and handling.

    In America and Rest of the world

    <<O>> Subscriptions
    1007 Montana Avenue, suite 300
    Santa Monica, CA 80403
    Tel: 1-800-220-0060

    For US for four issues $55 including shipping and handling, Canada $62,50, Rest $70.

    German issue

    <<O>> Abo Service
    Postfach 3031
    53020 Bonn
    Phone/Fax: 02280652469

    Four issues for DM 76 inside Germany, DM88 for European Community and Switzerland, Rest DM 110.

    First issue:

    The on-sale-date of <<O>> 25 is September 28, 1995 in Europe.

    <<O>> Fashion, Fetish & Fantasies (first generation)

    NOT PUBLISHED ANYMORE! - Replaced by "Marquis" (see this)

    115 pages, Full color, English language. Fetish designs, stories, artwork, readers own input, interviews and much more. 80-90% female fashions.


    Peter W. Czernich

    Published by:

    TECHCOM Verlags- und Vertriebs GmbH
    Kronprinzenstr. 30
    D-42655 Solingen
    Tel: (+49) 0212/56626
    Fax: (+49) 0212/549094



    P.O. Box 1426
    Shepton Mallet
    Somerset, BA4 6HH

    North America:

    <<O>> Magazine
    P.O. Box 86
    Callicoon Centrum
    N.Y. 12724


    <<O>> Magazine
    B.P. 289
    75 867 Paris - Cedex 18
    Tel: (0033)1-42557147


    5-7 Shinjuku 1-chome
    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    Att: Mr. Matsumoto


    Haltinger Str. 59
    CH-4057 Basel
    Att: Mr. Burgisser


    SCALA B.V.
    Contactweg 28
    1017 Amsterdam
    Tel: 020 828 900


    Via Lame 57/G
    I-40122 Bologna


    DM 30 / $20 / #10 / FF 120 / hfl 35 / Lire 28000 / Yen 4000 / oS 280 / dkr 150

    Latest issue:

    No. 24

    Quality rating:

    Very good.


    The bad binding method in the most recent issues (glue) makes the magazine fall apart after only a few readings, reducing it to a collection of loose pages.


    132 pages, full color, both english and german language. Fetish designs, stories, artwork, readers own input, interviews and much more. 80-90% female fashions. Successor to <<O>> Magazine! - Published quarterly.


    Peter Czernich

    Published by:

    P.O. Box 1426, Shepton Mallet,
    Somerset BA4 6HH,

    Editorial Address:

    Flensburger Str. 5,
    42655 Solingen,
    Tel: +49 212-586151
    Fax: +49 212-586156



    See editorial address.


    Elisabethenstrasse 41
    CH-4004 Basel Tel: 061-2714656
    Fax: 061-3111851


    P.O. Box 289
    75867 Paris CEDEX


    E. Z. Verlagsgeshellschaft GmbH
    Ratschkygasse 3-4
    A-1120 Wien
    Tel: 01-812331
    Fax: 01-8123911

    UK and the rest of the world:

    See publication address.


    10UKP / DM28 / $19 / FF95 / HFL30

    Latest issue:

    Issue #4, released in October 1995.

    Quality rating:

    Very great! - The well-known 'Czernich-Quality'!

    Skin Two (UK):

    132 pages, Full color, English language. Very art-like photography, lots of ads and useful addresses, lots of fetish related background including interviews with relevant people.


    Tim Woodward

    Published by:

    Tim Woodward Publishing
    BCM Box 2071
    London WC1N 3XX
    Tel: 081 968 0234
    Fax: 081 960 8404



    Studio Strak
    Box 4838
    GPO Melbourne 3001
    Tel: 03 809 2632


    Zeedijk 64
    1012 BA Amsterdam
    Tel: 205 603


    B1, 16-24 Arakicho
    Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
    Tel: 03 356 9267


    #10 (pounds). Add for p&p #1 (UK), #2 (EC) or #5 elsewhere (airmail).

    Latest Issue:

    Number 17.

    Quality rating:

    Very good.


    Publishing is (currently) very irregular, making it hard to wait for the next issue.

    Skin Two - Deutsche Ausgabe:

    Not released anymore. This magazine was a german language predecessor to <<O>> and back issues might be available from the same publisher or distributors as <<O>> (see this). Only issue 1 to 7 was ever released before the name and language was changed, and issue 8 became <<O>> no. 1.

    Atomage International:

    I'm not familiar with this - Review needed!

    Pussy Cat, the essential magazine:

    By Hayo Schreijer:

    64 pages, 8 pounds, format like 'SHINY'.

    The magazine is mostly into Female Domination, but the ladies are wearing lots of pervy clothes. In my issue #8 is something on 'St. Michael's Emporium', erotic rubber and a beautiful red-headed rubber-mistress.

    Published by:

    Black Box Productions Ltd.
    52 Bermondsey Street, London Bridge
    London SE1 3UD,


    I don't think it's worth 8 pounds, but I got it on a sale for 3 pounds (that's good).

    Boot Lovers Digest:

    By Hayo Schreijer:

    48 pages, $9.00, issue #3 RARE!

    Very nice magazine, completly filled with ladies on thight-high boots. In this issue 'Mistress Stephanie Locke' shows her collection of boots (hundreds of them!) and more. Also in issue #3 a list of Shoe/Boot-sellers over the world. I like this kind of magazines very much: just sticking to one fetish at a time and my favorite. According to the local-salesman these issues are very rare. I've got issue 2 and 3, can't find issue 1. I don't know if there are more...


    Stricly Speaking Pub. Co., (no address)

    Quality Rating:

    Very nice.

    Bizarre O:

    By Hayo Schreijer <>

    Published by:

    Bizarre Spartacus,
    13331 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite G,
    Garden Grove, CA 92645

    Master Art Director:

    Mistress Cyntia.


    $8.95 (for issue #3)

    The magazine is focussed on erotic fantasies and fetish (sic). It's complete (letters, drawings, lots of pictures in B/W and color and video and book-reviews, agenda with fetish-parties). Although it's from the USA the magazine is mostly oriented on the scene in Europe. In number 3 par example an article on 'Steve English's (Demask) Bewitched Party' in Amsterdam, article on fetish fashion by Chanel and Gianni Versace and on Eric Kroll, a fetish photographer. And..lot's of good pictures with beautiful ladies. The magazine is almost as good as <<O>> or Skin Two.

    Shiny International:

    43 pages, Mixed color and black/white, English language. Lots of dominant females both in regular photography and in comic strips. Both readers and publishers stories.


    Not listed.

    Published by:

    G & M Fashions (Leisure) Ltd.
    PO Box 42
    Romford, Essex RM4 1QT


    6 pounds.

    Quality rating:

    Okay (I'm not into female domination, so...)

    Dressing For Pleasure:

    Same as Shiny.

    Shiny Rubberist:

    Usually about 45 pages, colour pictures, English language

    Dave Roberts
    Published by:
    G & M Fashions (Leisure) Ltd.
    PO Box 42
    Romford, Essex RM4 1QT

    10 pounds
    This magazine appears to have a very close connection with it's readers. Indeed a large part of the magazine is devoted to other readers input, experiences and photographs in quite a bit of detail. The remainder of the magazine is usually made up of a couple of bigger articles usually centered around some of the readers with lots of high quality photos. There is also usually a set of cartoons, the occaisional story and the obligatory readers letters and personals.

    On the whole the magazine is very colourful and well produced. The percentage of the magazine devoted to all the high quality pictures really does make this magazine worthwile in its own right. If you want to be in touch with how other rubberists got into their hobby, their outlook on life or just to see what others are wearing then you might like to take a look.

  5. Shop guide - Reviews
  6. This section contains a few reviews of some of the many fetish shops listed in the big supplier lists. They are not the absolute truth but the personal opinion of the reporter. Perhaps the visit reviewed occured on a bad day for the shop - or a good one. Use this information only as a... guide. ;-)

    Dream Dresser:

    Reviewed spring 1994 by Ms. Margo <>

    I had called before I came down to see if they had any garter belts in a 38" waist for one of submissives, I had been told that they had one in reversible black and red. When I got there I spoke with Jackie. She was very polite and helpful without being pushy or in my face. I noticed that the store had started to stock a lot more "racy lingerie" and less fetish wear since the last time I was in there a year ago. But it still is a very nice and very comfortable store. It's very well lit, well organized, not sleazy, and you won't feel like some sicko going in or coming out. One couple and a bunch of unaccompanied men floated in and out during the time that I was there. There was one gentleman there trying on a red satin maid's outfit ($156.00 US) with matching red crinoline ($59.00 US). I suggested that green was more his color, but he ended up buying the red one. Jackie told me that they sold quite a few of them. (Colors available in the store vary, and it's only available in pink from the catalog.)

    They didn't have the reversible satin garter belt in black and red in size 38, but they did have it in black and pink (which I doubted that he would like). It was very well made. Heavyweight stitched satin with elastic only at the hook in the back. There were 8 adjustable garters, no lace or other edging. The cost was $47.00 US. It was an item that wasn't in their catalog. They had a black satin garter belt with black lace trim in an extra-large, but I doubted that it would fit him. I asked if they would be getting more of the red and black ones in, but these were all they had. There were matching bras to the revers- ible garter belts as well. (Go visit soon if you would like one.) I poked through the racks of lingerie, and although I found their range of sizes to be wide and range of styles to be good, I didn't find much that I was interested in giving as a gift.

    I looked for some things for myself. They had some fetishy boots and shoes on display - predominantly in red, black, and white patent - but they were very expensive. The 7" heel ballet shoes in red and black patent were $350.00 US. They had a pair of 5" heel thigh-high black leather boots that I had seen in their catalog, but the quality of the leather was not quite what I would have expected for the price of $390.00 US. I checked through the rack of leather skirts. I found a leather version of Stormy Leather's famous spanking skirt, which had elastic in the back instead of the buckled straps, but was still quite attrac- tive. However, they only had it in a large and an extra-large. (I'm 5'2" (156 cm), a US size 8 - definitely small.). Jackie found a laced back leather skirt ($110.00 US), and PVC copy of the Stormy spanking skirt ($149.00 US) for me to try on. The laced back skirt was a good design, fit well, but didn't really thrill me. The PVC was O.K. quality, but PVC in general doesn't do much for me. There was a lot bigger selection of PVC (which they also call stretch patent) than there was of leather or latex.

    The dressing rooms are fair sized, located well in the back of the store down a short hallway, had large mirrors, but could *really* benefit from having something to sit down on. Fetish fashions are not always the easiest to get into and out of. Paper panties are provided for trying on items. I checked out a leather halter top that I had seen in their catalog. It has unusual sickle shaped clasps in the front. I expected these to be metal, but they were metallic hard plastic. I was a little disappointed; if the clasps had been metal I would have bought the halter. The leather clothing selection was small. The designs were nice, but I would like to see them use a better grade of leather. The selection of latex was very good and I was quite taken with several of the latex mini-dresses with zippered fronts that either buckled over the zipper, or locked over the zipper, and latex dresses with fabric linings, but I didn't want to drop $200.00-$350.00 US on a whim. The latex was available in a variety of colors - with black and red predominating - and several pieces were in natural transparent latex. They had a pair of pants in black latex with transparent latex over the hipbones and over the butt. These were called "Peek-A-Bum" pants. There was a matching halter top with a large transparent latex circle in the middle of the chest.

    They have a small amount of bondage gear available. It was average quality and mostly standard designs with a few really interesting items thrown in. I particularly liked the men's pouch with the footlocker lock on the front, which when opened would leave a hole big enough for a medium sized penis. There were chest halters and a few average-low average quality whips. They have a wall of collars over the cash register, and some are quite attractive. The case in front has some small items such as cock rings, dildoes, tit clamps, and ball weights. There is also a standard selection of dildoes and other adult toys on the side wall in the back.

    It was the first time that I got to see their chain mail in person. The links are very fine, about the diameter of the stick on a Q-Tip, and flowed like silk. It was well worth the price of $175.00 US for the bra/halter. I also got to see the steel breastplate that is featured on the cover of their current catalog ($450.00 US - covers one breast, $550.00 US - covers both). I was very surprised by how light in weight it was. I expected it to be much heavier and cumbersome.

    I ended up having Jackie find me a pair of latex panties, ($45.00 US), which had just come in a shipment. She didn't mind letting me check each pair and pick the ones I liked best. These ended up being my only purchase, although I had been hoping to find something more.

    OVERALL: Dream Dresser

    Great, relaxed, not pushy


    Big selection, average prices.

    Small selection, high-ish prices for quality.

    Small, but very good selection, prices on par with quality.

    Small, but nice selection, high prices.

    Bondage Gear:
    Small selection, but might be worth a look.

    Big selection, average prices.

    Stockings, cards, adult toys, nipple and clit jewelry, spandex dresses, feather boas, TV wear.


    Dream Dresser
    1042 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 200007

    Phone: (202) 625.0373

    Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 AM-8 PM


    Dream Dresser
    Post Office Box 16158
    Beverly Hills, California 90209-2158

    (Don't ask me why the store is on one side of the country and the catalog address is on the other side - I don't know why.)

    Phone Orders: (202)625-0377
    Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 AM-8 PM
    Fax Orders: (202)625-2761
    Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Note: Some prices are from memory and are subject to the failings of that system. I verified those prices that I could with their current catalog.

    The Pleasure Place:

    Reviewed spring 1994 by Ms. Margo <>

    The Pleasure Place used to be part of The Pleasure Chest chain, but the two Washington stores - the other is in Dupont Circle - broke off on their own. The stores themselves haven't changed, despite the change of name. The Georgetown store is the sort of place that one might go to buy a gag gift or bachelor party tidbit. The front of the store has a selection of lubes that is fairly good along with the "novelty "items, such as "pussy in a can" and wind-up jumping penises. Even though the store has a lot of that sort of stuff, they manage not to be overtly sleazy. The sales help is pleasant, but every time I'm in there I get the feeling that they really don't know their stock very well. Next to the gag gifts is a selection of adult toys, with the standard packaged dildoes, vibrators, and butt plugs, along with blow-up dolls. In a case near the front door is a very small selection of piercing jewelry. I was surprised that some of it was in unlabeled bags - no maker indicated. This certainly isn't where I would go to buy body jewelry, but it might do in a pinch.

    There is a low glass display case that has silk underwear for men and women, as well as some of their sequined items. The wall behind the cash register has their T-shirts. Most have a gay theme, but they had a nice one with silk-screened nipple clamps on it, which I ended up buying for one of my submissives. The counter near the cash register is scattered with condoms of various types along with condom cases, condom jewelry, and condom key rings.

    The racks on the wall opposite the cash register have a small selection of lingerie, which leaned heavily to spandex. I did find some Catherine Coatney clear vinyl items, though. The prices were well in line with what I would have paid through catalogs. The size selection was small. Prices seemed to be in line with the quality. A clothing rack in the middle of the store has lingerie on one side, T-shirts on the other. The lingerie was mostly of the lace, tulle, and net variety. There is a large selection of greeting cards and postcards in the back of the store. I bought a number of really nice black and white cards with fetishy themes to send to friends. The very back wall has an assortment of blow-up dolls and sex-related party items.

    The display case that reaches from the cash register to the back of the store has an assortment of items in it. There are a few stacks of T-shirts, some cock rings, nipple clamps, collars, and small leather restraints, some videos, but most notably there are books. I saw The SM Safety Manual, Leather- folk, Coming to Power, and a few other good titles all in one glance. Again, the accent is gay, but many are very applicable to straight play as well. I was happily surprised to find that they carried such quality titles.

    In the very back of the store is a small area that is closed off with a chain. This is where the serious fetish wear is kept. I took a quick glance and immediately saw something that caught my eye. In the middle of one of the racks full of black latex and black leather were three leather bras. One was white, one was bright yellow, and one was blue. The best thing though, was that hanging down from one of the bras, a tag with the French flag could be clearly seen. This was no ordinary leather - this was Pierre Balmain! Couture leather. I didn't think that they were being imported into the US anymore, so these must have been hanging around somewhere for a while.

