Transgendered FAQ

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Transgendered FAQ

i) Intro

1) General

2) Collected wisdom

3) Transgendered persons and Society

4) Medical/legal aspects of Transgenderism

5) Transgenderism and entertainment

i) Intro

Due to the inavaliability of transgendered materials, much information in this FAQ is inaccurate, misquoted, misguided, incomplete or insufficient. Many of the sources used were second or third hand sources.

Because most transgendered material avaliable deals with M-F cross dressers and transsexuals, much information on F-M transgenderism and missing or incomplete.

This FAQ was written from a north american viewpoint, and social attitudes/statistics may be different in other parts of the world.

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alt.transgendered FAQ

i) Intro and full contents

1) General

    1.1) Why is there an alt.transgendered newsgroup?
    1.2) What are the intended topics of discussion here?
    1.3) What is a gender dysphoric?
    1.4) What is a pre/post/no-op transsexual?
    1.5) What is a transvestite/cross-dresser?
    1.6) What is an intersexual?
    1.7) What does transgendered mean?
    1.8) What is "Passing" and "reading"?
    1.9) What is SRS?
    1.10) What is RLT?
    1.11) What is transition?
    1.12) What does it mean to "Get clocked"?
    1.13) What causes the urge to cross dress or to change your sex?
    1.14) Can transgender urges be changed or cured?
    1.15) Is everyone who wears articles of clothing from the opposite sex a transgenderist?
    1.16) What is DSM-III? Is that that new star trek show?
    1.17) What are the "Benjamin standards?"

2) Collected wisdom
3) Transgendered persons and Society
4) Medical/legal aspects of Transgenderism
5) Transgenderism and entertainment

1.1) Why is there an alt.transgendered newsgroup?

In October 1992 a prankster at North Carolina State University created As individuals from IRC's #Crossdress and Transgen were contemplating a newsgroup at that time they sort of took up the idea quickly. They decided that we now had the initiative, but that a group in the hiearchy would have limited distribution. In a rush the name "alt.transgendered" was penned, a call for discussions was placed, and Chris Dukes/Kristine Daniels sent in the message to create alt.transgendered as a discussion area for transsexuality, transvestitism, and related topics.

1.2) What are the intended topics of discussion here?

This is a place to discuss issues related to transsexuality, transvestitism, crossdressing, cultural and social problems, support groups and forums, conflicts with sexuality, and just generally coming to terms with ones self and knowing that one is not alone.

Porn is generally discouraged in this forum as well as transphobic statements.

This forum is not a personals column.

1.3) What is a Gender Dysphoric?

Gender Dysphoria is unhappiness with your given sex or sexual identity. There are mild to severe cases of Gender dysphoria. Many people will experience Gender Dysporia at some point in their lives.

1.4) What is a Pre/post/non-op transsexual?

These are all transsexuals in various stages of the proceedure. Pre-op means Pre-operative transsexual, someone who has begun the hormonal and surgical proceedures and is very close to the operation. These people are usually non-functional as males.

A post operative transsexual is someone who has had the actual genital surgery done. It is very difficult to tell a m-f post op transsexual from a genetic female. Up to very recently, female-male transsexuals had no effective surgical technique to create a penis. There are penile implants and grafts, but these are often easy to spot.

"Non-op" transsexual is a new word that is floating around. Originally from a computer language, it means a person who has had all the hormonal/surgical treatments, except the genital surgery, and has no desire to proceed with the surgery. GIDAANT is another term for this (Gender Identity Disorder, adolescent or Adult onset, Non transsexual).

1.5) What is a Transvestite/Cross-dresser?

This word has a few different meanings. In it's purest form, transvestitism means "Cross-dressing". However, many people make a distinction between dressing for sexual stimulation (transvestitism) and dressing for stress relief (cross dressing). Many people use the words interchangeably. The book DSV-III has definite meanings for these words, but not too many people have access to this book.

There are many different categories of transvestitism.

  • There are fe/male impersonators, who dress as members of the opposite sex for a show;
  • there are Fetishistic transvestites, who are stimulated by certain objects;
  • there are drag queens/kings, who dress with the intent to amuse or offend;
  • there are shaman who cross-dress during religious/spiritual ceremonies;
  • there are transvestites who dress only for an hour a week;
  • there are transvestites who live almost full time as women or men.

There are people who present extreme clashing male/female charecteristics (Such as a bearded man in a miniskirt and heels) That are called "Genderfuck". Extreme gender clashes are used by females quite often and it is not frowned upon.

1.6) What is an intersexual?

An intersexual is a person who is born between (inter) sexes, having partially or fully developed pairs of female and male sex organs.

Intersexual is prefered over the word "Hermaphrodite".

1.7) What does transgendered mean?

Transgendered was a term put into general usage by Virginia Price. It originally meant a pre-operative transsexual who has no desire to have the SRS. It later became a catchword for Transvestites, transsexuals, female and male impersonators, drag queens, Intersexuals, gender dysphorics, and those that do not fit any gender label.

1.8) What is "Passing" and "Reading"?

Passing is going out in public and being accepted as a woman. Reading is noticing that a person is transgendered.

It is easiest to pass around middle aged and older people. Children and teenagers often read transgenderists. Women are more likely to read a TG than a male is.

The most important part of passing is called "Deportment" which is how a member of the opposite sex behaves in society. To improve deportment, go to a shopping mall or public place and watch the people as they shop. There is a distinct difference between male and female behavior.

There are several dozen books on passing and Deportment avaliable from ifge and several other sources.

1.9) What is SRS?

SRS stands for Sex Reassingment Surgery, the final stage in the sex-reassignement proceedure. SRS will cost anywhere from 6000 to 50 000 dollars. It may be partially or fully covered by some employers, goverment programs, or insurance companies.

In North America, women are more likely to consider SRS than men are, but men are more likely to go through with SRS.

1.10) What is RLT?

RLT stands for Real Life Training. It means you live as a member of the desired sex for a period of time while still having the genitalia of the former sex. This is to help the prospective transsexual determine if becoming a total member of that sex is right for him or her.

