Review of Shooting Porn

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A film directed by Ronnie Larsen, (c) 1997

Shooting Porn is a fascinating and sympathetic look inside today's gay porn industry. It follows a small set of actors and technicians throughout several shoots, all with the same director (Chi Chi LaRue), and it sheds light on most aspects of the business. Overall, I was most struck by the sense of cooperation, and often friendship, that seemed to exist between everyone involved in the film shoots.

All of the people interviewed or featured in this documentary seemed genuine, and seemed to be speaking honestly about the industry, themselves, and about how their work has impacted their lives.

Although the specific video company they worked for was never identified, it was implied several times that it was one of the largest, if not the largest.

My criticisms are relatively minor: I wish this film had shed more light on the financial side of this industry (i.e. what it's like above the level of the director), and I also wish it had commented a bit more on how the gay porn industry is perceived within the straight porn industry.

Here's what I learned from watching this film, in no particular order:

On the whole, I give this film a thumbs-up, and if you're a gay porn enthusiast it's probably a must-see. If you can't find Shooting Porn at your local video rental shop, you can purchase it at:

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