    You need to ask someone to unlock the chain, but the (very attractive) lesbian woman at the register was happy to open it up for me without making me wait. She hung around a bit in the back room with me until she was reasonably sure that I wasn't going to steal anything. The bra was a long-line blue leather bra. Everything on the bra, including the straps, was leather. The price was $110.00 - a little steep for the item. I have been assembling a blue-leather outfit, and this might be just the thing. It was a size 34, so it may or may not have fit. I asked to try it on and the saleswoman showed me to a dressing room in the back of the store, next to the back room.

    The dressing room was large, with a mirrored wall and a stool to sit on. However, it was part of a pair of dressing rooms, one of which was being used to hold extra boxes, bags, and general junk. It felt a bit like changing in a warehouse. I was really hoping that the bra wouldn't fit so that I could say, "Awww. Can't get it." But of course, it fit perfectly. I looked at it in the mirror for quite some time - which caused the saleswoman to poke her head in to check that I wasn't stealing shopping bags - and finally I decided that it was just the wrong color. The rest of my blue leather outfit is bright jewel blue, and this bra was a dusky cornflower blue. Since the saleswoman was busy with someone else, I hung it back up in the back room and looked through the rest of the items. There was a small amount of latex available, and a large amount of XTC leather lingerie. There were some chest harnesses, some hoods, and a few whips. There was basically enough items in the back room to fill an average household closet. Not a lot, but certainly much more than your average adult shop. I didn't spend as long looking as I would have liked, since I did have a plane to catch.

    My purchases at The Pleasure Place were a dozen cards and a T-shirt. This isn't the best fetish wear shop in the world, but it is a "standard" among adult stores, and has the advantage of being open late in the evening. You may not find anything wonderful here, but you will find good quality items at fairly reasonable prices. The store in Dupont Circle is more gay ori- ented, and has a larger selection of leather goods - at least it did the last time I was there 5 years ago.

    OVERALL: The Pleasure Place

    Pleasant, but observant.

    Dark and slightly tawdry, but not sleazy, more gay oriented.

    A few scattered pieces.

    The basics, prices are average.

    Small selection, average prices.


    Bondage Gear:
    Standard items, prices in line with most "adult" shops.

    Moderate selection, mixed bag on quality. Average prices.

    Stockings, cards, adult toys, piercing jewelry, condoms, key rings, lubricants, videos, books, gag gifts.

    Georgetown Store:

    The Pleasure Place
    1063 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 200007

    Phone: (202) 333-8570


    Monday-Tuesday 10 AM-10 PM
    Wednesday-Friday 10 AM-10 PM
    Sunday Noon-7 PM

    Dupont Circle Store:

    The Pleasure Place
    1710 Connecticut Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 200009

    Phone: (202) 483-3297


    Monday-Tuesday 10 AM-10 PM
    Wednesday-Friday 10 AM-10 PM
    Sunday Noon-7 PM

    Note: Some prices are from memory and are subject to the fail- ings of that system.


    Reviewed by Kris Davidson <>

    They had very little latex, mostly PVC, leather, lycra and lingerie. The people, however, were horrible. I walked in around 18:40 (they close at 19:00). I looked over the few items of latex they had and decided to try something on. By this time it was 18:45, still plenty of time. After asking I was told "we close at 7. And besides we really don't have a place for men to try things on." To which I replied, "how about I come back tomorrow. What time do you open?" Response: "Well...we don't have any place for men to try anything on."

    Needless to say, I then left the establishment. First, the clothes I was looking at were unisex. Second, since when does a dressing room care wht gender you are? Third, is the New York economy, or more precisely this stores sales, doing that well that they can just turn away a potential several hundred dollar sale?

    Address and phone numbers to be found in the supplier list.


    Reviewed by an anonymous reader in august 1994.

    This is a small mail order operation based in Birmingham, UK. It does four forms of rubberwear - moulded (presumably bought from a large supplier); made-to-measure conventional clothing; rubber restrictive garments; and garments made to customers' own designs. Taking these in order:

    Moulded latex.

    There are two groups of moulded latex wear. There are items of conventional wear such as corsets, bras, tights, skirts, gloves, etc. and what they call "unusual" items. These include pants with various kinds of built-in stimulators such as dildos or sheaths (for men and women), erection pants, bras with built in stimulators, etc. All these are reasonably priced between $20 and $60 (1993 prices).


    The made-to-measure list includes skirts, trousers, jack- ets, nighties, and various dressing up outfits - nurse, maid and school girl. They are available in a variety of weights and color. As you would guess, these are considerably more expen- sive, ranging from $74 for a shirt to $132 for an evening dress and to almost $300 for the full nurse's outfit (dress, apron, surgical mask, cap, and cape).

    The made-to-measure restrictive garments are interesting if you are keen on bondage and rubber. There are sheaths for arm and legs and strait jackets. A loose-fit body sheath with at- tached mask costs $150 while the same, fully covering body and head, inflatable with a breathing tube will set you back $330. A restrictive leotard with strait jacket sleeves is $150. There are also inflatable gags.

    Custom made

    Finally, Ripplesmooth make items wear to their customers' specifications. The range of items that they make is very wide, from the conventional to the truly bizarre. As an example of the former, my wife has a favorite nightgown. I sent it to Ripplesmooth who made a copy in dark blue latex without even having to take the original apart. It was pretty stunning in the original but fantastic in its new incarnation. They will also work from photographs or drawings. The latter are important for the more bizarre creations - they will attempt to make anything and regard the more unusual as a challenge!

    Ripplesmooth has customers throughout the world including the USA and Australia. The owner is a real enthusiast and I recommend Ripplesmooth if you have the money and patience to wait for your specialist order to be filled.

    Address and phone numbers to be found in the supplier list.

    Inclinations (Boston)

    Reviewed by Ms. Margo, August 27, 1995

    Vernons of Waltham has long has its back room where leather, bondage gear, and adult toys were sold. This created a few problems as some of the crossdressing clientele didn't feel comfortable with the bondage gear and some of the BDSM folks didn't feel comfortable with the crossdressers. Vernons has solved the problem by splitting off their leather business into a new store, Inclinations.

    Inclinations sits on a corner right next door to Vernon's on Moody Street in Waltham, just west of Boston. The store is small, but not cramped. There are hardwood floors and grey walls with chrome racks to display the merchandise. Lighting is subtle but not too dim to clearly see what you're buying. The salespeople are friendly and helpful, but not pushy. The store isn't chock-a-block with merchandise - one of each item is out for attractive display. There are items for the novice to advanced player. There are basic cuffs, paddles, floggers, hoods, and more advanced restraints. A leather sling hangs in one corner of the back alcove. Near it, a large glass case displays cock and nipple vacuum pumps. There is a wall of videos and magazines, a wall of latex wear, and several racks of leather clothing. Most of their leather is made by New England craftspeople. This may not mean much to some, but it's a nice touch for them to support the local leather community. There is also an eye to safer sex, as condoms, lube and how-to books are out on prominent display. Plenty of free parking is available behind the building.

    Quality is very good on their leather items. The hides are for the most part good quality and cut and finish is well executed. Designs are mostly standard restraints with a few interesting items. My favorites were the studded leather corset (a waist cincher, really) with attractive stud work, styled for men and women, at $250.00 US for the male and $275.00 US for the female. I also loved the leather thong briefs with the real horsehair pony tail at $109.00 US. The rubber coated weights at $6.00 US for the 2 oz. size, and $13.00 for the 8 oz size were really neat. There was a gigantic butt plug that would bring a smile to every fistee's lips priced at $40.00 US. Prices are generally fair. You won't find any rock-bottom bargains here, but they have basics like cuffs for around $20.00 US.

    Inclinations also has a black and white 32 page catalog available. This has clear photos of the merchandise that Inclinations carries, as well as some things - mostly clothing - that I didn't see when poking around the store. It doesn't have lots of half-naked posing women, just good photos of what they're selling.

    Store:                                  Catalog:
    Inclinations                            Inclinations
    Corner of Moody St. & Cushing St.       Post Office Box 95189
    Waltham, Massachusetts  02154           Nonantum, Massachusetts 02195-5189
    U.S.A.                                  U.S.A.
    Phone: (617)894-1774 (Vernon's)         Orders:  (800)784-1888
                                            Service: (617)893-4597
                                            FAX:     (617)647-4082
    Note: Prices are mostly from my memory (with the help of the catalog) and are subject to the failings of that system.

  7. Catalog reviews
  8. Shoe Express:

    Reviewed by Ms. Margo, November 4, 1994.

    Shoe Express specializes in ladies narrow, large, and wide sizes. These are real leather shoes, which gives them a big advantage over the shoes in the Sexy Shoes catalog, which are mostly man-made materials - and Sexy have recently raised their prices. Shoe Express carries sizes 9-15 in widths AAAAA-WW, and sizes 6-15 in widths W-WW. The largest half size available is 11 1/2. Prices range from $38.00 US for a very simple flat (Gina) to $199.00 US for an over-the-knee boot (Smashing). There are shoes in leather, metallic leather, snakeskin, patent, nubuc, suede, lame, satin, and sequins. Some of their dress shoes have matching bags available. They also carry Keds and New Balance sneakers. Heel heights range from flats to 5" heels, although most of their styles are flats or low heels.

    The catalog has 20 pages and 68 styles of shoes. The shoes are shown in color photos, with most styles shown both from the side and from the front. The selection of colors is good, and each shoe is shown with a sizing chart, showing the sizes and widths available for that particular style. Heel heights are given on most shoes. Unworn shoes can be returned for exchange or refund. They accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, checks, or money orders. Shipping charges are $6.00 by U.P.S., $8.00 by post, $12.00 to Canada, $12.00 for 2nd day air, and $20.00 for next day air shipment. The shipping price is per order, not per pair, so it pays to make one large order rather than several small ones.

    Some highlights from the catalog include Sequin, a sequined pump available in 2 1/2" or 3" heels. Colors are black, silver, gold, white, red, royal blue, emerald green, and purple. The shoes are $65.00 US and the matching handbag is $35.00 US. The shoes come in sizes 9-12M and 6 1/2-12W and WW. Star is a 5" heel patent pump available in black or red in sizes 10-13 in widths M-WW. The cost is $99.00 US. Tonight is a 5" heeled sling back in black, red, navy, or black patent. Tonight is also available in sizes 10-13 in widths M-WW. The cost is $99.00 US. Smashing is an over-the-knee boot with a 3" heel, available in black leather and black suede for $199.00 US. The sizing is a little disappointing, though. The black leather is available is sizes 10-15M and 10-12W. The black suede is only available is sizes 10-12M and W. There is Christine, a 1 1/2" heeled knee boot that laces up the back to adjust the calves. No more overly tight calves! It costs $189.00 US and is available in cognac or black in sizes 9-13N and M and 6-13W. They also have Queen Size Sheer Stockings in black, red, royal, purple, white, pink, fuchsia, or aqua in sizes 1X-4X for $4.95 US per pair.

    Shoe Express
    Post Office 31537
    Lafayette, Louisiana 70593-1537

    (800)874-0469 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    FAX Orders:
    (318)235-5359 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Customer Service:

    Customer Service Hours:

    Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM, Central Time
    Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Central Time

    Fantasies In Lace, Inc.

    Reviewed by Ms. Margo, Deccember 12, 1994

    Fantasies In Lace is a Florida company that specializes in hosiery and fashions for the crossdresser. Since many of their items are available in larger sizes, they also are a nice source of things for larger Ladies. Some of their items come in smaller sizes too, so the rest of us can order too. The cover price on the Hosiery Catalog is $10.00. It is a black and white, 58 page, xeroxed-sheets-folded-in-half deal, that has a very "made in our back room" feel to it. The pictures are Xeroxes of photos, and much of the catalog uses illustrations. This is not a slick glossy catalog in any way. Its strength is in the breadth of the items that are carried.

    There are 12 styles of pantyhose, 22 styles of stockings and thigh- highs, 17 pages of lingerie and sleepwear, 5 pages of petticoats and pettipants, assorted bra forms, fanny pads, gaffs, push up pads, 7 styles of girdles, 5 styles of corsets, 6 pages of leather wear, 5 pages of cire, 3 pages of sheer nylon, a page of fishnet, 4 styles of gloves, 23 colors of leg garters, and 10 styles of wigs. (Whew!) With the exception of the hosiery and the wigs, there are only 24 photos. All the rest are shown in illustrations. Some of the illustrations are better than others, but most give a general idea of the item. I would, however, find it very difficult to spend $395.00 on a leather corset based solely on a bad drawing - it looks more like a wrist gauntlet then a corset. Another big problem is the lack of a size chart. I placed an order for stockings where I was unsure of what size I should take, so I gave them my height and weight, as well as how high I like my stockings to come and asked them to select a size. With my order I received a few fliers, one of which had a sizing chart on it. (!)
    Descriptions are sometimes good, other times they are very sparse.

    The hosiery is their strength. They stock the Cindy and Crystal brands. They also carry some D'Arielle - most notably the D'Arielle silk stockings ($24.95 US per pair). This is the last mail-order source for silk stockings that I have found in the U.S.A. or Canada. There is a huge array of colors available as well as a range of deniers. There are over 25 different colors available, but as the catalog is black and white, you have to use your imagination. They offer 4 styles in 10 denier, which is getting harder and harder to find. Most of the rest are 15 denier, lace, or fishnet. There are seamed, seamless, lace top, all nylon, and Cuban heel styles. They have 5 styles of suspender pantyhose, a few styles of crotchless pantyhose, and pantyhose in an astounding 7 denier ($11.00 US per pair). There are lace pantyhose, seamed pantyhose, and fishnet pantyhose. Sizes run up to 2X (5'10" tall, 245 lbs.), but most styles are only available in one size fits all.

    Prices range from good to outrageous. I purchased some of the same stockings locally at retail and paid about $1.00 US per pair less than the FIL catalog price. I don't consider that to be too bad. The leather wear was the most over priced and the cire was downright affordable. For example, $59.95 US for a studded leather g-string is just too expensive; while $39.95 for a cire spanking skirt is quite reasonable. A fishnet dress with matching g-string at $39.95 US is a good value too. There are eight other catalogs that they offer. They are: Color Lingerie Catalog, Wig Catalog, Foundation Catalog, Book Catalog, Adult Novelty Catalog, Big Gal Lingerie Catalog, Victorian Corset Catalog, and TV "Fantasies" Magazine. I haven't ordered any of the other catalogs, so I can't tell you if they repeat the same items, or offer additional ones.

    I have made one order from them (silk stockings) and received my order quickly and correctly. I did, however, get a rather impersonal feeling from the catalog. Some catalog companies seem to reflect more of the style of the people who own and operate them. This one is a little "standoffish". For those who want to keep a very low profile when they order, that could be a good quality. They accept cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. They do accept checks, but will hold your order until the check clears. Shipping starts at $4.00 US for orders up to $25.00 and runs up to $12.00 US for orders over $300.00. For Canada the shipping is doubled; for foreign orders it is tripled.

    Overall, they have a wide selection of products (one stop shopping), good prices on some items, they carry a few hard to find items, and shipment is prompt. You may be able to find the same items for less locally, or from other catalogs, but this one is certainly worth a peek - especially if you live far from a major city.