1.11) What is transition?

Transition is the period of time between when the individual first starts the sex-reassignement proceedure and when the individual is living totally as a member of the opposite sex.

1.12) What does it mean to "Get clocked"?

Getting clocked is what happens when the SRS surgery does not go as well as planned. In roughly 10 percent of all m-f SRS surgery, the individual cannot achieve orgasm through stimulation of the vagina.

1.13) What causes the urge to crossdress or to change your sex?

There is a great deal of debate in the medical community as to what causes transsexualism and transvestitism. Transsexualism is thought by some to be caused by a area in the brain called the "Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus". Others claim that it is caused by a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy.

Some types of transsexualism (xxxy syndrome) are genetic.

The two main types of Transsexuality are called "Primary" and "Secondary" transsexualism. Primary transsexalism occurs in young adults who are gender dysphoric from a young age.

Secondary transsexualism occurs in older people in their 40's, who have not had very strong transgender urges in their lives. This is thought to be linked to the hormonal changes in the body at that time.

There are also cases where people are forced into alternateive sex roles due to religious, social, or family pressures. Some men dressed as women to avoid draft or get out of the army. Very religious male homosexuals may feel the need to change their sex in order to correspond with their religious beleifs. Parents may dress their children in clothing of the opposite sex because they wanted a child of that sex.

Transvestitism has no definite cause. F-M cross dressers sometimes cross dress because it feels more comfortable than male clothing. Female cross dressers are much more accepted than male cross-dressers.

M-F transvestites cross-dress for stres relief, sexual pleasure, and for entertainment. Male crossdressers are not very well accepted in society. One possible reason for this is that a crossdressing male is going down the social power scale, while a crossdressing female is going up the social power scale.

1.14) Can Transgender urges be changed or cured?

Usually, no. Some transvestites and transsexuals (usually male) go through phrases where they throw out all their clothes, makeup, shoes, etc and refuse to dress as women anymore. This is called "Purging". These people frequently go out and purchase entire new wardrobes soon afterwards. Some people do stop crossdressing alltogether.

Sometimes there is a physical manifestation of certain conditions that cause transgendered behavior. Young males with XXY chromosomal structures may sometimes (infrequently) begin developing as females rather than as males. Many of these males are perfectly happy to be male and get on hormone shots to achieve a more masculine appearance.

Sexual identity is usually set for life at a very young age. Hormone injections or other treatments cannot alter sexual identity in Adults.

1.15) Is everyone who wears opposite sex clothing a transgenderist?

No. Many people wear clothes of the opposite sex daily and are not considered transgendered. Men who work in very cold conditions routinely wear pantyhose, as it helps keep in the heat. This is an accepted practice in such professions. Many women wear men's clothing on a daily basis, saying that they are more comfortable and cheaper.

Some men wear silk panties because they are allergic to cotton underwear.

There are many reports of Men wearing the full-body wraps worn by muslim women in the middle east. This enables them to conceal guns and explosive devices and to smuggle them into restricted areas (muslim women are not searched as often as men are). Gives new meaning to the phrase "Dressed to kill".

1.16) What is DSM III? Is that that new star trek series?

DSM is "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders". It is the guidline that the American Psychiatric Association publishes, and it details what is and is not a psychiatric illness. Transsexualism and transvestitism are included in the list of Psychiatric disorders.

1.17) What are the Benjamin Standards?

When sex reassignment surgery became avaliable for the first time, many men rushed to get the surgery performed. A great deal of these men later committed suicide or became suicidally depressed after losing their penis.

This situation was played over in many different countries. The medical community decided to enforce it's own standards of conduct regarding sex reassignement surgeries. The Benjamin standards were Created at a conference by Dr. Harry Benjamin and were adopted as the world standard for sex reassignment surgeries.


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alt.transgendered FAQ
Collected wisdom

i) Intro
1) General

2) Collected wisdom

    2.1) Where can i go to get clothes/shoes/makeup, etc?
    2.2) What are good ways to simulate breasts?
    2.3) What are good ways to get rid of unwanted facial/body hair?
    2.4) I need help with makeup. Any tips?
    2.5) I'm Balding! What can be done to stop it? Can it be reversed?
    2.6) Besides hormones and surgery, how can i get a more feminine/masculine shape?
    2.7) What are the effects of hormones?
    2.8) At what point can hormone therapy be reversed?
    2.9) What are the steps in a sex-change proceedure?
    2.10) Where should i go to get referrals/surgery done?
    2.11) Where can i get hormones?
    2.12) What is a good way to "Hide it/them"?
    2.13) How long does electrolysis take?
    2.14) What does not work?
    2.15) I'm about to give a loved one "the talk". What should i expect?
    2.16) Are there any transgenderd organizations in my area?
    2.17) What computer-oriented services are available for the transgendered community?
    2.18) What transgendered publications are avaliable?
    2.19) Are there any other addresses and phone numbers of importance?

3) Transgendered persons and Society
4) Medical/legal aspects of Transgenderism
5) Transgenderism and entertainment

2.1) Where can i go to get clothes, shoes, makeup, etc?

There are many sources of clothes and apparel for transgenderd people. Most department stores offer catalogue shopping, which will give you the chance to purchase what you want without fear of embarassment.

Mail order firms are best left avoided. Some Transvestite mail order boutiques are grossly overpriced and prey on the transgenderd community.

Sometimes, a young lady will offer her services to purchase clothing, makeup etc for you for a price. Make sure she is reliable and not going to run off as soon as she gets your money.

Shopping for that special someone (you) always works. If you are worried that the cashier will catch on, go during a busy time. Christmas is a great time.

Makeup companies such as avon, mary kay, etc will be more than happy to sell to a transgendered person. Again, this depends on the area, but most salespeople will put sales ahead of their own feelings towards transgenderism.

There are many stores that cater to transgendered people. Smaller cities will most likely not have them.

Here are some companies (US and Canada) and some comments about them. Please keep in mind that none of these places have been checked out for authenticity or reliability.

2.2) What are some good ways to simulate breasts?

