Review/Summary of Fire on the Mountain

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A Review/Summary of Fire on the Mountain

posted anonymously to by Erostos

Joesph Kramer in his well known Fire on the Mountain video sets forth a pattern of male genital massage. Two attractive young men alternate in demonstrating how to give and receive the strokes covered by Kramer in his work.

I've studied this technique and have been both giver and receiver on a number of occasions. I thought it might be interesting for my friends on this newsgroup for me to share my brief descriptive summary of the strokes in a Kramer type massage from the viewpoint of the receiver. The titles for each stroke are Kramer's.

  1. Caress & Vibrate: With his my partner massages amd caresses the whole front of the my body, up and down, side to side, with lots of oil. He rocks my body back and forth from side to side in a rolling manner, with one hand resting caressingly on my genitals, and the full palm of the other hand stroking my body from my thighs to my forehead.
  2. Anointing with Oil: My partner massages the whole front of my body, using lots of oil.
  3. Cock Shiatsu: My partner squeezes my cock, up and down the shaft, pulling my cock down with his other hand.
  4. Round the Clock: In smooth strokes from base to tip, my partner strokes up the underside of my penis, and as he does he pulls it in a twelve point rotation. He lingers at the 6:00 o-clock position, pulling at the base of my cock (two fingers near the top of the root) with one hand, and stroking my cock with the other.
  5. Gates of Consciousness: With one thumb on my frenulum, my partner's other hand pulls down at the base of my cock and scrotum so that it is taut.
  6. Osho's Delight: This time, with two thumbs on the Gates of Consciousness (an area from my frenulum to a point several inches down the underside of my penis) he alternates his strokes up to my frenulum. Alternatively, he rubs the Gates of Consciousness between the two fingers of one hand, holding down the base of my shaft with two fingers of the other hand.
  7. Rainbow Rub: With the heal of one hand on Gates of Consciousness, my partner wraps his fingers over my cock so that they curl down over the top of my penis.
  8. Healing: This is a basic stroke, where my partner rubs the heal of his hand down the shaft of my cock, with his fingers pointing downward toward my crotch.
  9. Bug U: Alternating hands, my partner does the heal stroke down my cock with one hand, and with the other hand massage my thighs, my belly, and all over the front of my body.
  10. Twist and Shout: My partner pulls the skin taut at base of my cock with one hand, and with the other pulls and twists my shaft in a down grasp, corkscrew motion.
  11. Twist and Shout - 6:00 o-clock Good News: This is similar to Twist and Shout, but my partner holds my cock (two fingers on the top root of my penis) so that it points down to the 6:00 o-clock position, giving it a twisting and corkscrew motion.
  12. Belly Circles: Healing down the underside of my penis with one hand, my partner massages my belly in circles with the palm of his other hand.
  13. Heart Circles: Same as Belly Circles, but the other hand moves in small circles around my heart and chest area.
  14. Nipple Circles: Same as Belly Circles, but the other hand moves in small circles around my nipples.
  15. Berlin: My partner rubs the bottom of his arm down up and down from my breast bone to my pubic bone. With his other hand, he does the heal stroke on my cock.
  16. Belly Bliss: My partner pleasures my belly and abdomen, holding my cock taut with his other hand. The hand pleasuring my abdomen occasionally rubs down over my erect penis which rests up along my pubic bone.
  17. Leg Massage and Healing: Here my partner massages my thigh, both the top, inner part, and bottom. He pulls my leg up and over his own leg, sticking my knee in an up position. With his other hand, he massages my cock.
  18. Core Vibrations: Here he makes a fist and pressed in at my crotch near my perineum. He vibrates his fist at my perineum, alternating his palm and his heal. His other hand does a heal stroke on my cock, and alternately places his other hand on my breastbone and vibrates both hands in unison.
  19. Ring Balls: My partner squeezes my scrotum so that my scrotal sack is taut, and with the other hand he tickles my scrotal sack with his fingernails. He alternates this stroke with a full palm orbiting around the whole head of my penis.
  20. Juicer: Here my partner pulls the base of my cock with one hand, and with the other "squeeze oranges" over the head of my cock, in an up and down rotation, concentrating on my shaft below the glans rather than the head. He alternate this with Twist and Shout.
  21. Cock Cradling: With one hand he heals the underside of my shaft, and with the other hand he "cradles" my cock on the opposite side and in the opposite direction. He stokes up and down in opposite directions with each hand, letting my penis slide between the crotch of his middle fingers.
  22. Fire: This is a high friction massage, requiring lots of oil. He rolls my cock between the palms of both of his hands, alternating the speed and pressure.
  23. Hairy Palm Sunday: He grasps my cock in one hand, while with the other he rolls his palm over and around the head of my cock.
  24. Phallos: Making tubes with his hands, he slide the tube of one hand up and over the top of my cock, the immediately follows this with the tube of the other hand. Up and over repeatedly.
  25. Hand Jive: He closes all ten fingers around into a kind of artificial vagina, and massage my penis with an up and down stroke, rubbing my shaft with the palms of both of his hands.
  26. Carpe Diem: My partner pulls my balls down with one hand, and with the other pulls my cock up, in opposing massage strokes. He could masturbate me to orgasm and ejaculation in this stroke, unless I wished to finish with the Big Draw.
  27. Amsterdam: With one finger at my perineum and another one between my eyebrows, my partner vibrates both fingers, making sound which vibrate throughout my whole body.
  28. Big Draw: At this point, I clench all the muscles of my body very tightly, and hold this position, quivering. I relax and permit myself up to a half hour of stillness.

After these twenty-eight strokes, I either masturbate, or invite my partner to masturbate me, as the mood of the occasion suggests. After a full Kramer massage, my body produces a fairly substantial amount of semen, and my orgasm tends to be a "full body" experience.

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