    Fantasies In Lace, Inc.
    Post Office Box 100279
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33310

    Phone: (305)581-8412

    FAX: (305)791-0985

    Sexy Shoes

    Reviewed by Ms. Margo, January 30, 1995

    Sexy Shoes (aka Leslie Shoe Company) has been selling high heels from their location in Michigan for years. Their catalogs are full color 8 1/2" by 4" format. The current catalog (vol. 108) has 22 styles of heels on 24 pages. Four styles are new since their last catalog, five old styles were dropped. Almost all of the heels that Sexy Shoes sells are in man made-materials. They only offer one style in real leather. Heel heights range from 3 1/4" to 5 1/4", with heel heights slightly higher on larger sizes. Sizes range from 4- 14. Half sizes are rarer in the sizes over 10 and there are no size 13 1/2's (but that's an impossible size to find anyway). Wide and extra wide widths are available in some styles. Prices range from $24.88 to $59.88 US, with most styles costing $44.88. (Don't ask me why they like the $ .88, I don't know.) In addition to the shoes, they also sell shoe clips to add bows, rhinestones, or other decorations to their shoes.

    The shoes come in a variety of styles and materials. There are styles in real leather, man-made leather, satin, dyable silk satin, "tapestry", suede, patent, and metallic. There are a wide variety of colors available. Their standard 4 1/2" heel closed-toe pump (#4211) is available in bone, yellow, brown, taupe, gold, silver, red, black, white, white patent, black patent, red patent, black suede, pink, navy, bright blue, and light blue. The cost is $44.88 US in sizes from 4 -14. For comparison, Fredrick's of Hollywood has a 5" heel opera pump in real leather for $48.00 US in sizes from 5-12. There are open toed and closed toed styles. There is a style (#0305) with a metallic spike heel, which I know some folks here love. There are pumps, ankle- straps, mules, and sling backs. There is a satin pump with a 4 1/2" heel for $44.88 US. Again, for comparison, Fredrick's of Hollywood has a satin pump with a 4" heel for $28.88 US, but in a more limited range of sizes.

    The catalog is a little busy. Although there are good notations about which sizes run small and which run large, this catalog suffers from the shoe clips. They are shown on almost every style, so sometimes it's hard to get a good picture of the shoe itself. Also, the description and various colors of style #4211 now spills over three pages and they have dropped the wonderful picture that used to be in their old catalogs of all the different colored shoes sitting together - it was the best way to see all the colors that were available. Other than that, though, the description of each shoe includes the heel height and the sizes available as well as a pointer to other pages which have the same style in other colors or widths. Photos are of the shoe from the side and down from the top to shoe the toe box. About half of the photos show the shoes on a foot, which can help you to get an idea of how they'll look on you.

    This is a service oriented company. They accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, Check, or Money Order. They will ship your shoes or your catalog in a plain wrapper on request. They do not sell their mailing lists. Shipping and handling is $6.00 US per order (not per pair). For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada add $2.00 US per pair. For overseas orders they ask you to request shipping rates. There is no extra shipping charge for even exchanges. All shoes have a 30 day money-back guarantee. They claim to have 30,000 pairs available, and since they sell only shoes they know their stock. They also know their customers, because conversions from men's sizes to women's are found on the back of the order blank. They don't offer a FAX number for the really shy, but the customer service people are very nice and if you're a man buying heels they will make you feel very comfortable. In fact, they encourage men to call for sizing advice.

    I have ordered two pairs of shoes from them, a pair of 4 1/2" size 6 1/2 pumps in bright blue and a pair of 5 1/2" size 14 closed toe ankle strap pumps in black. A few days after I mailed my order they called a friend of mine who works with me, who also had ordered shoes, to confirm her order, so I spoke to them as well. The gentleman on the phone was very nice and even though they had not yet received my order in the mail, he confirmed that they had the shoes available and that he would set them aside for me. They arrived a few days later.

    They were very nice shoes for the money, however the 6 1/2's, my normal size, were too large. I called the company and explained that I needed them for a function in a week. The woman on the phone checked that they were available in size 6 and promised to keep an eye out for my return. Three days before I needed them, they arrived as promised, with the exchange being even - no extra shipping charges were tacked on.

    I was very pleased with my purchase, and with the service that I received from Sexy Shoes. About the only thing that I could complain about is that their sizing seems a little inconsistent. My 6 1/2's were too big, and the 5 1/2's that my friend ordered were a bit small. But they were so good on the exchange that it hardly mattered.

    When you order, they will send you a list of the "seconds" shoes that they have available at that time. These are shoes with blemishes that are available at a discount. There are obviously limited sizes and colors, depending on what's available and how badly blemished it is. But it seems like a great way to get some extra shoes, with most "seconds" pairs for under $40.00 and a few under $20.00.

    Sexy Shoes
    Leslie Shoe Company
    480 North Second Street
    P.O. Box 48
    Rogers City, MI 49779-0048

    (517)734-4030 Monday-Sunday 8:00 AM-Midnight
    (517)734-3211 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

    None given

The big supplier list

This is the list of 458 fetish fashion suppliers all over the world. All information and data is as accurate as I possibly can make them, but if you've got corrections or other updates, please do send them to me!

Heanor Gate Industrial Estate
Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7SJ

GPO Box 4017
Hong Kong

"Custom made shoes and boots: heels to 7in, or 18in with platforms". One reader says: Unable to contact this company! I sent $ for a catalog a year ago, and never heard from them. Don't send $ to them without some assurance you'll get something in return. If anyone contacts them successfully, drop me a line.

10 High Street
Southminster, Essex CMO 7AA

Very high quality clothing, restrictive wear, and bondage gear. Lots of bizarre ideas. Long waiting time, reasonable prices. Deceptively low-budget Xeroxed catalog sheets available, price unknown. Haven't heard from these people in a while. If anyone contacts them successfully, drop me a line.

c/o The Utopia Network, POB 1146
New York, NY 10156
(+1) 516-842-1711 (Mon-Fri)
(+1) 212-686-5248 (Sat/Sun)

Updated: 950528. handcrafted whips, paddles, straps, rods, canes, tit & genitorture. Catalog $5.

Groest 51

Updated: 950621. It has some rubber, leather and PVC clothing.

Sheinkin 58

Latex & PVC wear by Anat Reed.

2218 E. 11th St.
Davenport, IA 52803-3760
(+1) 319-322-6800

This is a wonderful source for historic costumers and fetishists alike. They have clothing patterns, notions for making your costumes, and books about costuming. They have an assortment of corset patterns to choose from--medieval, renaissance, Victorian, Edwardian, etc.--as well as all the necessaries for constructing them. They also have books on corsetry and waist training. They also do commissions.

(+44) 081-293-1947

Rubber suits, masks and inflatables to order and great hoods. See the cover of Skin Two #11.

Limmatstr. 10
CH-5432 Neuenhof
(+41) 01-2429626

Leather, rubber, PVC and high heels

Brauerstr. 31
8004 Zurich
(+41) 01-2429626

No letters to this address, use other address.

PO box 9133
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

4915 Cordell Ave.
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

98 Victoria Road
London NW106NB

82 Centurian Rd
Brighton, Sussex BN1 3LN
(+44) 1273 327944 (voice)
(+44) 1273 220680 (fax)

Formerly known as "Victoria's Dream". Traditional lace-up corsets lingerie, wigs, uniforms and shoes for women and TVs. Large mail order catalogue (L6)

21 Sakamachi, Yotsuya,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160
(+81) 03 3356 9267

Tokyo's fetish fashion clothing store, and occasional organizers of fetish events. Stockists for Ectomorph, Wild Designs, etc.

2 Cross Street
London N1 2BL
(+44) 171 704 2766

Pin-up and period clothing from the 20's to the 90's for sale or hire.

Fjarde langgt 6, Andra Lang g22
41328 Goteborg
(+46) 31-147968

Rubber, leather, wetlook and high heel fashion, plus piercing studio in Sweden

(+1) 212-529-5964 (Voice)
(+1) 212-995-1965 (Fax)

catalog under construction, available 2Q95; fine rubber and latex; high quality, well made, elegant style avaliable; prices reflect the quality; custom tailoring available.

BUBO PO Box 593
London SW4 0HT
(+44) 171-737-6161

Mail order leather, rubber and accessories Catalogue, send A5 SAE

PO Box 3184
3101 ED Schiedam,
(+31) 104250785 (voice)
(+31) 104350811 (fax)

Manufactures / wholesalers of rubber, including red and transparent, bondage and accessories. Catalogue 5(pounds) $6.00(american dollars)

123 Palmerston Road, Boscombe,
Bournemouth, Dorset
(+44) 202 34290

1221 Thurlow St.
Vancouver V6e 1X4
(+1) 604-685-1753

Custom Made Leather For Women associated with Little Sister bookstore

Marnixstraat 394 A
1017 PL Amsterdam
(+31) 020 627 6844

Send mail to P.O. Box 3184. Custom made corsets & SM wear, in leather lace and other fabrics, for women, men, and TVs. Some of the finest corsets and corset- dresses anywhere. Corset hobble skirts, locking laces, full body bondage corsets, you name it, they have it.

2055 Sunset Point Rd. - 3703
Clearwater, FL 34625
(813) 443 3658

451 Roman Road,
London E3 5LX
(+44) 081-980-1365

Leather 'Warrior Woman' designs by Dee Izmail

1116 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60612
(+1) 312 278-6780

Updated: 960122. Hours: Tues-Fri 12-8pm, Sat-Sun 11am-5pm. We do not currently do mail order or email order. We carry leather, latex, and PVC fetish wear as well as BDSM equipment. We carry a wide range of sizes as well.

Studiestraede 15
DK-1455, Copenhagen K
(+45) 3332 3113

Fetish clothes by Maria Dam, SM literature and art.

Reeperbahn 143
D-20359 Hamburg
(+49) 040/314209 (voice)

Added: 960122. Long boots

Inh Heinz berger, Schopenhauer Strasse 8-5,
A-1180 Wien.

Austria's fetish clothing specialists

Unit 1, Erskine House, Union Street,
Trowbridge, Wilts BA14 8RY
(+44) 01225 774164 (voice)
(+44) 01225 774452 (fax)

APRES NOIR which is our "Lingerie for Men" catalogue, covering panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, camisoles, basques, camiknickers, maid's dress, etc, all designed and made just for men. Full colour catalogue (lingerie modelled on men) is available at 2 UK pounds, or US$3.
BODY AWARE which is our avante garde underwear collection for men. This is masculine underwear with a fetish slant. Mostly cottons, transparent nylons and Lycras, but some PVC and leather. Briefs, bodys and shorts, some with interesting details like cock rings incorported in the garments. Price for full colour catalogue: 1 UK pounds or US$2.

1055 Broadway, Suite E
Sonoma CA 95476
(+1) 707 935 6595 (voice)
(+1) 707 935 6597 (fax)

APRES NOIR which is our "Lingerie for Men" catalogue, covering panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, camisoles, basques, camiknickers, maid's dress, etc, all designed and made just for men. Full colour catalogue (lingerie modelled on men) is available at 2 UK pounds, or US$3.
BODY AWARE which is our avante garde underwear collection for men. This is masculine underwear with a fetish slant. Mostly cottons, transparent nylons and Lycras, but some PVC and leather. Briefs, bodys and shorts, some with interesting details like cock rings incorported in the garments. Price for full colour catalogue: 1 UK pounds or US$2.

112 East 7th Street
New York, New York 10019
(+1) 212-614-0124

New York fetish fashions. The outfits in Madonna's "Human Nature" video were designed and made by Arjan Khirani and Alberto Riviera of Body Worship.

Box 85637
Los Angeles, CA. 90072

TV material ( ? ). Some lingerie

Seilergraben 41
8001 Zurich
(+41) 1 260 40 90

Elisabethenstrasse 41
CH-4056 Basel
(+41) 061-2714656 (voice)
(+41) 061-2714720 (fax)

Swiss rubber specialists, 4 Catalogues for 40(swiss francs).

Box 4201,
Mountain View, California 94040

Ruth Johnson's beautiful corsets, in satin, brocade, cotton, and leather. Brochure and newsletters: $18, $24 overseas. Good value for the money.

12457 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA
(+1) 818 761-6650

Jeffrey Hurwit writes: Located just around the corner from the Queen Mary, a popular night club for cross dressers. The message on his phone says his hours are 4-10 pm Thursday-Saturday, or by appointment. Again I picked a poor time to go-- too close to a holiday, I suppose. No one ever showed up. From what little I could see through the window, it looked like they have some nice things.

Graf-Zeppelin-Str. 20
D-24941 Flensburg

Utzschneiderstr. 3
D-80469 Muenchen

Added: 960122. Latex & Toys; Mostly for men

345 9th Street,
San Francisco, California 94103
(+1) 415 863 8119

Great police gear and genuine Department of Corrections outfits.

Kronenstrasse 48
D-40217 Duesseldorf
(+49) 0211/333736

High heels.

Erwin-Baelz-Str 73
D-70597 Stuttgart
(+49) 01711/769074 (voice)
(+49) 01711/761945 (fax)

Ines Glasser's shop selling rubber, plastic, corsets and stilettos.

PO Box 194492, 180 Steuart Street
San Francisco, California 94119-4492

Plastic wear in see-through vinyl, that's about the weight of a rain slicker. Catalog is $4.00 US in North America, and $10.00 US overseas.

Cathouse Design Studio, Floor 2, Bennett & Thornes, Bennett
Millbridge, Liversedge, West Yorkshire, WF15 7ES
(+44) 01924 412662

Updated: 950621. "Alternative and fetish clothing". Phoned them up: they sell just women's clothing but they also do custom work - photo and SAE for quote. Open Saturdays 11 - 4. Not the most accessible of places even to a local!

1706 Norris Dr.
Austin, TX 78704-2808
(+1) 800 729-4094

Metal fashions. Leo L. Schwab writes: The proprietor is known as Lord Randolph. I have a mantle and coif made by him. His stuff is excellent. If you don't see it in his catalog, he can make it for you, anyway.

Islevhusvej 3, ved Husum Torv
DK-2700 Broenshoej
(+45) 3160 4818

PVC, leather and latex. Own import and produktion.

25 The Triangle
Bournemouth BH2 5SE

Leather goods, harnesses, Catalog 4 pounds

1176 N. MacArthur
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
(+1) 405 943-3118

Store front only. Videos, lingerie, fair assortment of bondage gear, dildos, etc.

Oudebrugsteeg 21,
NL-1012 JN Amsterdam,
(+31) 20 6238732

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Spui 6
NL-1012 WZ Amsterdam
(+31) 20 6248265

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Reguliersdwarsstraat 107
NL-1017 BL Amsterdam
(+31) 20 6231321

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Leidsekruisstraat 33
NL-1017 RG Amsterdam
(+31) 20 6232646

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Generaal Cronjistraat 77
NL-2021 JC Haarlem
(+31) 20 259735

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Piet Heinplein 1
NL-2518 CA den Haag
(+31) 20 3625295

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Schieweg 108
NL-3038 BC Rotterdam
(+31) 10 4679527

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Amsterdamsestraatweg 310
NL-3551 CT Utrecht
(+31) 30 436956

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Haagdijk 14
NL-4811 TT Breda
(+31) 76 225777

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Vughterstraat 62-64
NL-5211 GK s'Hertogenbosch
(+31) 73 123176

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Willemstraat 33
NL-5611 HB Eindhoven
(+31) 40 439081

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Dautzenbergstraat 5
NL-6411 LA Heerlen
(+31) 45 717553

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Bloemenstraat 78
NL-6511 EM Nijmegen
(+31) 80 605614

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Walstraat 55
NL-6811 BD Arnhem
(+31) 85 456577

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

Ged. Zuiderdiep 88
NL-9711 HL Groningen
(+31) 50 182630

See main (mail order) entry for more information!