There are several methods avaliable to give the illusion of a bosom. Padded bras and stuffed bras will give the illusion of a full breast, but the weight and texture may be difficult to work with.

Old hose stuffed with birdseed is another method. This will make a breast form that will mold itself to your body, and will have approximately the same weight and shape as a real breast. The texture may be similar to a real breast, depending on what type of seed you use.

Breast forms are used by many transgendered people. There are good forms which will go for over 200 dollars, and cheap forms that cost under 50$. Some are pure silicon and others are molded plastic and rubber.

Cup/Bra Size 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
AA 1 2 3 4 5 6 -- -- -- -- --
A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
B -- 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
C -- 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
D -- -- 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 --
DD -- -- 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 -- --

2.3) What are good ways to get rid of unwanted Facial/body hair?

The easiest way is to shave. Take a hot wet cloth and hold it over the affected area before shaving (non-electric razor only). This will minimize the chance of getting razor burn.

Electric razors also work well, especially for legs. Shaving your arms and/or chest will make you very itchy in a few days.

Neet, nair, and other chemical depilitories do work well, but they smell very bad and may burn sensitive skin. These chemicals must not be used on or near the nipples, anus, or face. Facial deplitories are avaliable that are much different than that used on the legs.

Bleaching small hairs will also work well, but be carful not to get any into your eyes or nose. There are dyes made specifically for bleaching hair, do not use commercial bleach.

Devices such as the epilady do work, but they produce a great deal of pain the first time you use them. The pain will lessen with continued use. Be warned that such devices may not work or may jam on very tough or thick hair.

Waxing is also another option. It is messy and painful with the first few uses. There are wax strips avaliable for the face that are not messy. The body shop has a similar strip avaliable for the legs, or at least it is manufacturing such a strip.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal technique. A session of electrolysis will cost anywhere from 17 to 50 dollars. Before you pick a clinic, make sure that the people there are certified. Electrolysis has a few risks, such as scarring, acne, and infection.

2.4) I need help with makeup. Any tips?

(Courtesy of Bill Jones)

There is a wide variety of makeup materials available. If your skin is beautiful and you don't have to hide a beard, women's cosmetic makeup may be all you need. You will have better luck matching your skin colour in a department store, because foundation makeup in a drug store tends to be so heavily packaged you can't tell what colour you're buying. Regular cosmetics tend to be light and sheer. If you want an opaque makeup to even out your skin tone,and don't perspire heavily, I suggest Kryolan Aquacolor makeup. It is a water based pancake type makeup which comes in a great many beautiful colours. Aquacolor has a matte finish when it dries, but after afew minutes the warmth of the body creates a beautiful soft, natural glow. All of the Kryolan makeup is heavily pigmented, so it will cover beards and dark shadows under the eyes without the use of other cover up products.

I've discovered that many beard cover sticks give you an unnatural orangy look. If you have to cover a beard, minimize roughly textured skin or if you perspire heavily; I strongly recommend Kryolan Cream Stick plus Dermacolour powder. The cream stick is an oil base makeup and comes in a great many colours, so you should be able to accurately match your skin tone. It is opaque enough to cover heavy beard shadow without using a beard cover stick. The Dermacolour powder is pigmented so you need to buy an appropriate shade. It sets the Cream stick so that it lasts through heavy perspiration. Several layers of Cream stick and Dermacolour powder will effectively smooth out acne scarred skin. If you don't need the water proof qualities of Dermacolour powder, regular translucent powder will work very well to set the cream stick.

To minimize large pores, particularly on the nose, a second coat of foundation and a dusting of powder works very well.


No matter what type of foundation you choose, it should match your skin tone as closely as possible. Test the colour on your cheek and your neck. You want the makeup to blend down onto your neck without a visible line. Hopefully you will only need a hint of foundation on your chest when you're wearing a low cut dress.

If you are using a water base pancake makeup, it will probably go on easier with a small natural sponge rather than a synthetic one. A natural sponge is only slightly more money and will give a smoother result.

Be sure to apply the colour with as little water as possible, just use a damp sponge.

If you get streaks, let the foundation dry before you try to smooth it out. You will probably find the streaks will disappear as the makeup dries.

Pancake makeup doesn't need to be powdered.

If you are using a cream stick makeup, apply it with a piece of synthetic sponge. I use a piece of fake foam rubber (flexible urethane foam), the kind you find in the upholstery section of your fabric store. It's easier to thrown them away than to try to wash them. After applying the foundation lightly and evenly all over your face, you may want to add a bit more to cover your five o'clock shadow. If you are covering a heavily textured skin surface (like acne) you may want to blend cheek contour colour into the cream base before powdering. (Powder contour may emphasize the texture.) Now you're ready to powder to set the cream stick. Apply a little extra powder to the moustache area and forehead, because the perspiration is heavier here. Allow the powder to sit on the foundation for a few minutes before brushing off the excess. This is especially true with Dermacolour powder. The instructions suggest waiting ten minutes, before removing excess to achieve the maximum waterproof quality. I find about three minutes is sufficient. A big, soft blush brush is ideal for dusting off excess powder.

Corrective makeup

I don't recommend a lot of heavy corrective makeup to change the shape of your face. If you're being photographed for a formal portrait, then go ahead and sculpt your face; but for everyday, too much corrective work can look artificial. There are a lot of books available to help you decide if you are oval, square or heart shaped. I think it's more important to create a feminine version of whatever shape you happen to be. Some men have a definitely square jawbone. Trying to minimize it with makeup is risky.

You may inadvertently emphasize your five o'clock shadow. A soft hairstyle is probably a safer way to underplay the jawbone.

A strong or prominent nose is another trouble spot. In general, don't use corrective makeup on your nose. You may over emphasize it without meaning to. Instead, focus attention on your eyes or mouth.

Some subtle work can be done to give yourself beautiful cheek bones, if it's a little bit noticeable it's O K, because it's often obvious on women too. To sculpt cheekbones, I use Mehron Starblend pancake makeup, dry, as a powder. A dry, clean blush brush will pick up the colour and allow you to contour the cheek as easily as brushing on dry rouge. Be careful to never get the cake of Mehron wet or it won't pick up as powder.

For Caucasian skin, number 2B brushed on the top of the cheekbone as a highlight, and number 11B brushed on as a lowlight, works beautifully. If your skin is a darker tone adjust the colours accordingly. I like 7C for slightly darker or tanned skin. The highlight colour goes on the top of the cheek bone, and should blend up toward the hairline. (If you have a wide face, don't go quite to the hairline). The lowlight or shadow colour goes from the ear toward the center of the face, and should blend out into the foundation subtly.

The Mehron powder also works well to emphasize your cleavage. Dust a bit of highlight on the top of the breast and brush a soft curved RYS shape in the cleavage. Keep it subtle.


Select a rouge that is a soft pinkish shade similar to your foundation colour. You can safely dust it on your forehead, chin and cheeks for a healthy glow.

If you use a strong raspberry or red shade you may have trouble being subtle. You can soften the effect of rouge by first dipping your brush in translucent powder and then into the rouge. Rouge belongs on the apple of the cheek,(where you turn pink after you've been jogging). Be careful to keep rouge away from any part of your face you are trying to minimize. For example, if you have a wide face; don't brush the rouge all the way out to your hairline. Keep it more central, so you won't call attention to the width.


The shape of your eyebrow is probably the single most important element of your face. A woman's eyebrows are usually thinner and more arched than a man's. However a masculine eyebrow can be very beautiful on a feminine face. Look at Brooke Shields. Electrolysis or plucking will allow you to make a major change in the shape of your brow, but clever use of paint can do a lot. Most people need to lift the brow slightly to give it a prettier arch. For the stage you can block out the brow with a variety of materials. For street wear you must be more subtle. Lift the peak of the brow with a few strokes of eyebrow pencil, and blur them slightly. You can bleach out a few hairs by painting them with foundation. You can pencil your brows lightly or use a small stiff brush and brown powder to get a soft brow. If you use a pencil, it helps to brush the eyebrow with a tooth brush to blur and soften the pencil. You don't want your eyebrow to look as if it was drawn on with a marking crayon, so be gentle.

To determine the length of your eyebrow, draw an imaginary line from the tip of your nose up to the outer corner of your eye and up to the brow.

That's where your brow should end. Remember, Eyebrows begin above the inner corner of the eye, and taper off to nothing. They should not be heavy at the outer end.


The eyes are the most fun to paint, but also possibly the most difficult to do well.

First, avoid brightly coloured and frosted eyeshadows. I know they're fun, but they can age your eye. Learn to contour your eye with neutrals like taupe, charcoal, brown and off white.

The upper eyelash line should be defined with a brush and brown liner or an eyebrow pencil, and lightly smudged with a Q-tip. Even if you are older and don't plan to wear much makeup, you should softly define the eye. To NOT makeup the eye is aging. The lower eyelash line can be dotted with brown and smudged, or defined more strongly with a blurred line.

To contour the eye, keep in mind the natural lights and shadows of the eye.

There is a highlight under the brow bone under the arch of the brow. The crease above the eyelid is shadowed, and the lid picks up some light and seems lighter. This means the lid can be foundation colour, the crease can be darkened slightly, and a bit of highlight added on the brow bone. If you MUST use colour, use colour the same value as your foundation, on your eyelid. This is the one spot you might get away with a frosted colour. Use a deeper colour in the crease,(definitely not frosted,) but use off white on the brow bone. This combination will seem more natural. For major glamour you can use smokier colour on your eyelid.

If your eye is aging, and the upper eye is sagging, you have to be careful where you put colour; but you can very easily make the eye look gorgeous!

Be careful that your browbone highlight doesnUt blend down so far that it highlights the sagging fold of skin. Avoid shadowing toward the nose in the deepest part of the eye. That will sink and age the eye even more.

The important thing to remember, is to shadow the sagging fold of flesh and keep any frosted colours away from the eye. Frosted colour will spotlight the problem. Your safest bet is a dark taupe or charcoal to minimize the fold of flesh.

This will give you a normal, pretty eye. If you wish you can vary the look in keeping with current makeup trends; for example, 50's style eyeliner.

If you're going to wear false eyelashes, be careful to keep them medium in length. If your false lashes droop at the outer ends, you must glue them ABOVE your natural lash line.


Keep your lipstick a soft red. Bright fire engine reds can point up problems.

If you have a problem with lipstick blurring, try outlining the lip with a lip liner pencil, then filling in with colour. Powdering the first coat of lipstick then applying a second coat, will help it to last longer. Most men have thin lips and need to make them appear fuller.

Don't hesitate to paint your lips slightly outside your upper and lower lip line. Women have the same problem. But be careful to not overdo it. If your new mouth seems a bit extreme, try increasing the size slowly, a bit at a time over a period of a few weeks, so you can get used to it. Using a softer red will help to keep your lips from looking too showgirl.

The type of red you use can be coordinated with your skin tone and your clothing, (more peach or more raspberry); have fun playing with lipstick.

Its fun to mix your own colour by using several different lipsticks on top of each other. Try putting a neutral light pink shade on top of a deeper red.


You may want to tape to get rid of your naso- labial fold, overhanging eyelid or double chin. However it is not ideal for all day wear. Taping is wonderful on some people.It depends on how elastic your skin is and whether you can place the tape so it will get rid of the fold and not show under the wig. ItUs important that the tape be hidden by the wig, because it's very difficult to cover tape with makeup so it doesn't show. However, sometimes just a wisp of hair from the wig will cover the tape so you don't have to pull the wig to far onto your face.

The easiest way to tape, is to securely pin a stocking cap to cover your hair. I like to be sure there are several pin curls at the front of your hairline. This gives you something to anchor the wig to so it doesn't slip back and allows you to tape onto your head without pulling hair. Johnson & Johnson surgical tape works wonderfully. The more complicated way is to use strips of silk gauze and spirit gum them to your skin, and anchor the other end to the wig cap. Experiment to see which you prefer. They are both susceptible to perspiration, so are better suited to occasional use not all day wear.