P.O.Box 170
NL-1130 AD Volendam,

Catalog Dfl. 5 Better erotic shop. Besides the things you would expect in such a shop as vibrators, videos, plastic dolls, lingerie and the like they have got a nice collection of latex clothes in the price category US$ 25 - US$200, maybe a hundred? different items ranging from a simple rubber suit to a catsuit which covers 100% of the body. They even have the hood/underwear combination someone asked a couple of weeks ago on the group. They have hardly any designer's latex. Last time I was in the shob I saw a couple of beautiful hoods/masks nade of red and black latex. Shops have a small store, so if you can't find your size you either have to look in a different shop (In Amsterdam that's easy) or order it. Leather: mainly bondage stuff. leather harness, facial hood, chain with collar & ankle straps & wrist straps and the like. Magazines: I saw "O", "Skin two" and some other magazines, but it is difficult to find a recent copy. Their mail order has a fair selection of lingerie, but much less of the latex and leather stuff.

Lindwurmstr. 16
D-80337 Muenchen

Added: 960122. High heeled shoes & long boots (upto german size 47); Polyurethane; Mostly for women and TV's

Post Office Box 700271
Tulsa, OK 74170-0271

Updated: 950528. We are a mail order supplier of various styles of sheer hosiery, including fully-fashioned and reinforced heel and toe styles of stockings. We require $1.00 in U.S. funds to join our mailing list, and we can accept the following forms of payment: U.S. currency, Personal checks on U.S. banks, Money orders on U.S. banks.

417 Station Road
Winsford Chesh CW7-3NE

37/39 Bloom St.
Manchester M1 3LY
(+44) 061 236 1398

Male rubber and leather wear specialists. Mail order catalog, #2. Four shops in England.

1st Floor, 260 Kilburn High Road
London NW6 3JU
(+44) 171-624-1074

See other entry.

Mackintosh House, Green Street
Kidderminster SY10 1JF
(+44) 0562-829419

Rubber, see-through plastic, plastic restrictive and bondage wear, rubberized cotton and rainwear. Catalogue (very nice): 7 (pounds), overseas 10 (pounds) - refundable.

182 High Street
Digbeth, Burmingham B12 OLD
(+44) 121-772-2800 (voice)
(+44) 121-772-2882 (fax)

353 East 53rd Street,
New York, NY 10022
(+1) 212 308 9394

Lingerie, leather and corsets. Video catalog of mail order items, $22.95 Good booklist, $3.

Johnstrup Alle 1
DK-1923 Frederiksberg C
(+45) 3135 0380

Dark wave, necro-mysticism, morbid scenarios of horror films, nuns of the darkside... Custom made gear for S/M and fetish fantasies involving H.R. Giger's crypt-like horror universe, styled medival or futuristically... Designed by Otillio and Dorrit Shoshan. Very exclusive, very high quality - and prices.

PO Box 43079
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
(+1) 201 746 0072

Leather, latex clothing, also toys and host Dressing For Pleasure Ball.

Dept P2 PO Box 930
Solano Beach, California 92075

44 Cross Street,
London N1
(+44) 171 354 2883

High heeled boots and shoes in all sizes, plus other essentials for TVs.

219 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
(+1) 206 323-9245

Michael A. Stuyt writes: It is part of a regular clothes botique in Seattle's Capitol Hill. I went there looking for some basic cuffs and leather ware and was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was very loose and open. They mostly carry works from local designers (i.e., Ace Saddle Co. from Woodinville, WA. I picked up a nice collar/wrist cuff set, a leather bra, leather garter belt ( good steel clips), leather thong for me (;-)), and a good blindfold for under $250. The service was friendly. They also carry an assortment of c/b torture devices, nipple clamps, and some nice pieces of floggery. They also have a nice selection of motorcycle leathers, boots, and some PVC.

Schweiggerstr. 30
D-90478 Nurnberg
(+49) 0911/472769 (voice)
(+49) 0911/4719350 (fax)

Sex Shop Roluba AG
Nauenunterfuehrung 10, CH-4051 Basel
(+41) 61-271 90 79

Updated: 950621. Fetish clothes and high heels shops under Basel SSB railway station (by the Hilton Hotel) and also by Burgfelderplatz streetcar station, (near the Corso cinema).

139 Broadway
Denver, CO80203
(+1) 303-778-6584

Updated: 950528. Adult videos, condoms, lubes, magazines, books, novelties.

3404 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92104

Updated: 950528. Leather goods, condoms, lubes, magazines. Located in a popular San Diego gay bar.

4094 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92104
(+1) 619-284-4724

Updated: 950528. Adult videos, condoms, lubes, magazines, books, novelties.

1712 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
(+1) 310-983-6560

Updated: 950528. Leather goods and apparel, condoms, lubes, magazines, books and novelties.

131 Broadway
Denver, CO80203
(+1) 303-733-3112

Updated: 950528. Leather goods and apparel, condoms, lubes, magazines, books and novelties.

1515 Washington
San Diego, CA 92103
(+1) 619-692-9499

Updated: 950528. Leather goods and apparel, condoms, lubes, magazines, books and novelties.

1310 East Union St.
Seattle, WA 98122
(+1) 206 325-3882

Updated: 950528

541 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
(+1) 415-431-9100


1744 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
(+1) 415-752-5610


Grossackerstr 5
CH-9006 St Gallen
(+41) 0171253195

Leather, rubber and body jewellery.

133 S. 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA
(+1) 215 925-5041

2215-R Market St., Box 242N
San Francisco, CA 94114
(+1) 415 522-9651 (voicemail)

Custom made corsets ranging from historical re-creations to the uniquely modern. Made of Satin, Brocade, Leather, Patent Leather, and Silk. Prices range from $165 - $300. Also do a really cool full length corset dress. Catalog available, $10 US / $11 overseas.

551 Hayes Street.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 626-6264.

Updated: 950528. Run by two former costume designers, this new company has a GREAT catalog and variety, especially for those intersted in authenticity.

4311 Dovercrest Drive SE
Calgary, Alberta T2B 1X6
(+1) 403-272-3134 (voice)
(+1) 403-272-8781 (fax)
Homepage URL:

Updated: 950528. Canada's only manufacturer of moulded latex fashion and fetish wear. The product list incorporates more than 100 standard fashion and fetish designs, we have already manufactured more than 500 custom ensembles, worn by the likes of Canadaina rock star Lee Aaron; Fashion TV host Jeannie Becker; Canadian supermodel Rhonda Willoughby; 1995 Miss Canada Shauna Roberts.

P.O. Box 2424
Hollywood, CA. 90078

Lingerie, TV material ( ? ), corsets.

PO Box 245
SF-00181 Helsinki 18
O 6948898

Finland's largest fetish clothing and footwear importer.

Box 47150
S-402 59 Gothenburg
(+46) 31-481-026 (fax)

Specialize in elaborate and bizarre rubber and leather styles, especially inflatables and masks. Catalogue 6(pounds) America $12.00.

Zeedijk 64
1012 BA, Amsterdam
(+31) 020-6205603 (voice)
(+31) 020-6207215 (fax)

Makers of a vast selection of very stylish pervy rubber and leather, including catsuits, hoods and corsets. Catalogue #7 ($15), brochure #3.

619 Attercliffe Road,
Sheffield S9 3RD.
(+44) 0114 244 2626

Updated: 950621. Advert says "Latex wear - Leather - High gloss PVC - Hevy Leather - High heeled shoes & boots - Wigs - Corsetry - Exclusive Lingerie"

P.O. Box 11314
San Francisco, CA 94101
(+1) 415 252-1195

- also publishes "Sandmutopia Guardian" and "Drummer" magazines.

2 Hoxton Street,
Islington, London N1 6NG
(+44) 171 739 2199

Added: 960122. A Wholesaler and Retailer with on-site workshop specialising in total body coverage rubber - full rubber body suits with attached waders, hoods, gasmasks and gloves, mainly for men, but they have a selection of women's dresses, tops etc. featuring exotic rubber mouldings on sheet latex garments. They also do rubber, and wax cotton, body bags; straight-jackets; a large selection of unique design hoods and masks, and an enormous selection of gasmasks. They supply off-the-peg or made-to-measure either by mail-order or visit their showroom/shop/workshop at this address.

3-2-4, Shioji-cho,
Mizuho-ku, Nagoya,
(+81) 052 853 1144

Wetlook fashion made by Full House, available at seven shops.

317 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1X7

Lingerie (his/her), leather, hosiery...

Virklundsvej 5
DK-8600 Silkeborg
(+45) 86 83 64 70 (orders, 24h)
(+45) 86 83 64 89 (fax)

Doctors and nurses uniforms, footwear etc.

562 Parliament St.
Toronto Ontario, M4X 1P8
(+1) 416-324-8686
(+1) 416-929-1849 (fax)

Updated: 950528. New/used leather clothing, gear, fetish wear and motorcycle gear.

Intimate Fashions Inc. - PO Box 599
East Islip, NY 11730
(+1) 800-477-8552
(+1) 516-859-3509 (fax)

Updated: 950528. Leather and PVC (patent look) fashions

POSTFACH 81 02 43
D-81902 Muenchen
(+49) 089/9306980

They have GREAT fetish-wear, Leather, Latex etc., a few bondage artikels and shoes. They ship worldwide. Catalogue for 25 DM (about US$20).

410A Queen St W suite #2
Toronto, Ont. M5V 2A7
(416) 504 6241.

Updated: 950621. By appointment only as this is not a store! They specialise in PVC and stretch velvet custom designs.

1042 Wisconsin Ave. NW,
Georgetown, Washington DC, 20007
(+1) 202 625 0373

Fantasy fetish specialists stocking major European labels. Catalog $10. Reviewed by Ms. Margo in spring 1994 - See review section.

Postfach 41 03 09
D-12113 Berlin
(+49) 030/7927760

Rubber, leather and vinyl clothes- catalog $18. Showroom, too. Over 200 styles, or will make to to your design. High heel boots and shoes, bondage accessories, videos, books and magazines.

590 Valley Road
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
(+1) 201-746-5466

East Coast 'mini fetish department store'. Leather, rubber, PVC maids uni- forms, capes, shoes, boots, toys - you name it! Ms. Margo writes: I was there quite a number of years ago and they really packed a lot into a medium sized store. Sales people were helpful and friendly. At that time they had much more PVC than leather, but did have a very nice selection of shoes. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM

PO Box 57, Northolt,
Middlesex UB5 4SB
(+44) 081 426 8047

Men's mail order leather and rubber. Catalog #4.50

519/523 Cambridge Heath Rd.
London E2 9EU
(+44) 171 251 4960

Wetlook catalog #3. Lycra #1.50, and Stagedoor (for TVs) #5.

PO Box 751, 2209 W. Burlington
Fairfield, IA 52556

Men's and women's shoes, unisex styles. Women's sizes to 11, some larger. Catalog is free

Postfach 1
CH-4857 Rothrist

Famous fetish clothing makers of Europe. Organizers of occasional Eccentric Fashion Show convention.

Bernstrasse 215,
(+41) 062 44 22 21

Famous fetish clothing makers of Europe. Organizers of occasional Eccentric Fashion Show convention. Telephone for an appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Sat. Catalog #5.

Unit 1, 42-44 De Beauvoir Crescent,
London N1 5SB
(+44) 171 249 6311 (voice)
(+44) 171 241 6047 (fax)

Beautifully made fashion clothes in rubber, polyurethane, and leather, for women and men, Evening dresses, bolero tops, biker's jackets, jodphurs. Nicest catalog we've seen, with photography by Trevor Watson, Alistair Thain, Derek Ridgers and Ewan Fraser. #7, #8 overseas, and worth it.

9 Boyce Street
Brighton BN1 1AN
(+44) 0273-748887

Unique leather clothing designs plus rubber, jewelry and corsets. Catalogue 3(pounds) Refundable.

48 1/2 E. 7th. St.
New York, NY 10003

5 St. Mark's Place
New York, 10011
(+1) 212-420-1857

Rubber, leather, plastic, stilettos

393 London Rd
Hadleigh, Essex 57 2BY
(+44) 0702 555407

Wide range of fetish items in rubber, leather and pvc, plus books, magazines and accessories.

1328 Union Hill Road
Alpharetta, Georgia 30201

Northwest Plaza, 4023 W. Waters Avenue
Tampa, FL 33614
(+1) 813-889-9447

Leather and rubber, accessories, erotica, etc. Catalogue $10.00(american) overseas $15.00(american)

75 Great Eastern St.
London EC2A 3HU
(+44) 171 739 0292

Updated: 950621. One of the biggest and best ranges of men's leather and rubber clothing. Good biker's jackets, leather breeches and boots. Comprehensive mail order catalog (send #5) Helpful repair service. Enlarged range of women's styles and accessories (including rubber stockings and gloves), coming soon. Also a good selection of bondage toys and even a coffee area- this must be the biggest fetish store anywhere.

Warmoes Str 32
1012JE Amsterdam
(+31) 020-6245573

Men's leather, rubber and boots and bondage toys. Repair service Catalogue, Free.

Thomas Pfeffer, Postfach 103009
44030 Dortmund
(+49) 0231 / 128240 (fax)

Updated: 960222. This company supplies a wide range of extraordinary and bizarre Latex Fashion. The offer is very manifold and very interesting for the enthusiast. Beside the marvellous Latex Fashion Fairy Tales also offers lovely Outfits in Leather and PU as well as shoes and High Heels. They offer shoes (from Magic Shoes, London) The products are of high quality and in comparison to other suppliers quite low-priced. It is worth to contact the company and ask for its free survey of catalogues. Additionally Fairy Tales also offers the possibility to supply the products of some very interesting and well known companies from Great Britain (COCOON, The FEDERATION, The MAGIC SHOE, etc.), The Netherlands (DEMASK, DE JONG, etc.), Denmark (LATEXA) and other European countries.

3045 N. Federal Hwy, Store 98 Coral Ctr.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

"Your one stop Gay store" "S/M oriented" Catalog $4 (redeemable)

PO BOX 100279
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33310
(+1) 305-581-2366 (voice)
(+1) 305-581-8412 (voice)
(+1) 305-791-0985 (fax, 24hrs)

Silk Stockings - refer to Hosiery Catalog Page 2

53A Romford Road
London E15RLY

PO Box 910
Westmont, IL 60559

Updated: 950528. Fetish clothing incl. starburst nipple shields, catalog $10

274 8th Street East - Box 682
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5R4

(+0) 1-519-371-1215 (voice)
(+0) 1-519-371-2975 (fax)

Updated: 950621. For TVs: wigs, breast forms, shoes ( to 14EE-5" heel ); lingere; maid outfits; bridal wear ( custom ); little girls; streetwear; corsetry; transformations & photography. 16 catalogs - $80+handling; "sampler" ( best of 16 ) - $25; Fashion "how to" video ( 2+hrs $60 ). PVC custom cut for ALL needs.

16112 Harbor Blvd.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(+1) 714 775-8356

Jeffrey Hurwit writes: This is the retail outlet of the company that operates the Centurions catalog (plus another one with a Roman-sounding name, which escapes me at the moment). Everything for the cross dresser. PVC, and I think I remember seeing latex too. Shoes and boots with very high heels, including "ballet slippers" with 7"-8" heels. They used to make shoes custom to order; I don't know if they still do. I find their standard shoes to be "chunky" and heavy looking, so they don't much appeal to me. I've also heard (on the net) of several bad experiences with them, so buyer beware!

PO Box 609
Webster, NY 14580

Updated: 950528. Bondage accessories made from parachute harness material. Inexpensive and very nice items. Free brochure.

Herdentorsteinweg 6
D-28195 Bremen
(+49) 421 3398270 (voice)
(+49) 421 3398271 (fax)

Updated: 950621. See other entry.

Reeperbahn 40
D-20359 Hamburg
(+49) 40 3192361 (voice)
(+49) 40 3192342 (fax)

Updated: 950621. Right on Hamburg's sinful mile, the Reeperbahn. This is what this city of 2 millions has been waiting for. Finally a world class fetish and SM supplier. They have a dungeon style cellar for the studio equipment. Good selection of rubber and leather. Most important to me they stock Axford's and Voller's corsets, sell the catalogs, and can order all entries at reasonable prices. Heels and jewelry are also supposed to be part of their offerings.

Vulkanstr 33
D-40227 Dusseldorf
(+49) 0211/787276

Women's and men's rubber and wetlook, including Ectomorph and Wild Designs, plus stilettos.

P.O. Box 277506
Sacramento, CA. 95827
(+1) 916-631-8777 (voice)
(+1) 916-631-9339 (fax)
(+1) 916-985-3307 (free BBS)
Homepage URL:

Corsets, lingerie, boots, latex, pvc, maids outfits...

25 Chaucer Court Workshops, Chaucer St.
Nottingham NG1 5LP.
(+44) 0602-413-435

Diane Harasyn's leather, rubber, wetlook, high heels and masks. Catalogue 7(pounds), mail order brochures #5.

33 Heathcote Street
Hockley, Nottingham NG1 5LP

See other entry.

PO Box 3563
NL-1001 AJ Amsterdam
(+31) 20 6209152 (voice)
(+31) 20 4201119 (fax)
Homepage URL:

Updated: 960222. See other entry for the shop for details.

Amstel 47 sous
NL-1001 RD Amsterdam
(+31) 20 6936074 (voice)
(+31) 20 6684990 (fax)
Homepage URL:

Updated: 960222. Erotica for and run by women. Clothes designed by Marlies Dekkers and Desiree Webers for man and woman. Some leather and latex, acessories, books, tapes (woman friendly) Catalogue DFL 15,-.

9 West 31st Street, Suite 7R
New York, NY 10019
(+1) 212 629-5750

By appointment only! - Call first! Dale writes: Muriel Olive is the owner and has been working with the gender community for years. She sells corsets, lingerie, breast forms, wigs, etc. She will also create customized corsets and provide makeup training sessions. She has a catalog (my old copy as a $10 price listed in the corner).

1st floor, Kensington Market
London W8
(+44) 171 937 0768

See other entry.

84 Berwick St
London WlV 3RE
(+44) 171287 4766

Rubber, leather, lingerie and pvc for women, including Wild Designs. Colour catalogue L4

4a Peter Street
London W1 3RR
(+44) 171-734-8343

Rubber, leather, pvc, shoes and accessories in the heart of Soho Catalogue 3(pounds)

40 Fitzwilliam Rd.
London, SW1 0DN

P.O. Box 442
Hollywood, CA. 90078

Corsets, high heels, TV material ( ? )

3714 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore, MD (Highlandtown)
(+1) 410-732-1232

Updated: 950604. Most of their space is devoted to leather lingerie and G- string/feather type stuff (like erotic dancers wear. If you've been to Gail's/Memories on North Point this stuff will look familiar). The leather lingerie (teddies, G-strings, etc.) is made by XTC (of NY?). Seems nice enough and I've seen it elsewhere. Firefly had a small selection of leather stuff, leather lace cats, a bunch of different paddles and slappers, some basic nipple clamps and some simple cuffs. They also had a large selection of bongs and incense (sp?). Behind the counter is a bunch of boxes labeled "sterilized studs." They do piercings.

Am Rossacker 13
D-83022 Rosenheim
(+49) 08031/13625

High heeled shoes

222 Main Street, Suite D
Seal Beach, California 90740
(+1) 310-597-1234 (voice and fax)

Updated: 950528. Imported latex apparel. Fashion/Boot catalog $15., Video catalog of latex fashions $30., Molded latex catalog $25.

28b rue Fosse'-aux-Loups
1000 Bruxelles
(+32) 02 219 7997

Fetish clothing for women and men. They also sell tickets to fetish-parties.

YS Building 3F, 7-16-12 Nishishinnjuku,
Shinjukuku, Tokyo 160
(+81) 03 3371 1681

Clothes, shoes, and accessories for women and Japanese TVs.

512 Neches
Austin, TX 78701
(+1) 512 478-8358

2644 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA
(+1) 415 285 4980

Janine has shoes, fetish clothes and accessories for TVs, social evenings, too.

Lundavagen 9
212 18 Malmo


Box 229
Hollywood, CA. 90099-0164
(+1) 800-323-9525
(+1) 310-637-7770

Updated: 950528. Lingerie/sexy clothing. Catalog $2.

819 W University Ave.
Gainesville, FL. 32601
(+1) 904-373-6628

Updated: 950528. Lingerie for men and women, toys, whips, bondage, leather and patent leather appeal. Catalogs.

Postfach 52 04 30
D-22594 Hamburg

Colorful women's rubber fashions. Catalogue DM20, #8(UK), $15.00(US)

48 Windsor St
Uxbridge, Middlesex
(+44) 0895-271668

She-An-Me affiliate

Wagenweg 16,
2012 ND Harrlem-Centrum
(+31) 023-421870

Rubber fashions including interesting colour prints, by Karin Wit. Plastic to, plus shoes and boots Catalogue 5(pounds) $10.00(american dollars)

403 E. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(+1) 301 547-2495

31 Blvd de Clichy
75009 Paris
(+33) 4874 5671

Lingerie, with an attractive selection of rubber at the back of the shop.

Postfach 3340
D-53628 Koenigswinter

High heels. Catalogue DM10.

P.O. Box 3340
533 Koenigswinter 21

High heeled shoes

2470 Palumbo Drive - Box 54658
Lexington, KY 40555-4658
(+1) 800-477-7766

Mail order handcuffs, from a police or fire equipment supplier. Tell them that you're a volunteer fire fighter. Catalog includes; handcuffs, rigid hinged handcuffs, leg irons, thumb cuffs, ...

Unit 4, Fernside Hse, Broxhill Rd
Havrng--att--Bower, Romford Essex RM4 1QH

P.O. Box 42
Romford, Essex RM1 2ED
(+44) 04023-81861

European catalogs and magazines, videos in a variety of formats, books, and phone numbers where you can talk with some of the models in Shiny.

126 N. Main St.
Charles, MO 63301

(sizes 3-12 AAAA-EE.)

BCM Box 3564
London WC1N 3XX
(+44) 171-627-0290

Women-owned mail order company with a lovely catalogue, photographed by Della Grace. Women's and men's rubber, leather, books and accessories Catalogue 5(pounds)

Postfach 3151
4002 Basle
(+41) 061 325333

Shop in Basle and mail order service - call for information.

82 Galerie Cathedral
4000 Liege
(+32) 041 220472

Pervy frocks in Belgium.

1007 Green Bay Road
Winnetka, Illinois 60093
(+1) 708 501-2880

Updated: 950721. They feature every type of glove imaginable, from spandex/lycra and satin to the most exquisite, and expensive leathers. My wife has paid up to $800.00 US for a pair of Falchi over the shoulder gloves....truly a fetish dream.

(downtown Chicago)
(+1) 312 664-4022

Updated: 950721. They feature every type of glove imaginable, from spandex/lycra and satin to the most exquisite, and expensive leathers. My wife has paid up to $800.00 US for a pair of Falchi over the shoulder gloves....truly a fetish dream.

265 North St.,
Patterson, NJ 07530

22, Bd.Lemonnier
B-1000 Bruxelles

A very nice shop for all you need for the stage, shows, videos.... The have various Costumes, wigs, a lot for bodypainting, high heels and all you need for the stage and so on.

Tuerkenstr. 83
D-80799 Muenchen

Added: 960122. Entrance: Adalbertstr. 27. Custom-made leather fashion (haute coture); expensive.

Muellerstr. 33
D-80469 Muenchen

Added: 960122. Opening hours: 12:30 - 18:30 Latex; Toys; Custom-made latex; reasonable prices.

312 London Rd.
Westcliff on Sea, Essex
(+44) 44 702 41486

Rubber, including Bryan Reed and Gwendoline ranges, and a variety of other equipment.

Uhlandst 170
D-10719 Berlin
(+49) 030/8823434
(+49) 030/8842401 (fax?)

Rubber, plastic, leather and high heels in a 3-level shop

P.O. Box 128
Abbotsford, BC. V2S 4N8

Leather, rubber, plastic.

51 Bourke Street
(+61) 613 654 2456

Owned by the same people who have S&M, B&D clubs in Melbourne and Sydney. It has mags eg: <<O>>, Skin Two and also has LOTS of books on the subject. It has armory eg: all the new rubber gear with spikes etc.. It has shoes and boots for both mail and female... It has PVC, rubber and Leather clothing for both men and women... It has bondage gear eg: collars, cuffs etc... It has body jewellery and tattoos... The gear is both from local and overseas manafactures. Some gear (overseas) is expensive but local stuff is reasonable. This is the only shop in Melbourne that has everything....

Los Angeles

We make custom corsetry! We make everything to order so anything from 1800's Victorian to wicked leather and beyond is possible. We live in Los Angeles, but we can work from sketches and a few measurements if a private fitting is geographically impracticle. We have much experience in design for those with custom bodies and fit is assured. Our clients include Taylor Wane, Rebbecca Wild, Sandra Scream, and Blondage! And has graced the pages of several magazines and video box covers. Please mail me for more info and prices.

76 Seel Road
Huyton L36 6DJ

"Bizarre items made to order" - leather clothes, harnesses, some latex stuff Catalog 5 pounds.

Augustenstr. 113
D-80798 Muenchen
(+49) 089/527132

High heeled shoes. Also custom-made shoes (any sizes); Moderate to high prices, but worth it.

Holderlinstrasse 53,
D-70193 Stuttgart
(+49) 0711/291676

Fetish shoe shop

Gabelsberger Str. 68
D-80333 Muenchen
(+49) 089/527475

Leather, rubber, plastic and high heels. Stockists for wild, Murray & Vern and Ectomorph

PO Box 1289
Helensdale, CA 92432

Updated: 950528. Lycra lined latex and leather. Excellent quality. Catalog $4.

PO Box 34
Scarborough YOll lAA
(+44) 0723 351515

Soft deerskin leather, for women and men, from basques to gloves, jackets and jeans. Catalogue L5.

5 Riverside, 28 Park Street,
London, SE1 9EQ
(+44) 171 378 8565 (voice)
(+44) 171 378 8101 (fax)

Updated: 950621. See entry for shop.

86 Lower Marsh
Waterloo, London SE1 7AB
(+44) 171401 8220

Updated: 960222. Two catalogs: HONOUR FUTURE FANTASY WEAR - 7 pounds (refundable) - women and men's rubber, PVC and leather, plus 6" shoes, etc - 48 pages B&W A4. HONOUR FUTURE FETISH WEAR - 5 pounds (with five pound refundable!) - toys, whips, cuffs, collars, restraints, hoods, etc.

(+44) 171-706-2315

a new upmarket fetish couture service specializing in rubber, leather patent leather and boot leather. Made to mesure and commissions.

4017 N. Damen Av
Chicago, IL 60618
(+1) 312-761-6969
Homepage URL:

Updated: 950603. Cindy DeMarco latex clothing for men and women, corsets, shoes, catalog $12., fetish art gallery, Fri 4-8pm, Sat 2-10pm

1800 W.Cornelia.
Chicago, Il
Homepage URL:

Updated: 950621. Cindy DeMarco latex clothing for men and women, corsets, shoes, catalog $12., fetish art gallery, Fri 4-8pm, Sat 2-10pm You can also reach their BBS: (312) 665-0111 - To 14.4K

932 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
(+1) 617-492-9082

Rubber and Leather fetish and bondage wear

Blegdamsvej 62
DK-2100 Copenhagen E
(+45) 3537 7700 (voice)
(+45) 3537 1642 (fax)

Uniforms and lots of other *genuine* forms of occupational fashions.

1151 2nd ave
(+1) 212-0838-3969

Rubber, leather, lycra clothing, plus boots and shoes

5th St Marks Place,
(+1) 212-0838-3969

Rubber, leather, lycra clothing, plus boots and shoes

6842 St-Hubert,
Montreal, Quebec, H2S 2M6
(+1) 514-270-6065

The store opened a little over one year ago and carries the best collection of latex wear in the city. Names like Ectomorph, Murray&Vern, Funny Skin, Siren, and Latexa. It also stocks the NorthBound line of leather goods and accessories. All this with reasonable prices.

2199 Market St.
San Francisco, CA
(+1) 415 621-7551

Store front, "Custom leather at rack prices". Catalog $3

(581A Tremond St.)
(Boston, MA 02118)

Leather goods, body jewelry, magazines, vests. They have moved to North Carolina. Anybody got their new address?

19a Tower Workshops, Riley Road
London SE1
(+44) 171-237-4017

a new firm making rubber clothes for men. One-piece suits, hoods and gasmask conversions are specialties and they offer made-to-measure. Wholesale and retail. Catlogue coming soon.

PO Box 2763
London E1 7LG
(+44) 171-247-0799

Spiky subversive rubber fashions. Stocked by Libido and Skin Two. Catalogue 5(pounds)

Old Compton Street,

Suppliers of canes, tawse, and straps.

PO Box 632
Marrickville 2204
(+61) 61-2-331-7455

60, Rue Scailquin
B-1030 Bruxelles

The best bookshop for Fetisch / Bodyart / Bondage I have seen. Lots of Magazines, Books, Photos,Videos, Figurines - A must !

PO Box 606
Stanford Le Hope, Essex SS17 9BE

Mail order PVC womanwear, plus Magic Shoe Company shoes and boots. Catalogue 5(pounds)

2808 Roosevelt Street
Carlsbad, California 92008-1619

521 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1740
New York, NY 10175
(+1) 212 989-3044

412 N. Coast Hwy #210
Laguna Beach CA 92651
(714) 376-9558.

Famous for her unique whips, she now coming out with a line of corsets! Prices around $275.00.

5324 10A Avenue
Delta, BC.

Updated: 950528. Manufacturer of CUSTOM designed and manufactured leather and rubber harnesses. Following types are available: Horse Man/Woman; COW Girl/Boy; Discipline Harness, Standard; Discipline Harness, Severe. Brochure $5.00 USD each. Technical illustrator and author.

BCM Box 8827
London WC1N 3XX
(+44) 171-613-0024

Colorful hand made rubber fashions for men and women Catalogue 7.50(pounds) overseas 10(pounds) Credit Cards accepted

PO Box 5992
Peoria, IL 61601
(+1) 309 673 8724

Updated: 950528. Leather bondage equipment, especially straps, belts, buckles, straitjackets, and the like. A selection of institutional equipment from Posey, Humane Restraint, and others. Illustrated price list is $3.00. Email catalog also available through InterNet.

28855 Alton Rd.
Wickliffe, OH 44092-2513

Clogs! - Women's and men's styles in sizes 34-47 (European) can be found along with some great styles. These clogs are made in Sweden by traditional craftsmen and cannot be found in department stores.

135 Madison Ave
New York, New York

Post Office Box 601303
D-22213, Hamburg

Plastic bubble-wear. Catalog: 20 DM in Germany, 25 DM for foreign orders.

Petherton, Preston New Rd. Mellor Brook,
Nr Blackburn, Lancashire BB2 7QD

Makers of some truly fine rubber restrictive wear and rainwear, by mail order only.

PO Box 6,
Austral, NSW 2171,
(+61) 02606 0002

Rubber and leather clothing, bizarre costumes and equipment. Catalog $10.

Helmholzstr 28
D-40215 Duesseldorf
(+49) 0211/374746 (voice)
(+49) 0211/6803826 (fax)

Rubber, PVC and high heels from Ms Kellendonk's own shop. Catalogue #7(UK), $10.00(US), FF60(France)

Chestnut Cottage, Newton of Petty
By Inverness IV1 2JQ Scotland
(+44) 44 463 791681

Specialist manufacturers of mackintoshes, jackets and shirts in rubberized cotton and latex. SASE for details.

Box 554
Avon, MA 02322

(Mail order only)

PO Box 5
Bury BL8 2UQ Lancashire

Makers of leather clothing and bondage wear. SAE for price list. Made-to measure, repairs and alterations.