Copyright © 1993
All rights reserved.


For a female wishing to look Male, there are several ways to help the face look more masculine through the use of cosmetics.

To simulate beard growth for a short time, cover the parts of the face you want bearded with vasoline or some other sticky substance. Then apply loose tea leaves to the area. This will look like a beard from a distance, possibly close up.

To make existing facial hair look denser, there is mustache wax avaliable from many stores. It is similar to mascara, but is applied to the face.

Making the lips look thinner and the eyebrows thicker can be done using techniques similar to those described above.

2.5) I'm Balding! What can be done to stop it? Can it be reversed?

There are few ways to stop male pattern balding. For a male becoming female, the hormonal treatments will slow down and sometimes reverse hair loss. For a female becoming male, the hormonal treatments may produce hair loss. It all depends on what your parents were like.

Minoxidil (Rogain, apogain) does work on some people. It does not work as well on the front as it does on the crown, and for some it does not work at all. Minoxidil (Rogain,apogain) must be used on a ongoing basis, at around 60-80 dollars Canadian a month.

Regular scalp massages will encourage hair growth.

If all else fails, there are several types of wigs and hair replacement options avaliable. A good wig will cost you a fair bit, between 300 and 1000 dollars depending on the type. The mail order wigs avaliable from tabloid magazines are generally of poor quality.

Hair weaving is a technique where the existing hair is interwoven with other hair. It looks quite natural and is popular among both females and males.

Hair transplant surgery is effective, but it sometimes looks unnatural and has a risk of infection involved.

Hair replacement involves attaching artificial or real hair to a person's head. This can be permanent or temporary, depending on the client's wishes. If done well, it looks very realistic and is hard to spot.

2.6) Besides hormones and surgery, how can i get a more feminine/masculine shape?

There are several methods. For the F-M, the best bet is weightlifting. Weightlifting will make the body assume a more masculine shape. However, female transvestites should take care not to work the chest area unless they are small chested, as chest excercises will make the chest stick out. There are also several plant sterols avaliable which will help you look more masculine. Gamma orzanoyl and FRAC (both available from health food stores) are reputed to have androgenic properties. Both substances can cause surges of agressivness.

Avoid Yohimbe at all costs, as it is toxic.

For the M-F, weightlifting is also good. There is a certain excercise called the decline bench press which will give the breasts a female contour without hormones. To do this, you have to lie flat on a weightlifting bench so that your legs are above your head. Then you press whatever you feel comfortable with, 10 times for 3 sets. This must be done with someone spotting you. After a time, the chest muscles will take on a feminine form.

There is a substance called "Black cohosh" that is reputed to have estrogenic like effects. Effects range from breast and hair growth to no effect at all. It does have some nasty side effects. The first time you take a large dose (3* 240 mg, as the instructions reccomend) you will most likely be violently ill.

There is also a type of massage excercise that will increase the breast size. It is done for 5 minutes a day and is intended to simulate the suckling action of an infant. People doing this have reported small gains. The hormone supposedly released by this excercise enlarges lactating women's breasts, but only temporarily.

There are many girdles and busts that will push up breast tissue and give the appearence of breasts. These should not be worn for extended periods of time as they may damage the body.

2.7) What are the effects of hormones?

Hormones have a variety of effects on the human body, depending on what type of hormone, the dosage, and the length of time taken.

Female hormones (Estrogens): During the first few weeks on estrogen, a male may experience tingling in the breasts and slight growth. Nails and hair may begin to grow faster. Hair may become softer and thicker. The male may experience a slight "manic-depressive" episode as he first begins hormones and his brain adjusts to the hormones.

After about six months, the male will most likely lose some or all penile functioning. The body will begin to reshape itself. Muscles may lose density and become slimmer. The hips may expand. Breasts may expand further. The sex drive is almost totally gone. Facial features may have partially or wholly feminized. The skin may soften noticeably. The testicles will have atrophied a bit. The lips will become thicker.

After a period of 1-2 years, the individual may appear totally female, except for a few minor differences. The testicles are very atrophied, and erection is difficult or impossible.

Female hormones will NOT affect The voice, the size of the adams apple or bone structure (except in very young transsexuals).

Male Hormones (androgen): During the first few weeks on high doses of Androgen, a female may experience mood changes and acne. The skin will become less soft. The female will begin to develop muscle growth. Paradoxically, the female's breast size will look larger because of the increased chest muscle. Facial and body hair may begin to come out at this point. Sex drive will increase drastically and the clitoris will enlarge slightly.

After a year, the female may have the physical appearence of a male. The clitoris will be enlarged, perhaps to 2-3 inches in length. The voice will deepen. Beard growth will most likely be present. Menstration will most likely have stopped at this point. Females may also gain a lot of weight around the middle, as well as male pattern hair loss.

Non-transsexual females who take hormones are easily spotted, as they develop secondary male charecteristics. This can be avoided by taking very specific hormones, as opposed to a wide spectrum of androgens.

Both male and female hormones will affect the kidney negatively. It is important to make sure that the dosage you are taking is correct for your body. Injected hormones do not damage the kidney as much as oral hormones.

Male hormones must be injected. Female hormones work by being injected or taken orally.

2.8) At what point can hormone therapy be reversed?

It can be reversed at any time. However, there will be some permanent effects. If a male takes estrogen for a short while before stopping, it may be possible for him to impregnate a female. After six months, most men are permanently infertile.

Breast growth and facial hair growth cannot be reversed. The voice lowering in a F-M is also permanent. The skin and body changes will disappear over time.

2.9) What are the steps in SRS?

For M-F: The first step is to remove the testicles. The penis is then inverted, creating a vagina-like opening. The scrotum is then used to line the new vagina and create labia. Some of the penile tissue is used to create a clitoris. The nerve endings in the penis are still intact, so hopefully orgasm will be possible. There are other, optional surgeries such as Removal of the adam's apple, jaw scraping, breast implants, cheek implants, collagen injections, liposuction, and others.