Postfach 1047
D-75110 Pforzheim

Rubber and fetish clothing manufacturer. Catalogue 20(german marks), 7(pounds)

Lanhausstr 2
7536 Ispringen

Rubber and fetish clothing manufacturer. Catalogue 20(german marks), 7(pounds). Showroom open Mon-Thurs 9-12 and 1-4, Fri 9-12 only.

1204 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19107

(sizes 5-12 c-EEE)

Nou de la Rambla, 9
08001 Barcelona
(+34) 3-301.88.79

Fetish shoes. Also men's sizes.

2251 Las Palmas Dr.
Carlsbad, California 92209-4878

23 Broadway
Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 5BQ
(+44) 0524 413607

Macintoshes and conventional clothing made to measure in rubberized and polyurethane fabrics. Color brochure #6.

1 Wansfell,
Windermere, Cumbria LA23 1LS
(+44) 44 966 32018

Over 40 styles of mackintosh in rubberized and polyurethane-coated fabrics. Couture service. Glossy color mail order brochures 1 & 2, #3 ea. #3, including couture, #5. All three, #10. (all refundable)

1795 Express Dr. North
Smithtown, New York 11787

270 Onewa Road, Birkenhead
Auckland 1,
New Zealand

See main entry.

St Kevin's Arcade, Karangahape Road
Auckland 1,
New Zealand

See main entry.

518 Karangahape Road
Auckland 1,
New Zealand

See main entry.

PO Box 5200
Auckland 1,
New Zealand
(+64) 09 379 0497 (voice)
(+64) 0800 508 088 (orders)
(+64) 09 480 1400 (fax)

New Zealand's rubberwear manufacturers. A video (VHS) catalogue is available for AU$20, refunded on your order.

Postfach 50 09 42
D-22709 Hamburg

Mail order rubberwear.

Box 28
DK-4720 Praestoe

Make moulded rubber and clothing as well as leather and corsets. Catalogue #69(UK), $99.00(US), DM190(German)

c/o Mme Gueriff, Boite Postale 651
F-44018 Nantes, Cedex 01

Rubberwear for women and men. Price list 2(pounds), $5.00(american dollars) Color Catalogue 5(pounds) $10.00(american dollars)

1224 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC (postal code?)
(+1) 604 683-6200

Updated: 950621. The manager is John LeBlanc. If you are looking for bizarre, outre', even slutty heels, this is _the_ place. Reasonable prices, too; for Canada.

Old Sanford Mills, 61A Emery St.
Sanford, ME. 04073.

(Sizes 3-13AAAAA-EE.)

Lawson Hill Bldg. - 580 Winter St.
Waltham, MA 02154

4038 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, TX 75219
(+1) 214 528-3865

711 Fairview
Houston, TX 77006
(+1) 713 526-2688

5720 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(+1) 213 461-1095

111 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014
(+1) 212-243-5339

Leather, rubber and accessories

969 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126
(+1) 408 293-7660

Leather + latex clothes, sex toys, videos t-shirts, clothes, custom leather work. Mostly gay male. Catalog $3

1321 Ste Catherine East,
Montreal, Quebec, H2L 2H4
(+1) 514 521 7587

Leather clothing and accessories for women and men. Custom made or ready-to-wear line.

1723 Connecticut Av. NW
Washington D.C.
(+1) 202 797 740 (voice)

Leather, Toys

136 West Reed St.
Baltimore MD
(+1) 301 528 0991 (voice)

(Primarily leather.)

2908 SE Belmont
Portland, OR 97214
(+1) 503 232-3280

Leather shop catering primarily to motorcycle interest and gay male bondage.

Third Floor, 400 W. 14th Street
New York, NY 10014
(+1) 212 645 1888

Vast range of `regular' and fetish TV clothes, shoes, and books. R.L. Reid writes: This place is friendly without being instrusive, helpful, and best of all very reasonable on prices. The location is a bit intimidating - you have to stand down on the street in the meat packing district with rotting meat in your nostrils while a staff person comes down to get you on the elevator. But conversely, the security and privacy is good.

Bachumer Str. 76
D-45886 Gelsenkirchen
(+49) 0209/22214

Rubber, plastic, corsets and leather, including extreme designs. Catalogs for leather or rubber: DM 19.80 + shipping.

BCM Libidex
London WC1N 3XX
(+44) 171-613-3329

Helens Saffery's striking new rubber fashion design including superb tights and catsuits with tailored feet Catalogue 3(pounds)

83 Parkway
London NW1 7PP
(+44) 171-485-0414

Fetish/Fantasy from Debbie (ex-Skin Two) and Tina (chain Gang).

19 Blvd de Clichy
75009 Paris
(+33) 1 42821190

Pervy frocks.

PO Box 4,
Holsworthy, Devon EX22 7YL

PVC, leather, and underwear. Catalogue 5(pounds)

1536 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Mail order or phone, formal styles, reasonable prices, up to size 14WW, Up to 7" heels. Very Friendly, no problems trying on shoes.

89 Holloway Rd,
London N7 8LT
(+44) 171 607 1247

Updated: 950621. Noted manufacturers of stiletto heels and ballet toe boots.

Taidekustannus, PL 361
65101 VAASA
(+358) 962 42 123 (24 h)

All kinds of underwear for women and men.

Zentralstr. 13-17
D-31785 Hameln
(+49) 05151/28769

Leather, rubber, highheels, corsets

Unit 310, Clerkenwell Workshop,
31 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1
(+44) 171 253 2975

Sian Mooney's hand made leather corsets, basques, jackets, and coats. Some are available at Skin Two.

13837 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(+1) 818 995-7195

Jeffrey Hurwit writes: Fashions for the cross dresser who is "just starting out," in Lydia's own words. Very small shop, in what looks to be a motel converted into offices. I didn't see any PVC, latex, or anything like that, but they do have large sizes (as one would expect :), particularly in the shoes. Also magazines and other information for cross dressers.

1234 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1M4
(+1) 604 688-MACK

Stoke Abbot,
Beominster, Dorset
(+44) 44 308 68227

Brimley Mill, Specialists in cotton-backed rubber, especially raincoats.

14 Rock Close,
Hastings, East Sussex

Updated: 950621. "Very cheap rubberwear... their list is free" according to SPLOSH! - The Wet and Messy Fun Mag, which likes inexpensive rubber clothes you can fill with custard and treacle rather than "designer gear from Skin Two". It takes all sorts, right?

Unit 6, 88 Mile End Road
London E1 4UN
(+44) 171 791 3331 (voice)
(+44) 171 791 3331 (fax)

High heeled shoes and boots by mail, including reasonably priced lace-up rubber thigh-high boots.

Post Office Box 384
Fairport, New York 14450
(+1) 800 456-8464 (Voice)
(+1) 716 586-3720 (Fax)

They specialize in gloves, but also sell corsets, girdles, and lingerie - heavy on the 50's/60's styles.

2816 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, Illinois, 60657
(+1) 312 929 0069

Updated: 950528. Men's (gay) leather street and erotic wear.

Box 787
Danbury, CT 06813

Bondage gear by Laura Goodwin

P.O. Box 422501
San Francisco, CA 94142
(+1) 415-621-6294

Spandex: hoods, bodybags, sacks, sleepsacks, cat suits, custom orders Dealer inquiries welcomed. Catalog $5.

73 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116
(+1) 617-426-2120

Sells leather goods, lots of videos, t-shirts, vests, carries limited supply of body jewelry.

2510 South Broadway
Salem, Ill. 62881-3698
(+1) 800-727-3895
(+1) 800-227-8158 (hearing impaired only

Really nice shoes, great slings for spring!

601 Twelfth Street
Lynchburg, Va 24504
(+1) 1-800-MASSEYS

low and mid heels to size 13 nice casual shoes. You can also wear a size smaller in a sling.

PO Box 1377, Long Ashton
Bristol BS18 9JW

A specialist service making underwear and outerwear in satin and nylon with rubber lining to your design or theirs.

6523 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
(+1) 213-962-9467


Okehampton, Devon EX20 3AQ
(+44) 44 837 3710

Suppliers of hospital red rubber sheeting, patient restraint equipment, nurses' uniforms, enema and other medical paraphernelia. catalog, #1

New York
(+1) 212 989 3706

Custom made fantastic leather-wear, including bondage suits. Call for appointment.

4084 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(+1) 415 621-1188

(Catalog $3)

144 Rue St-Denis
75002 Paris
(+33) 42 21 33 34

Leather, rubber, and plastic fashions, plus shoes and accessories.

105 Epping New Rd,
Buckhurst Hill, Essex IG9 5TQ
(+44) 081504 0418

stockists of a range of fetish clothes and importers of the Latexa rubber range.

20-24 Cardigan St.
Luton LU1 1RR
(+44) 0582 22180

Mail order wetlook and leather. Catalogs #2.

38 Lexington Ave.
Passaic, NJ 07055

Their really aimed at the GGs and don't have much over a 2.5" heel in a 14. Reasonable prices.

P. O. Box 931437 - Cherokee Ave
Hollywood, CA 90093

They have two catalogs, both by "Midnight Lady": The Skinfit collection of rubber, PVC, and leather, and the Cameo collection of lingerie.

60 Galerie du Centre
1000 Brussels
(+32) 2 2230914

Attractive shop with a full range of leather, plastic, rubber, high heels, etc. They organize nightclub events. Agents for Ectomorph very high quality rubber fashion clothes. They also sell tickets to fetish-parties.

343, Chausee de Waterloo
B-1600 Bruxelles
(+32) 02/537.69.19

Fetisch - Bar / Restaurant. Organize Parties / Exhibitions. Open 7.30 pm to 2am ( weekend 4am )

Unit 82, Spirella Bldgs, Bridge Road,
Letchworth, Herts. SG6 4HD
(+44) 0462 483458

Exciting new range of fetish/fashion rubber by Danielle Oppegaard.

Julicher Str. 10
D-50674 Koln
(+49) 0221/211080

Cologne's rubber, leather, plastic, and high heels shop.

P.O. Box 85151
Los Angeles, CA. 90072

Lingerie, high heels & boots 5" & 6" heels large sizes. Books, magazines, video cassettes. Write for catalog.

Postfach 18 01 28
D-33691 Bielefeld

Leather and lingerie. Catalogue DM10.

CMD PO Box 2975
London N1 0RZ
(+44) 171-278-5367 (voice)
(+44) 171-278-9928 (fax)

Spiky rubber heart cushions, spiky sofa (Skin Two collection 3), plus chairs, bags and jackets. Also wholesale.

51 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JP
(+44) 171 247 9195

See other entry.

310 7th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(+1) 415-863-7764 (voice)
(+1) 800-746-7677 (orders)
(+1) 415-863-7798 (fax)

Business Hours: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Pacific. Catalog: $15. They offer a wide variety of men's leathers and Latex, as well as some shoes and boots. A pair of thigh high, lace-up boots for men was one of the most unique fashion items. Leather, canvas and rubber straight jackets; various designs, some with 'strategic access' holes and covers. Hoods, masks and helmets, mostly leather and rubber. The catalog also shows metal helmets, and on display in the store and catalog were two different types of metal head cages. Also body bags, leather and Latex; they are well made and sturdy, which may allow them to be used for suspension, as the pictures in the catalog show. Fetters also offers an unusual item, which they call the 'Hanging Strap Cage'. It encloses the entire body with leather straps that tighten around the 'victim' as the person within the cage is lifted off the ground. Plus an enormous selection of quality handcuffs, heavy metal irons & shackles, as well as thumb cuffs. There are also lot's of toys to play with the male anatomy, as well as whips, paddles and clamps, etc., that work equally well on the female anatomy.

Skin Two Warehouse
(+44) 61-236-7440 (voice)
(+44) 61-228-1776 (fax)

High fashion, high quality latex collection. This is new shop location. Also stylish range of cotton/lycra fashion clothes. Glossy rubber skirts, jackets, dresses.

3rd Floor, 61/63 Whitworth St.
Manchester, M1 3MY

New collection of 'Fetish Classics' in latex, available for wholesale. New range of catsuits, corsets, etc places the emphasis on classic styling and silhouettes.

Poststrasse 46
D-44269 Herne
(+49) 02323/18028 (voice)
(+49) 02323/10493 (?)
(+49) 02323/51471 (fax)

High heeled shoes and boots (cat.: DM5), corsets (cat.: DM20), rubberwear (cat.: DM10), leather (cat.: DM20), BDSM equipment

Pannekoekstraat 29a,
3011 LC Rotterdam
(+31) 10 4046568

Lingerie and SM accessories.

504 Main,
Newton, KS, 67114

(sizes 5-12, n,m,w)

I-90 at Shopiere Rd.
Beloit, WI
(+1) 608 362-9090

14502 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(+1) 818 906-7555

Jeffrey Hurwit writes: Top quality Spanish leather designer (they do their own designs and manufacturing) shoes and boots, spike heels to 5", at serious bargain prices. They mostly manufacture and wholesale, but have this one retail outlet. Though they don't specialize in the fetish or cross dressing trade, they do put business first and do all they can to make their customers feel comfortable. I have several pairs of their shoes, and can recommend them without reservation.

3 Hogarth Place
London, SW5

Leather & rubber, specializing in gay menswear "Toys for Boys" Catalog #3.5.

Post Office Box 69826
Los Angeles, California 90069

Updated: 950528. Formerly known as John Floyd Productions. Spandex outfits and bondage gear. Spandex restraint clothing and videos. Catalog $3.

17 North State St. (12th Floor, Stevens Bldg)
Chicago, IL 60602.

Jennifer: They had some 14s, but the selection was kinda limited the one time I passed thru there (1984).

316 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago IL 60602

Sizes 11 to 12, all widths, heels to 6". Basic Pumps and sling backs.. Prices $100 range. Catalog is free.

Wolfstrasse 16,
5000 Koln 1
(+49) 0221236328

Leather/SM boutique. Catalogues DM50.

415 S. Main Street,
Royal Oak, Michegan 48067
(+1) 313 541 3979

Fetish outfitters.

101 University Ave W.
Windsor, Ontario N9A 5P3

Fetish outfitters.

261 W 19th Street
New York, NY 1001
(+1) 212-807-1789

New Yorks major leather, rubber, fetish store, for clothing (also custom made) and bondage accessories Catalogue, Free (but temporarily out of stock).

19 St. Nicholas St.
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1W5
(+1) 416-972-1037 (voice)
(+1) 416-975-1337 (fax)

Updated: 960121. Business Hours: Mon Tue Wed: 10-6, Thu Fri: 10-7:30, Sat: 10-6, Sun: 12-5 They have their own factory, and make most of their own stuff. Stock includes: Skirts, pants, dresses, collars, corsets, C&B decorations, whips, shoes, boots, wrist cuffs, suspension devices, travel kits, arm binders, hats, jackets, french maid outfits, masks, gags, bits, chaps, catsuits, manacles, handcuffs. Many items listed come in rubber, leather, metal, or latex. Standard assortment of vibrators and dildos. Also electrical toys. Corsets kept in stock range in price from $220 to $600. Their new catalog is curently in production. The pictures have been developed and layout is now in progress, Catalog is expected to be ready by the end of the summer. Price: Unknown.

1b Coleherne Road
London SW10
(+44) 171-244-8220

Ultra stylish fetish gifts and sportswear

TECHCOM GmbH, Kronprinzensstr. 30
D-42655 Solingen
(+49) 0212/56626 (voice)
(+49) 0212/549094 (fax)

Fashions from the <<O>> magazine.

Zeughausgasse 20
3011 Berne
(+49) 031228458

Rubber, leather and plastic, plus a big range of boots and shoes.