For F-M: The first step is a masectomy and repositioning of the nipples. This is fairly minor surgery and will not take you off your feet for a long time. It is best to avoid straining the chest area for a few months afterwards. The next step is a hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (Removal of uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes). There is at the moment no effective way to create a penis. Penile implants are often used, unfortunately they rarely function adequately. Radical forearm grafts and intestinal grafts are also widely used, but these leave scars on some parts of the body. There is a new proceedure that will give a highly effective penis, but this is not widely avaliable.

2.10) Where can i go to get referrals, counseliing or surgery done?

There are many locations worldwide where you can get the referrals and the surgeries.

There is only one place in Canada that specializes exclusively in Gender research, and that is the clark institute in Toronto. Many university and medical schools have gender programs.

The states have many different locations that will perform the surgery or give referrals. The most famous is the clinic in Trinidad, Colorado.

Here are some addresses of surgeons, surgical and clinical services. Please be advised that none of these adresses were checked out, and that some actively anti-transgender persons (exodus ministries) have set up "clinics".

2.11) Where can i get hormones?

Hormones can be obtained from a doctor or psychiatrist. In most cases you will have to be evaluated by several different health professionals before you begin hormone therapy.

There is a lot of temptation for Transsexuals to get hormones illegally and self-administer them. This is not a good idea for several reasons.

Female hormones imported from mexico or from other countries will not have the same ingredients as hormones from your native country. In mexico, there is no dept of Health and Welfare or FDA, as there is in Canada and the states. There might be anything in the bottle. In most cases, the contents are hormones.

Male hormones are easily obtainable from some health food stores, gymnasiums, and farms. Most of these hormones are only 1 or 2 of the male hormones and not the broad base of hormones you would get from a doctor or physician. Injecting 1 type of hormone will result in some masculinization, but it will also cause a reaction in the body that may release more estrogen.

2.12) How can i hide it/them?

To hide the penis, wear a skirt or a dress. Avoid tight pants or pants designed in the female fashion. Skirts and dresses are very good at concealing a *light* erection. There are also devices avaliable that will restrain the penis and prevent erections. These can sometimes be painful if an erection does occur, however.

To hide excess breast tissue, wear loose fitting t-shirts. For wearing men's dress shirts, it is best to bind them to the chest. With a little luck, it will look like you are muscular. Try not to keep them bound for too long, as this may make breathing difficult.

2.13) How long does electrolysis take?

Electrolysis takes anywhere from 6 months up. It usually takes about 2-3 hours per week. Electrolysis should not hurt. It is important to get as far along with electrolysis as possible before starting hormones, as hormones will make the hair finer and harder to get out.

2.14) What does not work?

There are many companies and people that prey on transvestites and transsexuals. Here are some things you should avoid:

  1. Tablets made of "raw ovary" or other glands. The idea of eating animal parts in order to promote charecteristics of that animal has been around for thousands of years, and it didn't work any better back then. It is possible to get estrogen from the glands of female animals, but you would have to have a fresh gland once per day. There was a court case in England where a dealer of such tablets was arrested.

    There are similar products for F-M's, containing such ingredients as minced bull testicle.

  2. Breast cremes. Cremes that you rub onto your breasts in order to stimulate growth. These products do not contain enough estrogen to bother with.

  3. Injectible silcon. This is a big one. Injected silicon will eventually either kill you or permanently disfigure you (elephant man style). It's not worth it.

2.15) I'm about to give a loved one "the talk". What should i expect?

You should expect "The fit".

In most cases, the news that a spouse or companion is transgendered is met with negative emotions. Shock, anger, and fear are three of the more common reactions. In some cases, the wife will be accepting of the males cross-dressing and support him. Wives of Transsexuals often have difficulty accepting their husband's condition.

Men don't usually notice when a woman is wearing male clothing. In many relationships, the woman wears the man's clothes often and with his permission. Female transsexuals in male-female relationships are extremely rare.

Many transsexuals can tell stories about how they were beaten severely by their boyfreinds after "the talk". This can be avoided by telling him over the phone, leaving him a note, etc.

Another way of reducing the risk is to tell him in a secluded public place, such as a restaurant booth.

Lesbians are sometimes accepting of transsexuals. Many bisexual females are attracted to transsexuals. Some lesbians are transphobic.

F-m transsexuals who come out to their girlfreinds are frequently accepted.

Teenaged transgenderists should beware. Many TG youth are tossed out onto the street after "Coming out". Make sure you have a place to stay before you announce that you are trangendered. This applies to intersexual youth as well, if the parents are unaware of their child's condition. Many intersexual youth are dumped into the hands of social service agencies or thrown into the street.

Children of transgendered people react differently. Very small children (1, 2 yrs) will most likely not object to any change in the parent's behavior. Children around kindergarten age will have a few questions.

Teenaged children will not be accepting at first. If it is public, such a fact could make the child feel embarassed to be around the parent. There are many groups that help relatives and freinds of transsexuals deal with the transition and their feelings towards their Transgendered relative.

2.16) Are there any transgendered organizations in my area?

Here is a list of transgendered organizations by area. Some areas have no support groups listed because of security reasons. Phone numbers for groups that appear to be home phone numbers are not listed.

2.17) What computer-oriented services are avaliable for the transgendered community?

There are many networks, bbs's and mailing lists avaliable.


TGnet is a large TG-oriented newtwork with many different echos on a variety of topics such as m-f and f-m support echos, SO echos, transvestite echos, and others. It was founded by Beverly Copeland and believe it or not, the entire net is run off of her boat.

FIDO has a very good echo called "Gender". It is a non-sexual forum for discussions of all gender issues. Moderated by Heather James.

Compuserve and Genie both offer transgender related forums.

There are numerous adult-oriented tg echos around as well.


There are many TG oriented/supportive bbs's around the world. Some are listed here. These boards may or may not be operating at any given time (boards go up and come down at an alarming rate).

There are also several mailing lists avaliable on the internet, such as the CD forum and Transgen.

2.18) Are there any Transgenderd publications avaliable?

Click here for a full list.

2.19) Are there any other addresses and phone numbers of importance?

Surely! Click here.


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alt.transgendered FAQ
Transgendered persons and Society

i) Intro
1) General
2) Collected wisdom

3) Transgendered persons and Society

    3.1) How long has transgenderism been around?
    3.2) Who is Virginia Price? Tula?
    3.3) How many transgederists are out there?
    3.4) What's up with the womyn's festival?
    3.5) Are all transvestites gay? Are all transsexuals gay?
    3.6) My SO is transgendered, what should i do about it?
    3.7) Are male gender dysphorics effeminite? Are female Gender dysphorics masculine?

4) Medical/legal aspects of Transgenderism
5) Transgenderism and entertainment

3.1) How long has transgenderism been around?

The idea of a being having charecteristics of both sexes predates the human race. Cave paintings and artifacts found in Cro-magnon and early homo sapiens Sapiens settlements show transgendered figures.

It is difficult to say to what extent transgenderism was found in earlier societies. Men wearing skirts and bright green eyeshadow would be considered Transgendered in modern society, but in some parts of egypt skirtlike garnments and eyeshadow were worn by many men.

3.2) Who is Virginia Price? Tula?

Virginia Price is the co-founder of tri-ess, a heterosexual TV support group. She was instumental in bringing transvestitism into the public eye and getting cross dressing decriminalized. She also helped to put forth the notion that not all TV's are gay or bisexual.

Tula is the stage name of Caroline Cossey. Caroline was a model working in england, and had done many modelling jobs around the world. She also appeared in a James Bond movie.

A few years ago, she was publicly outed as being a post-operative transsexual. In weeks, numerous tabloids and TV shows had her picture plastered everywhere you could think of. Her marriage to a Greek shipping tycoon fell apart, after his family forbid him to wed her. She became very active in the transsexual community in england and around the world.

Today, Tula has resumed her modelling career and has remarried, this time to a Canadian (she announced her engagement on the "Shirley" show about a year ago). She has an autobiography called "My story".

3.3) How many transgenderists are out there?

There are no actual statistics on the numbers of transvestites, transsexuals, or intersexuals in the world at large. Due to the nature of transgenderism, a accurate count cannot be made. The estimated ratio of m-f ts and genetic males is between 1:2000 and 1:80 000. The estimated ratio of female to male transsexuals to genetic females is between 1:2000 and 1:125 000.

Researchers estimate that the percentage of men who have cross- dressed is quite high, perhaps as high as 50 percent. Female cross dressers are comparitively uncommon (cross dressing meaning someone who dresses in male clothes and attempts to look male.)

There are numerous other unverified statistics floating around in the world, such as: less than 1% of all people saying they are transsexual ever have SRS; 7-12 thousand sex changes have been performed in the usa, half of them m-f; There are 4 times as many female transsexuals in europe as there are in America; 90 percent of all transvestites and transsexuals live in large cities.

3.4) What's up with the Womyn's festival?

There is a festival called the "Michigan womyn's music festival" that is held annually in the states. Recently, the board of directors for that group enacted a "Womyn born womyn" policy that barred post-operative transsexuals from attending the event.

This quickly spiraled out of control. Womyn at the event were admitting they were transsexual and leaving of their own free will. Other women at the event passed around petitions to get the policy revoked. Some of the security guards refused to expell transsexual people at the event.

During one incident, someone took the literature from a booth that was set up to distribute pro-ts information and threw it in a river. There were threats made that any transsexual going into the festival would be met with violence.

3.5) Are all Transvestites gay? Are all Transsexuals gay?

Most transvestites are heterosexual. Tapistry magazine did a survey on the sexual orientation of it's transvestite readers, and found that 75 percent of them were heterosexual. Tapistry does attract a lot of heterosexual readers, however, so this test may not be accurate.

There are several groups exclusively for heterosexual transvestites that have very large memberships (tri-ess, etc).

Many psychologists say that transvestites are no more gay or straight than the non-transvestite segment of the male population.

If all else fails, there are several types of wigs and hair replacement options avaliable. A good wig will cost you a fair bit, between 300 and 1000 dollars depending on the type. The mail order wigs avaliable from tabloid magazines are generally of poor quality.

The male-female transsexual population is roughly 50 percent oriented towards males. The Female-male transsexual population is more oriented towards females, but many F2M's have relationships with gay men.

3.6) My Significant Other is transgendered, what should i do?

There are several support groups that can help you deal with a cross dressing male spouse, a transsexual/intersexual spouse, or a transgendered girlfreind/boyfriend.

If your spouse's transgendered activities are interfering with your sex life, a marriage counsellor might help you. Transsexuals and transvestites in married situations sometimes remain with their wives as sort of a "Sister" figure. In some cases, a transsexual spouse spells the end of a relationship.

Hetero males involved in relationships with m-f transsexuals or gay transvestites may feel that their manhood is at stake. Some may get angry at their girfreinds, yelling and sometimes hitting them, and then feel guilty about it afterwards. Being in a relationship with a m-f transgenderist does not mean that you are gay in any sense of the word, nor does it mean you are somehow "less straight". In a sense, your girlfreind was born with a birth deformity.

Heterosexual women involved in relationships with f-m transgenderists are often very accepting of their boyfreind's condition. Many female transsexuals have married and adopted children. Some women involved in such a relationship leave because they want to have children. As with the above example, being in a relationship with a female transsexual does not make you any less heterosexual.

Intersexuals and post-operative transsexuals are a special case. In many cases, there is no way for a person to know that his/her spouse was an intersexual or transsexual. Having your spouse tell you this is a symbol of trust and committment. She (most often female) could have easily not told you and you would have never known.

Children of transsexuals often feel upset over a parent's descision to change his or her sex. Children may feel guilty, neglected, or hostile towards the parent. Sometimes, the transsexual parent will leave the family altogether. This does not mean that the parent has stopped loving you. Sometimes, especially at the beginning of a sex-change, a person will feel very guilty and have a lot of self-hatred. They will feel "unworthy" to be a family member and may feel obligated to leave. The parent still loves you, but he or she cannot bring himself to face you. Eventually, the guilt will fade. It is important to maintain a relationship with your parent and let him or her know you are intersted in maintaining a relationship.