P.O. Box 250
DK-6330 Padborg
(+45) 7467 5058

Added: 960122. Books, international magazines, comics, videos and many other items. PVC, rubber and leather clothing for both men and women. High heeled shoes and boots in PVC, leather and rubber. Fancy dresses, cross dressing, wiggs, baby equipment, sex toys and a wide range of lingeri. In our basements you will find whips, handcuffs and other leatheritems like masks and gags for SM use.

Brogaardsvej 20, Bellinge
DK-5250 Odense SV
(+45) 6596 0217

Added: 960122. Mailorder through Orion Postordre! Books, international magazines, comics, videos and many other items. PVC, rubber and leather clothing for both men and women. High heeled shoes and boots in PVC, leather and rubber. Fancy dresses, cross dressing, wiggs, baby equipment, sex toys and a wide range of lingeri. In our basements you will find whips, handcuffs and other leatheritems like masks and gags for SM use.

Gl. Kongevej 95
DK-1850 Frederiksberg C
(+45) 3123 6017

Updated: 960122. Mailorder through Orion Postordre! Books, international magazines, comics, videos and many other items. PVC, rubber and leather clothing for both men and women. High heeled shoes and boots in PVC, leather and rubber. Fancy dresses, cross dressing, wiggs, baby equipment, sex toys and a wide range of lingeri. In our basements you will find whips, handcuffs and other leatheritems like masks and gags for SM use.

Banegaardsgade 9
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 8612 8033

Added: 960122. Mailorder through Orion Postordre! Books, international magazines, comics, videos and many other items. PVC, rubber and leather clothing for both men and women. High heeled shoes and boots in PVC, leather and rubber. Fancy dresses, cross dressing, wiggs, baby equipment, sex toys and a wide range of lingeri. In our basements you will find whips, handcuffs and other leatheritems like masks and gags for SM use.

Vesterbro 60
DK-9000 Aalborg
(+45) 9810 2580

Added: 960122. Mailorder through Orion Postordre! Books, international magazines, comics, videos and many other items. PVC, rubber and leather clothing for both men and women. High heeled shoes and boots in PVC, leather and rubber. Fancy dresses, cross dressing, wiggs, baby equipment, sex toys and a wide range of lingeri. In our basements you will find whips, handcuffs and other leatheritems like masks and gags for SM use.

41 Old Compton Street
London W1
(+44) 171-287-2487 (voice)
(+44) 081-348-9352 (fax)

Rubber by Kim West, PVC and lingerie. Good selection of net bodywear

PO Box 936
DK-8600 Silkeborg,
(+45) 8681 3370

Handmade plastic clothes from Denmark, designed by Peter Leth.

2421 W. Pratt, Ste 959
Chicago, IL 60645
(+1) 800-338-4740
(+1) 312-508-0848
(+1) 312-508-0811 (fax)
E-mail: FetishZero@AOL.COM

Updated: 950721. A range of custom leather clothing for men and women from motorcycle, to fashion, to fetish and bondage. Ms.Margo writes: Custom-made leather clothing. His catalog costs $15.00 US plus $2.90 S/H. I mention this one because Paul makes some of the best damn leather clothing that I've seen lately. His 'waspie' waist cinchers are beautiful. Tell him that Janet's friend Margo sent you. :)

50 Pentonville Rd.
N1 9FG.
(+44) 171-837-0283.

They sell small quantities of rubber sheeting. I believe they also sell 4-D latex.

Box 431
Hollywood, CA. 90078

TV material ( ? )

61 rue Quincampoix,
75004 Paris
(+33) 42760180

French fetish fashion shop with atmospheric decor.

349 Sixth Ave
New York, NY 10014

4 rue Diodore Raoult
38000 Grenoble
(+33) 76427032

Ectomorph, Pagan Metal, and other pervey stuff.

6438 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
(+1) 213-464-7636

The Weatherman writes: It's a large store with a large assortment of "kinky" lingerie and risque dresses. They have a lot of PVC and some latex. A huge hangout for local strippers who are always there trying out new outfits. I personally bought a PVC straight jacket there (about $100 U.S.).

156 7th Ave. So.
New York, NY 10014
(+1) 212 242-2158

2039 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA
(+1) 215 561-7480

1710 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20007
(+1) 202 483-3297
(+1) 1-800-386-2386 (US only)

Updated: 950822. Reviewed by Ms. Margo in spring 1994 - See review section. Catalog: $3.00 U.S. Last edition came in a post card size box with about 20 cards in it giving their range which seems to include some basic fetish wear, Latex, Leather, Shoes, Boots and the sort.

1063 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(+1) 202 333-8570
(+1) 1-800-386-2386 (US only)

Updated: 950822. Reviewed by Ms. Margo in spring 1994 - See review section. Catalog: $3.00 U.S. Last edition came in a post card size box with about 20 cards in it giving their range which seems to include some basic fetish wear, Latex, Leather, Shoes, Boots and the sort.

Ludwigstrasse 29
D-66115 Saarbruecken
(+49) 0681/417018

Fetish mail order and retail shop. specialise in leather - basques, waspies and high-heeled shoes, chastity belts, metal accessories and everything imaginable. They even have a radio controlled pair of punishment pants that lock on and give either a shock or vibrations to the internal dildo.... A MUST GET CATALOG IS THE #020. Catalog #7 / $12.

1311 Ste Catherine St. East
Montreal, Quebec
(+1) 514 521-8451

Everything from cards, books, jeans and videos to harness, rubbers, latex and leather.

123 Hammersmith Rd.
London W14 0LQ

Makers of latex clothes for women and men, suppliers of audio tapes and even Latexacare maintenance fluid for rubberwear. Publishers of Pussycat magazine for rubber enthusiasts.

6 Green Dragon Court, Bridge Arcade,
London Bridge, London SEl
(+44) 171403 4337

Rubber for men and women. Catalogue L2.

62 Poulton Rd.
Wallasey, Merseyside LL4 9DH
(+44) 44 51 639 8602

Latex, rubber-lined satin raincoats and a latex fashion video.

157 6th Ave. NE
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

1521 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12304
(+1) 518-374-1900

Mail order and retail store. Rubber, PVC, leather and stilettos. 5 catalogues. Reviewed by Kris Davidson - See review section.

9-17 St Albans Place
Islington Green, London N1 0NX
(+44) 171-226-0665
(+44) 171-226-06 (fax)

Fetish emporium for women and men of every sexuality. Military, medical industrial, bondage, leather and rubber, new and abused. Made to measure available. Gasmasks too. Catalogue 5(pounds) overseas 6(pounds)

The Clothes Shop, 50 Park Row
Bristol BS1 5LH
(+44) 0272-293754

Clothing and accessories for all sexes in leather, latex PVC, spandex, lycra, and fishnet. Plus shoes, boots and accessories. Commissions undertaken. Catalogue 7.50(pounds)

Sherwood House, Burnley Road
Todmorden, Lancastershire OL14 7ET

Long established rubber, leather, and bondage equipment by mail Simple catalogue (more like a list) 6 first class stamps, overseas $6.00(american dollars). A fully illustrated catalogue is $30 (possibly $31.07 ??), payable in postal money order (preferred) or personal check.

Vesterbros Torv, Vesterbrogade 51
DK-1620 Copenhagen K.
(+45) 31 22 10 41.

Kinky underwear, videos, fetish garments in leather, PVC and rubber, corsets and bondage gear. The corsets were from Axfords (Victoria's Dream) in Brighton.

P.O. Box 2804
Hollywood, CA. 90078

Updated: 950528. tv/skyscraper heels, stockings, corsets, rubber. Catalog #11 /shoes $4, Catalog #12/rubber clothing $5

Glenfield Park, Lomeshaye Ind. Estate
Nelson, Lancs BB9 7DR
(+44) 0282/697866

Bondage & Discipline Equipment (pret-a-porter and made to measure). Reasonably priced, good quality, fast delivery. Catalogue 5 UK pounds, refundable.

1675 Regulus St.
San Diego, CA 92111
(+1) 619 278-9963

"Big Black boots": High top (at least knee high) boots with Vibram(tm) soles, by Wesco and Dehner for engineers, linemen, and motorcycle patrol officers.

Postbox 33
4840 AA Prinsenbeek
(+31) 076 414484

Mail order leather clothing and accessory makers. Catalogue L5/$7 cash.

Unit 6, 100 Spencer Street,
Hockley, Birmingham B18 6DB
(+44) 121 515 1994

Updated: 950621. They write: "We have recently moved our workshop to larger premises, and should be able to undertake orders more quickly. Our new address is in the heart of Birmingham's jewellery quarter. A sketch map is enclosed, showing our new location, with available parking just round the corner. The best time to find us is in the late morning and throughout the afternoon. For nearly ten years we have specialised in more unusual made-to-measure latex-wear at "off-the-peg" prices. We take pride in trying to cater to individual needs, always willing to quote for enquirer's own ideas in order to help turn fantasy into reality. Customer satisfaction has always been guaranteed. We also stock a wide range of moulded latex-wear, 'Dressing For Pleasure', and 'Rubberist' magazines, and some made-up garments ready for sale."

29 Brewer Street,
London W1
(+44) 171 287 2096

Stiletto shoes and boots including interesting original designs. Catalog #3, #5 overseas.

6150 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, California 92121
(+1) 1-800-551-5558

Updated: 950528.

Weteringschans 253,
NL 1017 XJ, Amsterdam
(+31) 254686

Men's leather, bondage clothing, supplies. Catalog 10 guilders.

274 North Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14607-1154
(+1) 716-442-2323
(+1) 800-836-9047

Updated: 950528. Visa, Mastercard and Amex accepted. Open 10am - 12 (midnight), 7 days a week (EST) Catalog $2.00 and statement that you are 21 or older.

Cambridge Industrial Estate, Edward Street
Salford M7 9SJ

"...and if you would like to send me $10 in bank notes (which is redeamable from any order), I will let you have my brochure." Clothing only, no shoes or boots.


Rubber capes, coats, aprons, sheets
and outerwear. Brochure with rubber

242 W 30th St
New York, NY 10001
(+1) 212 714 1201

by Tino Trevino

Los Angeles, CA

Full address needed. Very good attitude. There were GG customers in the store, but they took me back to the stockroom for a private fitting. Good Quality.

Pengerkatu 24
(+358) 90 719 781 (24 h)

Catalogue: FIM 29

Apartado 12.079
08080 Barcelona
(+34) 3-450.48.16

S&M magazine. Also sells S&M and fetish clothing and material.

Erichstrasse 41
D-20359 Hamburg
(+49) 040/3144119

PVC, latex, leather clothing, shoes, utensils.

P.O. Box 1781 - FDR Station
New York, NY. 10150

R.L. Reid writes: These guys should be avoided, shunned, and despised. They have high prices, lousy quality, and in general prey on the closeted TV/TS. For TV stuff, try Lee's Mardi Gras instead. I cannot say it too strongly; you can get the same somewhere else for FAR FAR less.

Postfach 8035
D-59035 Hamm
(+49) 02381 (voice)
(+49) 404288 (fax)

Inh. Sandy R. Schimmel. They sell a corsets catalog with photos from Wolfgang Eicher (?) for 25 DM.

Kamenerstr. 204
D-59077 Hamm
(+49) 02381 (voice)
(+49) 404288 (fax)

Inh. Sandy R. Schimmel. They sell a corsets catalog with photos from Wolfgang Eicher (?) for 25 DM.

145 Manningham Lane

Paul-Hindemith-Ring 18
D-63110 Rodgau
(+49) 06106/18379

Rubber, pvc, leather and shoes, including made-to-measure. Callers by appointment only. 2 catalogues DM20 each.

Neureutherstr. 8
D-80779 Muenchen
(+49) 089/2719966 (voice)
(+49) 089/2720374 (fax)

Added: 960122. Hand-made corsets; Latex; mostly for women; expensive. Strange opening hours: Tu, We, Fr: 16:00 - 18:30, Th: 16:00 - 20:30, Sa: 11:00 - 14:00

Grunewaldstr. 91
D-10823 Berlin
(+49) 030/7845922

Leather, rubber, plastic, corsets, lingerie, high heels supplier.

5 rue des Vosges
68200, Didenheim
(+33) 89061040

French rubber and wetlook store.

3rd Floor, Regent Chambers, Westover Rd,
Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 2BY
(+44) 202 290675

Very experienced makers of rubberwear for men and women, with a wide range of styles (which can be adapted for you) and helpful service. Very high quality of construction.

521 Rue St. Philip
New Orleans, LA 70116
(+1) 504 561-8167

Updated: 950528. Full line of fetish fashions emphasizing leather wear, bondage equipment and accessories

Marienplatz 1
D-50676 Koln
(+49) 0221/244100

Leather and rubber for women and men.

PO Box, 722
London SE17 3NT
(+44) 171-735-1116

Mail order men's leather and rubber. Catalogue 2(pounds)

Hallplatz 21
D-90402 Nurnberg
(+49) 0911/2059589 (voice)
(+49) 0911/225851 (fax)

Industriestrasse 10,
D-40227 Duesseldorf

Stockists for Ectomorph, Murray & Vern, etc.

480 North Second Street, P.O. Box 48
Rogers City, MI. 49779-0048
(+1) 517 734 3211 (voice)
(+1) 517 734 4030 (Orders)

High heeled shoes. ONLY high heeled shoes... Orders by phone from 8am to midnight. Jennifer writes: Their shoes are in two size ranges: They have 3 1/2 - 4" spike heels in sizes 5 - 10, and 4 1/2 - 5" spike heels in sizes 4 - 13. All are medium width. Prices range from $34.88 - $54.88. Ship- ping (UPS) is $4 *per order* (no matter how many pairs you order) to the Continental U.S. or $6 elsewhere, and they'll ship UPS Second Day air for an additional $2 per pair or UPS COD for an additional $4 per order. They will provide plain wrapping if desired, for both orders and catalogs. Service is excellent: When you call they'll tell you whether the shoes you want are in stock, and will usually ship the same day. Also highly recommended by Ms. Margo for *most* excellent service.

123 Hammersmith Road
London W14
(+44) 171-603-2402 (voice)
(+44) 075 366-2784 (fax)

Wetlook plastic clothes, corsets, high heels, rubber and accessories catalogue 5(pounds)

P.O. Box 389
Prahan, Victoria 3181
(+61) 052 21 48 02

(classic collection of shoes)

Box 129
Accord, MA 02018
(+1) 800-225-5848

Sizes 10-14, narrow and medium only. Write for free catalog. R.L. Reid writes: Fairly boring stuff, but they do have the sizes to 14. If you're into the frumpy look, they should please.

102 Savonne Dr.
Scott, LA 70583

Jennifer writes: Offeres a number of differnt styles up to 14WW, from flats to 5" heels. The flats start around $47, the 5" are $95. The prices seem reasonable for those of us who wear pumps big enough to come with paddles (grin). Has anybody bought from them?

P.O. Box 31537
Lafayette, LA. 70594-1537
(+1) 318 235 5191 (voice)
(+1) 1 800 874 0469 (orders)
(+1) 318 235 5359 (fax)

P.O. Box 843
Rural Hall, NC. 27098-0843
(+1) 919 744 1170 (Orders only)
(+1) 919 744 1485 (fax)

Hosiery, some lingerie and clothing. VISA, MasterCard, Discover R.L.Reid writes: Good for "seconds" of lingerie and hose; therefore prices are GREAT. There is a wide variety of sizes; you'll have no problem finding a 44B bra in your choice of fabric.

PO Box 10,
Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 2QF

Women's wetlook coats and suits, including the Easimac. Catalogue 5(pounds)

Box 34
75102 Uppsala

Silk clothing

PO Box 265
Saratoga, CA 95071
(+1) 408 735-7605

Outrageous shoes up to 6" heels.