Parents of Transsexuals and transvestites feel a range of emotions towards their children, ranging from disbeleif ("It's just a phrase") to anger and disgust. Some parents will be upset at the prospect of no grandchildren. Many parents who cannot deal with their children simply tell the child to leave the household. You should remember that your child is going through an incredibly rough time, and needs your support now more than ever.

Above all else, remember that you are not alone. Many other people have gone through what you are going through right now. It is okay to feel angry, disgusted, or sad; those are natural emotions to feel. It is not okay to feel guilty, unworthy, or ashamed. You have done nothing to justify such feelings.

There are support groups for children of transgenderists, spouses of transgenderists, girlfreinds and boyfreinds of transgenderists, and parents of transgendered youths.

3.7) Are all male gender dysphorics effeminite? Are all female gender dysphroics masculine?

Not at all. Many male transsexuals are captains of the football team types. Some males with xxy or xxxy genetic patterns may look somewhat feminine.

Female transsexuals are just as feminine as any other woman. There are several former female models who have become men ("Stratton" is one who pops to mind). Some females have genetic structures such as xo or conditions such as hirituism which may make them look more masculine.


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alt.transgendered FAQ
Legal/medical aspects of transsexualism
Transgenderism and entertainment

i) Intro
1) General
2) Collected wisdom
3) Transgendered persons and Society

4) Medical/legal aspects of Transgenderism

    4.1) Are there any special risks that transsexuals should know about?
    4.2) What happens if i stop taking hormones suddenly?
    4.3) What is the status of transgenderd people in society?

5) Transgenderism and entertainment

    5.1) How many famous people are transgendered? I've heard (fav. celeb) was born a man/woman!
    5.2) What are the the transgendered contributions to the entertainment world?
    5.3) What is Miss Gay North America?

4.1) Are there any special risks that Transsexuals should know about?

Yes. M-F transsexuals taking estrogen need to avoid carcinogenic substances such as tobacco. Estrogen increases the risk of cancer quite a lot. As well, estrogen will destroy many of the vitamin B complex vitamins.

This may lead to vitamin B deficiency diseases, even though the diet is "adequate". Taking a time release vitamin B pill should counter this effect. A possible side effect of estrogen usage is that alcohol may have a stronger effect than before (vitamin B helps to lessen the effects of alcohol).

All transsexuals taking injected hormones should be very careful to use clean needles and follow medical proceedure if they are self-administering the shots.

4.2) What happens if i stop taking hormones suddenly?

If you miss taking your estrogen pill for one day, it will not make a significant difference. You may feel mood swings, as hormones tend to effect the mood cycle. If you miss a estrogen shot, you will most definitely feel a mood swing.

If you stop taking estrogen, your body will begin to re-masculinize. Breast increase will be permanent. Your penis will regain functioning within 6 months, unless you have been on hormones for a very long time. Hair loss will begin again. The female facial contors will disappear. Electrolysis is also permanent, and zapped hair will not regrow.

Stopping androgen treatment will cause facial hair growth to slow. It will not stop completely, electrolysis is the only way to get rid of the facial growth once started. The muscles will shrink as the body produces more estrogen. The voice change is also permanent. Hair lost to male pattern baldness may be lost forever. Breast enlargement may occur (unless you have had a masectomy, of course). Mensration will begin again.

4.3) What is the status of transgendered people in Society?

Transgendered people are not very well accepted in most parts of society. In north america, people in transition are often the target of hate crimes or bigotry. There were 3 Trangendered people murdered in atlanta. A Canadian transsexual politician was forced to resign her post due to threats of violence.

Depending on the area of north america, it may or may not be legal for a transsexual to marry. In Canada, a transsexual may marry a partner of his/her choice before the operation. A Canadian transsexual must be legally divorced and over 18 before getting SRS. A recent legal decision in Canada made it illegal for a pre-operative transsexual spouse to claim benifits. Post-operative transsexuals may marry members opposite to their new sex and raise children without any problems in Canada.

In the united states, each state has it's own individual laws regarding transsexualism. A transsexual may not be fired during transition in florida. In Colorado, Oregon, and some other states, transsexuals may be stripped of their rights.

New york had/has a law outlawing crossdressing.

In europe, transgendered people are more respected.

In some parts of the middle east, Transgendered people are jailed, fined, or beaten to death on sight. This is particularily true of strict muslim countries.

Other middle eastern countries are very accepting of transgendered people. There are some religions in the middle east/asia that are centered around transgenderism or involve transgenderism.

In England, Transsexuals do not have any legal status. Transsexuals may not marry males. Transsexuals may marry members of their former sex, which has made for some interesting court challanges from other transsexuals and lesbians who wish to marry females.

Young transgenderists have an especially bleak outlook. Many young transvestites and transsexuals are thrown out onto the street. They miss out on school, employment opportunities, and lose self-esteem. As many as 40 percent (according to an australian study by Diana Alan) inject drugs. The same study claims that 80 percent have worked in the sex trade.

5.1) How many famous people are transgendered? I've heard (fav celeb) was born a man/woman!

Almost every popular media personality has been accused of being a transsexual or transvestite at one point or another. Some of the accusations are pretty flimsy.

Many male actors have Cross-dressed at some point or another. Some of the actors include Jack Klugman, Anthony Perkins, John Candy, Rodney Dangerfield, and Michael J. Fox.

There are quite a few famous females who have cross dressed, Notably K.D. Lang, Cindy Craford, Madonna, And many models.

5.2) What are the the transgendered contributions to the entertainment world?

There have been several instances of Transgendered people making significant contributions to the art and entertainment community, in fields such as music, dance, comedy, theatre, and sports.

It is widely rumored that a great deal of the fashion models working around the world are transsexual. There have been many all-transgender fashion shows in the States and in Europe.

5.3) What is Miss Gay North America?

The Miss Gay North America pagent is one of many Transgender oriented beauty pagents in north america. There is also miss gay LA, The goddess pagent, Queen of the universe, and many others.


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