2664 Homestead Rd.
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(+1) 408 984-1915 (voice)
(+1) 408 261-8381 (FAX)

Bizarre and unique shoes and boots. 3" - 5" heels, as well as 6" thigh-high boots. Sizes 5 - 15 in leather, patent, and more. Visit their new retail location - the staff is friendly and helpful. Call for information about "It's Gotta Hurt to Be Good," their interactive newsletter featuring feet, shoes, boots, and much more. Reader and customer photos and letters set the direction of the content. Be sure to tell them you heard about them on the net.

Postfach 1561
D-91005 Erlangen

Rubber, PVC, leather and more

Koenigstr. 11
D-90762 Fuerth
(+49) 0911/7499891 (voice)

Rubber, PVC, leather and more

P.O. Box 136
Norwich NR3-3LJ

"SM/TV Leather/Fantasy/Fashion Wear"

Josephstraat 168
NL-3014 TX Rotterdam
(+31) 10 4363756 (voice/fax)

Open: Wednesday till Saturday from 11.00 hr. Friday till 21.00 hr. Data are from their fact sheet. The sell Ectomorph, Murray & Vern, Armory and Craig Morrison, also high heeled boots and shoes (also latex), wigs and boned corsets by Vollers.

23 Grand Union Centre, Kedsal Road
London W10 5AX
(+44) 081-968-9692 (voice)
(+44) 081-960-8404 (fax)
Homepage URL:

Warehouse Showroom, full of rubber, leather high heels, wetlook corsets, books and accessories. Open Monday-Saturday 11am to 7pm. Free 16 page color catalogue

Box 997
Eastsound, WA 98245

(+0) 360-376-5231 (fax)

Updated: 950528. Rubber clothing, videos and magazines. Catalog $17.50

Studiestraede 21
DK-1455 Kbenhavn K
(+45) 3332 3303

Leather, latex, high heels, S/M and bondage equipment, magazines, books...

5452 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90029
(+1) 213-465-7073


PO Box 1069
Forestville, CA 95436

Box 429
Orange, CA 92666

300 SW 12th Ave
Portland, OR97205
(+1) 503-224-2604

Updated: 950528. Leather and fetish gear, Catalog $5 retail store/mon-sat 10am-11pm, Sun noon-8pm.

Bochumer Str. 100
D-45661 Recklinsausen

High heeled shoes

1040 West 35th Street
Chicago, IL. 60609-1494
(+1) 1 800 345 4500


615 W. Johnson Ave. #3
Cheshire, Conneticut 06410

7871 NW 15 Street
Miami, FL 33126-1115
(+1) 800 333-2188 (service)
(+1) 800 695-7000 (order)
(+1) 305 477-1699 (fax)

Sports gear, wetsuits, full body suits in lycra etc.

PO Box 1594
Bryan, TX 77806

Stainless chastity devices for male+female. Mail order only, send SASE and age statement.

Promenade West, 2319 South University Dr.
Davie, Florida 33324
(+1) 305 452 9816


200 Pier Avenue, Suite 28
Hermosa Beach, California 90254

They carry a very nice selection of lycrawear for women, including lycra minidresses, spiderweb bodysuits, and lycra chaps.

59 West Eighth St.
New York, NY 10011
(+1) 212-677-4151


Box 46
13054 Dalaroe
(+46) 0750 532 37 (voice)
(+46) 0750 532 77 (fax)

156 East 2nd Street, Suite 1
New York, NY 10009
(+1) 212-995-8359

Updated: 960122. Catalog $3. Custom leather work including full suits of armor, corsets, cod pieces, masks, bras, collars, belts, battle helmets, chaps, leather jewelry etc. Showroom open 1pm-7pm, Tues. - Sat.

1158 Howard St,
San Fransisco, CA 94103
(+1) 415-626-1672
(+1) 415-626-6783 (?)

PVC, rubber and leather

286 Broad St, Box 154
Manchester, CT 06040
(+1) 203 645-9394

We make chainmail fashions (often combined with leather), custom knives and jewelry. I specialize in chainmail bikini tops with accessories. We do do some mail order as well as science fiction conventions and biker events. However, we prefer designing custom outfits for specific people, which should really be done in person.

69 Berwick St
London W1
(+44) 171-437-0811

Rubber, leather, lycra and accessories

40 Berwick Street
London W1
(+44) 171-437-0811

Rubber, leather, lycra and accessories

Box 4838,
GPO Melbourne 3001
(+61) 03 809 2632

Australia's specialist in imaginatively designed quality rubber fashion. Brochure L2/$5.

1831 Ala Moana Blvd., #110
Honolulu, HI 96815
(+1) 808 942-0670

Updated: 950528. Located in Waikiki on the Island of Oahu. Rubber, leather, PVC, exotic fashions, bondage accessories and more. Normally open from 2pm to 10pm. Closed sunday.

Fredrikssundsvej 212
DK-2700 Broenshoej
(+45) 3180 0768

PVC and leather specialists, importers of wild shoes from London.

Sherlock House, Wallasey,
Merseyside LL45 4JB.

Latex lined raincoats

P.O. Box 424, Hove
E. Sussex BN3 1EU
(+44) 0273 778816 (Voice)
(+44) 0273 746867 (Fax)

Mostly sex toys, some rubber and leather garments. Does *not* ship to North America! Both voice and fax accept orders 24h.

Herschelstr. 32
D-30159 Hannover
(+49) 0511/1317229

Fetish fashion, German Style.

7225 Beverley Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(+1) 213-936-6693

Rubber for women and men, designed by Andy Wilkes, who made (not designed) Catwoman's outfit (the Batman II movie).

PO Box 916
Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS0 8QD

Galmourwear, boned corsets, shirts, dresses and jackets in PVC and satin. Colour Catalogue 4(pounds) overseas 5(pounds). Video 15(pounds) overseas 20(pounds) --Stall at Camden Market, London, on Sundays--

BCM Blindfold,
London WClN 3XX.

They make the most elaborate and imaginative fantasy outfits. Some were featured in issue 9 of SKIN TWO. Time, trouble and expense are all necessary to achieve this standard.

P.O. Box 129
Accord, MA. 02018
(+1) 617 871 5677 (voice)
(+1) 1 800 225 5848 (orders)
(+1) 617 871 1976 (fax)

Order phone open from 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri. Sizes 10 - 13. Write for catalog. More expensive shoes, designer shoes and athletic shoes. R.L. Reid writes: Prices are on the high side (but not horrible), pretty ordinary stuff.

336 6th St
San Francisco, CA 94103 (m 4643).

Bay area's largest leather shop. Catalogue $5.

(+44) 01572 768440

Catalogue is five pounds in the UK, seven pounds abroad - notable for the following: All clothes are "individually tailored"; they asked for 2 dozen different measurements! They can be can be customised/acessorised and are available in black, red, pink and WHITE rubber. They also do snakeskin rubber, perforated rubber and outfits with transparent panels with strategically placed red or black handprints!

PO Box 20
Grantham, Lincs NG33 5RB

Rubber skin suits, unusual facemasks and fetish furniture by Bev Shalts. Catalogue 5(pounds)

240-70 Shawville Blvd. S.W., Box 76081
Calgary, Alberta, T2Y 2Z9
(+1) 403 938 6491

Updated: 950721. Ultra high heel boots and shoes, erotic latexwear, and leather gear and opera length gloves. Catalog $5 USD, $7. Canadian. Video catalog of domination scenes, US only.

409 West 13th St.
New York, NY 10014

See entry for Mr. S Leather Co. & Fetters USA!

Apartado 7.300
50080 Zaragoza

Fetish/erotica clothing Speciality in high heels.

Predicadores, 3
50003 Zaragoza
(+34) 76-44.63.62 (voice)
(+34) 43.22.26 (fax)

Fetish/erotica clothing Speciality in high heels.

1419 E. Brady Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202-1614
(+1) 414-272-3696

Added: 960122. Fetish fashions and bdsm related products...

PO Box 8128
San Luis Obispo, California 93403

PO Box 860
London SE12 0LL
(+44) 081-857-7146

Fetish and fantasy clothing Catalogue 5(pounds) overseas 7(pounds)

Nou de la Rambla, 85

Speciality in TV clothing

PO Box 27
Dronfield, Sheffield S18 6DN
(+44) 742 890575

Makers of high-security stainless steel, neoprene-padded, made-to-measure chastity belts for long-term continuous wear by men or women. Expensive, slow, but good. Mail order only!

Postfach 1129
D-85749 Karlsfeld
(+49) 08131/91050 (voice)

Added: 960122. Mail order for men's fashion (underwear, swimming, a bit polyurethane)

336 6th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

50 Eversholt St,
London NWl
(+44) 171388 0627

See other entry.

413 Bury Old Rd,
Prestwich, Manchester M25 5PR
(+44) 061773 2572

Large shops with mail order service, for transvestites. Dresses, wigs, make-up, shoes, and infantilists' wear.

4 St Marks Place,
New York, NY 10003
(+1) 212-982-3590

Rubber, plastic, stilettos

402 North La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(+1) 310-652-4543

The Weatherman writes: This is a very interesting place. They require a membership ($1.00 US) for one year) and they make all of the lingerie. They have a wide selection of leather and some PVC. Great corsets. Also they will tailor anything in the store so it fits just right. This store is definitely on the expensive end of the price spectrum though. They don't have any prices on anything. You have to ask.

(+44) 171-267-3574

Stands for TrasnVestite Overdose! Rubber fashion, printed netbodies and pointy bras for all sexes.

PO Box 1426
Shepton Mallet, Sommerset BA4 6HH
(+44) 0749-831397

Latex and vinyl clothes, gloves and accessories. Retail mail order plus wholesale. UK agents for <<O>> Fashion Catalogue 10(pounds). Magazine 10(pounds)

(moved - to where?)

Complete Latexa line of molded late
and gear. Also an excellent select
fetish videos. American Express, MC

508 Colfax
Denver, CO 80203

Fetish clothing shop, specializing in rubber and wetlook, with some bondage gear. Also shoes and boots.

P.O. Box 1051
Tustin CA 92681
(+1) 714-538-6498
(+1) 714-538-7950 (fax)

Updated: 950528. Mail order only/same items as Versatile boutique

1925 E Lincoln Bl.
Anaheim, CA 92805
(+1) 714-776-1510
(+1) 714 538 6498 (8AM-5PM Pacific)
(+1) 714 538 7950 (fax)

Updated: 950528. Tv, pvc, latex, leather, high heel shoes, lingerie, bondage equipment, corsets, multiple catalogs available

PO Box 192,
Wolverhampton WV4 5TS
(+44) 44 902 336191

A-1 collection includes rubber and leather clothes (including your own designs), tightlaced corsetry, boots and shoes with heels up to 12 inches(!), including higher quality "Ultra" range, and "ballet" styles. Brochure #1.50/$5. Every kind of fetish fashion and service, for men, women, and transvestites. Cosmetics and wigs. Two catalogs each for plastic, leather, lingerie and TV fashions- #1.50 each

808 Olive St.
St. Louis, MO 63101

Sizes 2-13 AAAAA-EE.

112 Kingston Rd.
Portsmouth P02 7BP Hants

An old corset vendor, tending to specialize in more modern corsets and corselettes from the early 1900's, thought they also stock the ribbon corset advertised in the Amazon Vinegar & Pickling Works Drygoods catalog. They seem to tacitly admit that most of their creations are not for ordinary use but don't speak about the subject, and seem equally prepared to sell to men and women. Prices in 1987 were about $50 US for a stock corset, $80-$100 US for custom corsets. They claim may be able to find a corset of the desired size and style from their selection of old and discontinued stock if supplied with a photograph or illustration of your desires.

Post Office Box 78550, Department 903
San Francisco, California, 94107-8550
(+1) 415 495-4937 (service)
(+1) 415 896-0706 (orders)
(+1) 415 896-0933 (fax)

Outlet for Steamed Heat which has some very nice, very skimpy spandex dresses. I wouldn't call them "reasonably" priced, they run $30.00-$60.00 U.S. They do have a nice range of items available, though. I particularly like their spandex chaps. The also offer cire, mesh, and long gowns in spandex and satin.

Reichenbachstr. 40a
D-8046900 Muenchen
(+49) 089/2015062

Leather and latex

Martin-Luther-Str. 45
D-10779 Berlin 30
(+49) 030/2111897

Leather and latex

283-285 Sandycombe Road, Kew Gardens
Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey TW9 3LU
(+44) 081-940-0156

Long established rubberwear shop has clothes for women and men, magazines and videos (video catalog: #30). Browsing welcome. Helpful advice given.

P.O. Box 85111
Los Angeles, CA. 90072

TV ( ? ), rubber

BCM Box 8875
London WC1N 3XX
(+44) 171-729 6960

Designers of beautiful fashion latex clothing and accessories. Catalog, 8 pounds.

27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3XX
(+44) 0566-776907 (voice)
(+44) 0566-774736 (fax)

Comprehensive catalogue (photographed by Richard Sawdon-Smith) of rubber and wetlook clothing and accessories. Catalogue 7(pounds) overseas 10(pounds) Famous bed-and-breakfast-and-dungeon hostel.

PO Box HP50,
Leeds LS6 1TR

Updated: 950621. Ad says "Probably the largest collection of Women's PVC ever brought together in one catalogue". Catalogue: 5 pounds (refundable) - DM20/FF60/US$12/hf121/BF350/Lire 20,000/ Yen2000/dkr70/Pes1600 - Foreign cheques welcome

409-410 High St,
Lincoln, LN5 8HX.

Made-to-Measure and Ready-To-Wear corsets for men and women, specialising in Victorian and period corsetry. Details from CMA 46/EM,

PO Box 562
London SE22 0BP
(+44) 081-766-7550 (credit card orders)
(+44) 081-766-6896 (fax orders)

Shinny stretchy wetlook clothes, leather, lingerie and fishnet body stockings. Catalogue 4(pounds)

9421 Georgia Av.
Silver Spring, MD. 20910
(+1) 301 585 3333

Books, magazines, leather, VIDEOS

Singel 434
1017 Amsterdam
(+31) 020-420 4023

Clothes & shoes, mostly in rubber and in fantastic colors (yellow, pink, red, green, blue, etc.). The owners, Betty & Marcel, are tryin to attract not only the common S&M-people, but anyone who's interested in thight and 'warm'-clothing. The shop looks like an ordinairy clothes-shop you can visit with your mom.

P.O. Box 212
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701
(+1) 814 446-5319 (voice)
(+1) 814 446-5755 (fax)

Updated: 950528. Dog costume, horse costume. Ms. Margo writes: I saw the doggie costume at the B&D Ball in Boston last year. It wasn't bad. I thought that they could have used a better plush for it, but it did seem sturdy and well sewn. They also sell some spandex bondage stuff, restraints, and stocks. Their quality is mediocre, but their prices are very low. Also other creations in leather, latex, metal and wood. Catalog $5., hood catalog $2., corset catalog $2., Demask Rubberwear-catalog (corsets & lingerie) $25., hood catalog $15.

Herzogstr. 2
D-80803 Muenchen
(+49) 089/346818 (voice)
(+49) 089/349993 (fax)

Very exclusive fashion (haute coture; latex and lace; ...) expensive.

66 Holloway Road
London N7 8JE
(+44) 171-607-2977
(+44) 171-607-1310 (?)

High Heels, rubber, leather, plastic and t-shirts, plus made to order service. Stockists for Murray & Vern, Kim West, Ectomorph, Libidex and their own range, plus accessories and fashion and bondage catalogues Catalogue 5(pounds)

283 Camden High St
London Nw1 7BX
(+44) 171-267-0021

Men's rubber and leather shop

Wllhemshoher Str 16,
D-12161 Berlin
(+49) 030/8218603

Berlin's rubber specialists have an excellent mail order catalogue for DM 20 (Germany)/L9 (Britain)/$18 (US and international). Made to measure is a speciality; foreign visitors can have an outfit made in 2-4 days.

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